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I am a big fan of Mario, as you see from my avatar (no it's not my own artwork, but credit to the guy who made this), so I might as well post this cool image of Bowser! Better than the main Bowser sprite, and it's an official sprite I took a picture of.


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Triple dipping, babay!!!

These summer sunsets, though. (You can spot downtown Seattle and Bellevue if you squint hard enough)


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I graduated from my graphic design school back in late April and since no one in my class had seen me without a beard, I decided to shave it all of for the day we graduated. Comparison pic of before and after below, my parents barely recognized me as it had been almost 3 years since I had shaved.

By today, my beard has grown out a bit at least, rocking some Uniqlo Pokémon merch that just came out as well.


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Rare Mr.E sighting. :jynx: Anyone who hasn't seen certain old VGC images, anyway.

I went to Anime Expo last weekend and I don't have many people to share with, so I'm dumping the album here. There are a handful of images where I am physically present in the photo. *ahem* Find them if you wish. Full commentary on each individual image also available in the album. (Full Album)
Addendum: Free Jul 2019 -- Jul 2020 Aniplex Calendar.
Addendum: Strawberry Print Girls, a slightly lewd but mostly cute artbook I bought in Artist Alley.

This being a mons site and all, I'll highlight all the PKMN-related images below in addition to some of my other favorites if you don't care to peruse the whole album.

Giant inflatables out in front.

Good Smile exhibition in the Entertainment Hall. Snow Miku is #1000 and was an AX exclusive for a reasonable $60 with bonus goodies.

It was jiggly, and it was good. Big ass Iyapan mousepad.

Well, do you? Mom isekai debuted yesterday BTW.

Sick mural on the stairs up to the main Exhibit Hall.

No, I didn't buy it.

Actually my favorite image and I almost regret not buying this wall scroll despite not even being a Mass Effect stan.

attn: RODAN

... Okay, I dunno if it's an image size problem or what, dunno why that should be the case when I put all this shit on Imgur specifically to avoid that issue, but shitty Xenforo won't let me post most of the shit I wanted (most notably my full loot shot) so just go look at my album, yo. As far as PKMN stuff I suggest DOGARS, the sweet Eevee Trojan Horse shirt (shame there was no men's size or I'd have bought one for a reasonable price), Cynthia vs Lusamine @ Waifu Wars, and the paired foil prints.
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