Smogon Masters I - Round 4, Bracket C [1-2 bracket, REPLAYS NEEDED]

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requesting activity vs RIlo BR I have waited 25 mins over the schedule time and I have no availability since
i change my plans to be home play today
calling act vs opp. they havent replied to any postings on their wall for a long time. If they reply later i will play the games


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Calling act, my opponent still hasn't responded in the past four days, and I can't contact them in a public space since their profile is hidden.
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calling act, my guy didn´t react to me, and he wasn´t on since sunday, proof on his board
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No response from m opp since I messaged on their wall on Tuesday and they haven't been on forums since Sept 30th. Will still try to play by Sunday but not sure that they'll be around
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