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LightWolf will be hosting a scenario on Saturday at 9:00 PM GMT +2 (about the same time we usually start on Saturdays, if you can't be bothered to convert). It is The Goblinblood Dead, a Tier 1-5 scenario.

General Spoon
StarmanXL (tentative)
I will be hosting Sewer Dragons of Absalom on May 4th at 3 pm GMT-4. It's Tier 3-7 scenario so no level 1 or 2 characters but you could play a level 4 pregen though.

I'll be there, bringing Butterscotch. (Solaris is still level 2.2 so not legal to play in a tier 3+ scenario. However if I manage to get him to level 3 before that, I'll use him.)
If there are enough people and interest I could host God's Market Gamble tomorrow starting between 10:30 and 11:30 PM GMT+3 (10:30 is -10 minutes relative to this timestamp).

No need to RSVP, if enough people are online wanting to play whenever I get on tomorrow evening, we'll play. The scenario has subtiers 1-2 and 4-5.
I hear that both of those scenarios were fun; too bad I couldn't make them. :/


I will be hosting The Night March of Kalkamedes this Saturday. I'll edit this post soon to reflect the specific time.

I want to warn you guys beforehand; this is an extremely fun scenario, but it's also a tad tricky. You're gonna want to bring a BUNCH of healing.

Oh, and it's a Tier 1-5 Scenario.

I'll be on a church camp from Thursday to Sunday so cannot play. No need to wait for until the usual timeslot for me, you could start it earlier so that nobody would need to leave mid-game :)
Had Skype game, not only did we have fun(oh god when the demon threathened he'd kill me dog, it was hilarious). But we got it done way quicker(I claim this is because it's much harder to miss your turn started when you hear someone say your name)

We finished in whooping 2:33. We need moar skype games.
I'm not a big fan of Skype, but I agree it made things a lot faster, and I endorse its use in the future. It was nice to have some time to spare before having to head out to my IRL pathfinder game afterwards.
Agreeing with the above.

And it would have been even MORE hilarious if said demon didn't critfail his Sense Motive check, as even a 2 would have beat that puny Bluff. XD
I'm thinking of trying my hand at hosting a scenario, just to get the practice in.

What scenario would people be interested in, and if people are interested, when would people be available?

EDIT: I'm going to be trying to run Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible. I can run it any day this week except Saturday (will be busy) and and pretty much any time people are available: I'm on GMT -4:00 (EDT) if it helps. What times would people be available to play? I'll update this post when I know.
The usual evening timeslot is almost the only working one for me, that is at earliest 10:30 PM GMT+3 which would be 3:30 PM GMT-4. Any day except Thursday this week are fine for me.
Ok, we will be starting at 4:00 PM GMT -4 today, which is about 5 hours and 12 minutes from this post. Also, if you are able and would like to use skype to facilitate a faster game, make a note of it here and send me your skype info either on IRC or in pm.
I will be hosting a scenario tomorrow, starting somewhere between 1PM and 3PM GMT -5. The scenario is The Darkest Vengeance, a 1-5 scenario. As its sweet-spot is very definitely subtier 4-5, I will try and remember to have another backup scenario ready to go just in case.

It will be a skype event if possible, btw. If this does not work out for some people, then it will not be a skype event. So don't decide to not RSVP just because you don't want to use skype.

Agape (prefers 2:30PM start)
UllarWarlord (prefers 2:30PM start)

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