Smogon Photo Album: The New Official General Bona Fide Thread

So I ran off to the mountains in order to find my true self this past week. Jkjk, we just went on a family trip. It was such a blast tho, every day was like 10°C, with the sun shining all day long. I'd typically spend the day cross country skiing from like noon-4pm, then just chill in the evening w the fam while eating good food.

Selfie from earlier today, shame it's already been a week:/

First day, dumbass me wore way too much clothes


So I went bald since last time I posted and concluded that I won't ever do so again LMFAO
Goatee for added serial criminal offender effect

Been lifting a lot more during the past months, so I figured I'd share a pic bop. The thing popping out is the short's laces btw, dw I kept it pg.

P Squared

i got a lot of flavor
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take us back...
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ok so we did another brit meetup yeah these things are legit gonna be annually lol (or biannually idk we'll see). was absolutely fucking lit and i love these guys so much. HJAD couldn't make it so fuck him, also screw Anty for a second year in a row.


so like we were originally gonna be going to a rib/steak place but it shut down so Ted suggested we went to this small quirky cafe / restaurant and holy hell it was great lol. lovely staff lovely food


i was rather drunk in this selfie rofl

we didn't take as many as last time just because we were enjoying ourselves a load. love these lads and seeing them if definitely a yearly highlight, even if the travel is an absolute killer. cya next year lads!
I am a big fan of Mario, as you see from my avatar (no it's not my own artwork, but credit to the guy who made this), so I might as well post this cool image of Bowser! Better than the main Bowser sprite, and it's an official sprite I took a picture of.

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