Smogon Photo Album: The New Official General Bona Fide Thread


Banned deucer.
I think the last time I posted in one of these was like 7 years ago.

Anyway I guess I'm an uncle now. For the few that are friends with me on Facebook please don't post there yet. I'm also balding to hell and back.

Anyone got cool gift ideas that is Pokemon related for him?

EDIT: Thanks to Fireburn as he gave me a recommendation and, best of all, it was pretty cheap too:
I completely expected the purple shirt, but I also expected you to look like an anime protagonist.


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I took it upon myself to visit the eclipse this week. Me and a whole bunch of people journeyed to the path of totality up in Tennessee to see the sun's corona with our own eyes. My phone completely failed at getting a real picture of the eclipse but it was amazingly surreal to see in person.

4 hours of sleep isn't good for you

Standard sunglasses pic

Yeah, that's what the blackout looks like on a cheap phone camera. Not that impressive :pirate:

Also I saw user: bloo on the drive back!



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I've been exploring a lot this year. Here is to hoping i dont have a harder time exploring the new and updated smogon than i did mountains. But i do like a challenge and i only have a month of planned return time anyway.

Should i leave on time though, here is to hoping it takes a little less than YEARS to return this time

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