Smogon is now a Discord Partner!

What does being a "Discord Partner" mean?
You can read up on the specifics here, but Smogon's Discord will now have access to faster voice servers, a unique invite link (e.g.,, and the ability to add splash art to our invite page. Additionally, if we so choose, we can add the Discord partner logo to our site and forums.

What changes can you expect?
We realize most specific discussion takes place on our web of individual Discord servers; as such, we are planning to rejigger the focus of the main server. This "new" server will serve as a better central hub for locating specific discussion servers. I'm going to be posting in Smeargle's Studio soon to recruit some artists to work on potential splash art for the invite page.

How can you help?
We would like to drum up activity on our main server in order to take advantage of this new Discord partnership. If you have ideas for boosting activity or suggestions to improve the experience of using the main Smogon server, please drop them here or drop me a line. We're going to be open to changing things up to make the server more successful.

Until we get our spiffy new URL, you can join our Discord server by clicking this link.
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