Smogon Omaha Tournament Three [Signups]

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The format of the tournament will mirror to an extent that of the popular poker variation of Omaha. In Omaha the player is dealt four cards. They must use two of these cards in conjunction with three of the community cards to form a five card hand.

Tournament Info
During signups each player will send me a list of six Pokemon. This list will become your pokemon bank and cannot change once the first round has begun. Each round a group of six community Pokemon will be shown in the OP these will be randomized from the OU and BL tiers. Players must make a team using three Pokemon from their bank and three of the community Pokemon. No more, no less. If you think your opponent cheated, send me a message with what Pokemon he used, along with a log.
This is a BW2 tournament if there is any confusion.

1: Keeping in suit with the previous Omaha tournament and Omaha rules, you must use only this combination: 3 Pokemon Bank Pokemon (the ones you submit) and 3 community bank Pokemon. (the ones everyone can use)
2: Your team must be legal on Smogon's BW2 OU Ladder at all times during the tournament.
3: Aside from any rules that would be in contrast with Rule 1 (Rule 1 takes precedence in such oppositions) all standard tournament rules apply.

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