Smogon Photo Album: The New Official General Bona Fide Thread

This is pictures of me. I play sports and shit and I frequent PS. I probably look like a major tool in the first two pictures but its whatevers.

Time line:
Picture 1: Junior year (this year) of HS at a football game.
Picture 2: Freshman year at a football game theme was day at the beach so I borrowed a girls crop top
Picture 3 Sophomore Year running track at my high school
Picture 4: Freshman year pinning some kid at a varsity tournament


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I honestly haven't taken a shower in like 2 days. MLK did some funky stuff to my university work schedule so I have a bunch of time off.

Original print of my current passport photo. I literally have it taped to the door of my bathroom shelves to remind myself that some gel, a shave, and a shower are all I need to look damn fine.

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