Smogon Live Tournament 6/3/2012[VGC 2012][Won by DarkPenguin67 and Biosci]

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The Smogon Live Tournaments are on the IRC channel #smogonwifi. We play these tournaments relatively often so keep your eye on Wifi Tournaments for a thread titled similarly to this one. Also, if enough people are on as well as someone to run the tournament, we could have one at any time. So its a good idea to stay in #smogonwifi participate in discussion and have fun!

Wondering how to get there? Here are some guides:
Download for Windows, download for Windows and Linux, Download for Mac.

Or to directly join #smogonwifi in browser just click #smogonwifi.

Hello. The live tourney will be this sunday the 3rd at 3 pm eastern time. The tournament metagame will be VGC 2012.

However, as the summer is here for some of us, starting after this live tourney we'll be hosting tourney at the usual 3pm est on Sundays along with a tourney at 6 pm est on Wednesdays. Look forward to it, any questions feel free to contact me in the #smogonwifi link above. If you have a group of players willing to play BW OU or UU, please invite if you want these tourneys to happen.

1. Don't be mad about a loss, even if there was mad hax in a game.
2. Stay in the channel throughout the entire duration of the tournament, and if you can't then make sure you let me know.
3. Watch for possible announcements the host may give
4. If using legal hacks, please make them not so blatant that will prevent people from uploading battle videos to the GTS

Signups will start at 3:00 pm (GMT -5) on June 3rd, 2012.​
I realize this can vary wildly with participation and just general duration of battles, but on average how long have these tournaments lasted?

Also no timer woooo. Go Guard Split Shuckle+Chansey+Ferrothorn team!
These tourneys usually take an 1:00 to an 1:30 to get done usually. It will usually take longer if something like a disconnect happens or if someone has the balls to use a stall team >_>
Tourney results here:

I had to leave before we got to play, so the points given out will be 2 points to top 2 and 1 point to 3rd place. Thanks for playing everyone!

edit ok apparently V4 fucked up, and plusle didn't win that last match... So DarkPenguin67 gets the 2 points and vice versa for plusle.
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