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digging the hair, Az, can't put my finger on it but it's different right?

been a while so here is a photo of me standing next to a lake and one of me drinking some beer with my bro whilst staring meaningfully into the foreground.



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Lee has the kind of body I'm working currently to get, good work!
this has been me, still is really.

someday, when i make my way to europe, i'll visit Lee and demand we do manly things, shirtless.

I'm not a big fan of alcohol but i would have a beer with lee, SHIRTLESS. hey that could be part of manly stuff we'll do.

i think what i'm getting at here is, lee i want to see you shirtless, please send me sexy pictures via facebook or smogon PM. thanks in advance
The good thing about Lee is that he's not Bruce Lee Jacked and he isn't Ronnie Coleman jacked, he's the good ol'middle that says I'm gonna kick your ass and will still beat you in any endurance activity by by running backwards.


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you and that lake lee!!

so strongth as always v_v

yeah it is like, forward or whatever and i usually wear it off my face?

sushi is so fucking cute :)


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^ Matisyahu goes to smogon???

Sushi is adorable

I'm following the Lee example as well, and shirtless beer drinking sounds pretty manly!


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I don't think we've met before.

Just some stuff from december. When my norwegian friend came over. Pretty chill guy. I'm growing my hair btw.

just chillin. On the roof

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