Big Smogon Mafia Mafia (BIGinner) - Day %

Just so we all know, I am certainly leaning towards Von being clean now but I really don't know. (Von I wish you made tas target you, js) But really I don't know if he is or not. I don't care if he is or not I'm just going to work with him because he is our best bet.

I'm out of town for the next few days and have essentially no irc access but I'll get on there now for like 20 mins. Go there if you want to talk.


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
Oh no, he found our hidden neutral. She wasn't included on the playerlist, but she's a non-threatening neutral who has a win condition that requires her to lead both villages at the same time. I'd hate to reveal any more about her role but it has a vote-related weakness~~


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How I feel about this game

By the way I am the Old Games leader send your results to me, though this game is probably over regardless.
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To those of you who are wondering why my kill didn't work last night... well I'll tell you when I'm not frozen.

Von y u frez me? :(

I guess this shows that my gut can be right quite a lot though. Von was just a gut feeling, but it turned out to be true! ^_^

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