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Banned deucer.
I've implemented a new tool for use in making teams. This online team builder allows you to pick six Pokemon movesets straight out of the Smogon Strategy Pokedex and download them as a Shoddy Battle team file. After a bit of tweaking in the Shoddy Battle client, you can battle right away!

The Smogon team builder is accessible online at the following URL:

There are several known limitations:
  • If a pokemon's set lists more than four moves (due to slashes), only the first four will be selected. You will have to tweak this manually in the client before using the team.
  • If a legendary pokemon has Hidden Power on its set, you will need to manually tweak its IVs in the client before using the team.

Despite those small limitations, this should be a useful tool in speeding up your team creation!

(For those who are interested, all of the source code for the program is available for download here. The licence terms of the source is that you can do whatever you want with it so long as you attribute it to me. However, I will not offer any support for using the source; it is provided only in the hope that it may be of interest or useful.)

Feel free to post comments or suggestions in this thread.


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This is a great tool, Colin! It's a wonderful way to use Smogon analyses. This should make it much easier for people to build the basic framework of a competitive team, and then customize the specifics.

Thanks for taking the time to code this and put it up on the site!
Thank you so much! This is just great! It should make team building slightly quicker.

Edit: When I pick a pokemon and try to find the moveset, all I get is a blank drop-down.
thank you colin "the best" james fitzpatrick

this is one of those things you kind of think should be coded but never do anything about and then when it's actually made it is ridiculously useful (as expected)

now my five minute teams will be one minute teams!


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This is amazing and a big breakthrough in competitive battling.

Once I saw the work done with the damage calculator, I had a feeling something similar was eventually going to be done for Shoddy Battle.

Thanks a lot, Colin.
I couldnt help notice but there is a Pokemon in the online builder called Mr which links directly to Abomasnow, and also, the online builder has Mr_mime and a Mime jr, both of which are missing capitals.

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