Smogon Mafia Mafia Signups (BIGinner)


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This is the beginning. It is about to begin. IT HAS BEGUN.

(fuck approvals, Da Letter El is my cohost and he said it's balanced...jk he didn't but he still thinks we're good to go)

(by the way, the prefix has no relation to this game whatsoever... this is merely the signups to a BIG GAME)

It was year 2004. A user had joined the IRC channel #fluodome. This time was indeed a glorious time. For many a user were in #fluodome playing mafia. People would join the channel in scores. The magnitude of success and enjoyment in #fluodome was so great, that the lives of many were practically devoted to it. It was a god. And thus, #fluodome gained the ability to think rationally and cognitively. People began mentioning the existence of another being, however, which peaked #fluodome’s curiosity. And thus, it watched as the people spoke the name of this other existence.

They named this existence: Smogon. Smogon was a creature of another color. It was not merely any being that people would play mafia on. It was capable of hosting games to such capacity that it would outnumber the amount of players per game by minimum of ten as opposed to the only few that #fluodome could at a time. It was clear many enjoyed Smogon much more than they did #fluodome.

#fluodome became jealous. How could the users pretend to love #fluodome, when in reality their true association was with Smogon? Users would talk about Smogon all the time and in increasing numbers. This infuriated #fluodome. It was time for it to act and it had to act quick.

#fluodome launched a counterattack. Sending multiple channels from under it’s control it began an onslaught on the defenses of Smogon. Channels that it used included #warau, #ffm, #mafia, and of course #circus. This attack forced the users of Smogon to gather together and form a coalition.

Under the banner of Mekkah, the users founded a fortress known as Circus Maximus. Circus Maximus was backed by the Office of Strategic Influence and had found asylum in the Socialization in the Empire. It was the brain-child of Mekkah and was a fortress meant to last. And it did - for a while.

It was not long before #fluodome’s assault on the people of Circus Maximus became so aggressive and often, that the Office of Strategic Influence was forced to create multiple weapons to combat #fluodome. Games of multiple genres banded together, and it wasn’t until roughly 2012, that #fluodome was finally defeated.

However because of the divisions in users that created the games and weapons, multiple factions arose in the userbase. The Pretty Chill Games were among the majority. They were many, but enjoyable. The Old Games were also among the many, but they were antiquated games from Smogon of old. The Not Mafia Games, although not many, had banded together to prove their place in the Circus. Although they were often made fun of, the Failure Games always had a place in the hearts of the users of Smogon. Finally a faction known as the SANDS Games arose. This newfangled group claimed that they would change the ways of Circus. They were an enigma among the members of Circus, and many claimed that the people of the SANDS Games would take part in strange rituals rumored to be an attempt at a lengthy process of reviving #fluodome. There were also rumors of a few games that acted in the shadows, but nobody was sure if they were the ones pulling the strings or not.

Thus it was decided. The people of Circus Maximus would decide which faction deserved the most recognition. One user, Acklow decided that he would host what would be a historical landmark in Smogon Mafia - the game, Smogon Mafia Mafia. Along with him, user Da Letter El would become his cohost and help him in this endeavor.


While you are alive, you may speak to anyone about the game via any media you see fit, WITH THE EXCEPTION of screenshotting or any other method of showing the exact image on your computer screen to another player. When you die, you may NOT speak to ANYBODY about the game. In addition, dead players may not "like" posts.

Night 0

This game will begin on a special phase which will henceforth be referred to as “Night 0”. Killing roles and roles that affect killing roles will not work on Night 0. All other roles will work normally.

Role PMs

You will receive a PM on Smogon entailing your username and login on the forum we will be using for this game. Upon logging in, you may check your Inbox on said forum which will have your Role PM. You may send all actions to Acklow and Da Letter El by Smogon, IRC, or the alternative forum. There may or may not be moles in this game.


This game is anonymous in order to help curb name-targetting. Your username on the alternate forum will be your Alias for the game. Most night actions target Aliases and not Usernames. There may be a few exceptions to that rule though.


To lynch another player, post Lynch ALIAS or some variant of this, where ALIAS is the player you wish to lynch. You may also If you wish to change your vote by posting Unvote followed by your new vote. I will be lenient on the text of the lynch vote, but NOT on the bolding protocol. The player with the most votes will be killed. In the event of a tie, no one will be lynched. When majority vote is reached, there will be a one hour grace period in which any player can change their vote - this is to discourage stealth lynching. Votes on a player not in the game will not be counted and votes on a Smogon username do not count.


The order in which actions will occur has been predetermined and will not be revealed to any players.


Deadlines will be a strictly enforced 48 hours. Extensions will only be granted if there are a large number of important actions are missing, or if you have extenuating circumstances that I might be sympathetic to. Deadlines may be shortened to 24 hours as the game progresses to speed things along. If you think you can pull off a stealth maneuver, go for it.


This game’s flavor is based on Smogon games. Keep this in mind if you decide to make a fake. There are multiple genres of games in this game as well, however most games will be associated with their faction.


The Pretty Chill Games and Old Games are village-type factions. The Not Mafia Games, Failure Games, and SANDS Games are mafia-type factions. The possibility of any other existing entities in this game are disclosed.


IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is required for this game due to its convenience in real-time communication. The official IRC channel for this game is #ffm on the SynIRC network. If you don’t have an IRC client, the Smogon homepage has links to a few good ones. If you do not confirm your IRC access to me during the signup period or on Night 0, you will be subbed out. You may send night actions over IRC, but please make sure I'm active first so I don't miss it.


I really don’t wanna have to godkill people. If you receive a result that forces you to do something under threat of godkill, please comply. If you just forget and it’s harmless, I’ll likely simply nudge you to remember. Godkills WILL occur in the case of blatantly disregarding the rules. Screenshots and deadtalking will also result in instant godkills. If a player is godkilled in the middle of the day, all votes on him will change to votes for no lynch.


The hosts reserves the right to sub out anyone he feels is an obnoxious idiot. Please don’t make me do this.


Sometime after the game ends (preferably relatively close to the end of the game) I will write and post a postgame analysis, which will feature a recap of events and analysis of the players. Please talk to me about any goings-on during the game so that I can write a better postgame. In addition, please add me to any private IRC channels or spreadsheets you create; my email for spreadsheets is

Sign-ups List

Slim Guldo
More Cowbell
Ace Emerald
Lord Apex
Steven Snype
Serious Bananas
General Spoon
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I am always tired. Don't bother me.
For newer users who are either viewing the thread just to see what this is or want to play as well as newbies who want to get a hang of Mafia, this game is literally one of the easiest ways for you to get acclimated into Smogon Mafia. Most of the users may seem a tad elitist but we're all willing to help you out.


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
I really want to join, but I'm going to be leaving the country in a week, and I don't know the next time I'll have stable internet.

Acklow why ;_;
Going to Japan finally? Its ok if you can't play. If you do manage to get internet connection available at a reasonable basis you can always sub!

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