Smogon Photo Album: The New Official General Bona Fide Thread

Yo guys, it's my 2k post. Been almost exactly 6 years since my 1k (March 27th, 2015) which is cool. So for this, I thought I would show off a bit of just the various things I've collected since then (that wasn't planned, it just so happened that I started collecting later in 2015, which is a nice coincidence). Shoutouts at the bottom, you can just skip to that if you got tagged in this and don't care. :blobpensive:

First off are some art books I own; I really enjoy the "art of so and so" books that show the thought process and preliminary ideas for various designs.

First one is for the 2014 Godzilla film, which as many know is my second favorite film, particularly as a film, where I felt the visuals, cinematography, and atmosphere strongly overcame the flaws in narrative. So appropriately I was intrigued by a book on all of the visual design.

Next up: Mega Man! I have the Official Complete Works for each series, except Classic (sorry CryoGyro...)

I grew up with Battle Network and Star Force, but only got into X and Zero last year. Pretty much everyone I knew growing up played it, and even new people I met as an adult would say "of course I played it!" Couldn't get into it as a kid myself because it was way too hecking hard, but with the recenty Legacy Collections they've included Casual modes so I've been able to enjoy it now. :heart: And anyone who has talked to me within the past year knows it's one of my favorite series now. So it's cool, I feel like I've been able to "catch up" on a lot of lost nostalgia.

Speaking of things everyone else grew up with: Final Fantasy! This series was always a little off-putting to me because of the near-photorealistic art style. The only game in the series I had played was XII: Revenant Wings on the DS in 2007. But I knew a little bit about it because of Kingdom Hearts. It was funny just knowing bits of it pop-culturally: I knew Cloud from Kingdom Hearts, I had just heard of Aerith from the famous "Aerith dies" spoiler meme, I knew Sephiroth as just a random famous villain. Was really surprised to find out that they were all from the same thing, and that Cloud and Aerith were romantically linked.

Because I enjoyed using Cloud in Smash, I finally played FF7 in July 2019 on the Switch. It was really cool, I could finally see what all the hype was about (and where a lot of my other favorite games got some of their ideas, lol). Instantly became one of my favorites, so I ended up reading the two novels and then watched the movie (the movie is pretty bad on its own, but I actually enjoyed it with the added context of the books, so I'd recommend that).

Got a PS4 off Facebook Market in November to play the Remake, which I enjoyed a lot, and so I got the World Preview book as well.

The artbooks for the original games ended up getting grouped together, so I kinda didn't want to get it until I played FF8 and 9 as well. I "beat" FF8 last week (I actually got hard stuck at Adel...didn't have what I needed to beat her, and I wasn't allowed to leave the area...smh. Turned out I was pretty close to the end though, so I just watched the rest of the game on YouTube the next day.) Started FF9 this week; I've heard it's actually just the best game in the entire series so I'm really looking forward to playing it. So far it is very endearing.

The Reunion Files book for Advent Children turned out to be in both English and Japanese, so I got it. If you've seen the movie, you know every character has had a costume redesign from the games, so it was cool to see how they got to those.

These will need significantly fewer words: Baccano! is both my favorite anime and favorite book series, so of course I had to grab the art book. This one is not so much behind-the-scenes as it is just a collection of illustrations from the novels. I can't totally recommend it, however, as some of the scaling is weird (some illustrations are so small for some reason), and halfway through the book it becomes illustrations for different series the same illustrator worked on (misleading cover...)

Like many, I grew up watching Avatar and my fan interest was reinvigorated when the two shows were on Netflix last year. Almost perfectly timed with the fandom renaissance, Second Editions of the art books are here! (I'm also a big fan of the Kyoshi novels, you can check out my thoughts on them here.)

And, since they all have cool spine designs (and back covers, but I'm too lazy to take THAT many pictures) here's one with all the spines!

I also like collecting figures, as some may have seen from the cong thread. I usually go for the more middle-priced lines like Figma or Figuarts. Good balance of affordability and quality. It's nice, like having some art in the home.

Front from left to right: SHF Gohan, SHF Zero, D-Arts Mega Man X, D-Arts Zero, Figma Lucina, SHF MetalGarurumon
Second Row: MonsterArts "Big Chap" Alien, TOMY Mega Charizard X, World of Nintendo Samus, SHF WarGreymon, SHF Ultimate Gohan
Back Row: SHF Kylo Ren, TOMY Mega Blaziken, Sprukits Mewtwo, MonsterArts Godzilla 2014, SHF Omegamon, SHF Alphamon

Hard to get them all in one shot so I thought I'd take some from left and right angles as well.

Most of these I got pretty soon after they came out; but as I mentioned before, I only got into X and Zero last year and by that point they were no longer in production (D-Arts is even a discontinued line, replaced with SHF). Each one goes for like, over 100$ now, but by a stroke of fate I was able to find both on sale last December on eBay for like 150$ for both. Nice. :heart:

Ran out of room on my shelf, so on my Switch desk I got PlayArts of the two best FF7 characters, Yuffie and Reno!

I'd love to get the other characters as well, but man these things can be expensive since they're also out of production. There's a new line for the Remake designs but those go for like 200$ which is just like lol.

Also on my Switch table: a smaller 2014 Godzilla, a tiny Piccolo my brother got me for Christmas, and a polygon Aerith designed to look like the original in-game model.

And these two Minecraft things my friend gave me in a Secret Santa...not really sure what they're supposed to be; any Minecraft fans wanna help me out?

Some miscellaneous stuff:
Plush of Zero under my lamp. You can see my stack of diaries in the chair behind.

You may be noticing he is standing on a stack of books...I was visiting home from University two summers ago to find that my mom had stacked all of my Baccano! books and used them as a lamp stand as she didn't have anywhere else to put them. Honestly, not a bad idea as it puts the lamp at a nice height. So each time I get a new book I stack it on there when I finish reading.

Here's a nice Switch dock sock I got off Etsy. I like bats/vampire stuff so I thought it was cute. Coincidentally I started playing Castlevania around the time it arrived. It came with a nice little note saying "thank you for supporting my small business" which was very heartwarming. :heart:

On the left, an album by Japanese hip-hop/electronica producer Kenichiro Nishihara, whom I'm a big fan of. I normally never buy music, but this album was only released in Japan so I had to. When it arrived, it had a signature on it. I later found the album on sale for significantly less than I bought it for, so I REALLY hope that's the real autograph!

On the right is a tiny Trigun box that GatoDelFuego found in a thrift store. He said it was rare so he bought it instantly, and then decided to send it to me since he knows I'm a big Trigun fan. It really has no purpose as a lunchbox because it's literally smaller than a slice of bread. So it's just a nice shelf decoration now.

After I played FF7 and got obsessed with it, I bought this keychain. Now that I'm no longer in school I had to return my condo and office keys so it's a little barren now but I look forward to stacking it with more keys soon.

My thesis was bound in a hardcover and shipped to me! Really cool and commemorative to basically own a book that I wrote. And the inlaid title on the binding is really sweet (nothing on the cover though). Feel free to contact me if you want to read it, by the way!

Some bookmarks that I bought from an artist at MegaCon May 2019. They're metallic and have a nice shine, if it's hard to tell from the photo.

From top left to bottom right: Charizard, Toph (from Avatar), San (from Princess Mononoke, my first favorite movie!), Samus Aran (from Metroid)

Don't think I've ever shared all of my instruments in one place either. Music is hands down my favorite hobby and I play several instruments (to different degrees of skill, lol). And I think they (and my coffin case, lol) look quite cool too, so here:

Not pictured: piano (too big to move, lol. But it is my favorite instrument!)
Ukulele with Kazoo tied to the top
Hoehner Melodica
Buffet Crampon 400 Alto Saxophone (Mouthpiece: JodyJazz HR Star)
Sáo (traditional Vietnamese flute)
Chowny CHB-1 Purple Bass Guitar (Starry Night strap!)
Fender Jazz Bass (POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS strap)

The Coffin case is for the Jazz bass. This is an extremely corny story but I am a big fan of the 1966 spaghetti western film "Django" in which the titular character drags around a coffin with a machine gun inside. I thought it would be cool to copy that gimmick so I went looking around for a coffin-shaped case and found it on this online store that sells goth music gear, and got it on there. My mom thought it was a little morbid, but it goes over well with most people.

The hat on top is for the Maynard Ferguson tribute band, which is organized by the owners of the music shop I bought the Saxophone from.

Finally, I guess a photo album thread post wouldn't be complete without another picture of myself as well, so here is a pic of me at 4 or 5 years old that my babysitter took. I'm not sure why it's in black and white, I mean there was color back then I'm not that old. Maybe I was already pretentious and artsy-fartsy at a young age or maybe she was.

And now for the part that most of you only care about: the shoutouts.
There were so many I kinda had to cut a few people whom I haven't talked to in a few years, or no longer go on the site. If you're not here and you feel like you should be, please don't hesitate to tell me.

<Totes>: Yo my Vietnamese brotha lol. Lots of fun playing Smash with you. Good luck in Pharmacy school and bowling!

11oyd: hi lloyd :toast: hope to see you stream and play guitar again soon

Andy Snype: For whatever reason my most vivid memory of you is you explaining what netsplits are to me in Jellicent's private IRC channel called #^.^ or something back in February 2013 lol. I think I saved it so I could explain it to others and look smart myself. Anyway it was fun to get to know you a little better this year on the Abstract Mathematics team. Felt good that we were always locking down wins every week; I hope to be on your team again in the future!

Arhops: Honestly you are a really funny guy and your shenanigans always make my day. I still remember talking to you in May 2014 when you used to talk like a normal person but I like your style now too.

average fella: You are fun to have around, I still remember convincing the BSPL podcast hosts to have you on and it ended up being the best part.

aVocado: You're a fun guy; I can't believe you made describing yourself taking a shit into a running joke. It was fun basically coming of age with you at the same time back in the day so I hope your future is turning out nicely. :toast:

bb skarm: It was nice seeing you go places back in the day and nice to know that I helped in some little way. To this day, you are the only person that I have ever bothered to defend personally in a badge nomination so maybe that's a small honor! I will admit I we drifted apart because of your attitude problems so I was really happy to see you come back last year and basically apologize for that and say you've changed. Glad we're buds again :heart: and you also got COVID-19 and recovered that's hardcore

berry: Honestly never really knew the real you but happy that we're keeping in touch at least a little!

Bice: Pretty crazy that I've known you since you were like 12 and now you're an adult; like I've said a few times I see my young self in you a lot so I hope that I've been somewhat of a positive influence over the years.

biggie: Happy Birthday :heart: we don't talk much anymore but you are a cool guy, always dropping some nuggets of wisdom

Blazade: It was nice to meet you this year for the Circus League. You were a great manager and we were a great team together. Hope to catch you stream again soon, the conversation is always fun.

bobochan: Glad we're still in touch and talking about some things that matter (more fun!)

BP: You are a really funny guy, I can't tell if you do it on purpose or you're just so out of it all of the time but it makes me laugh anyway.

Breckinridge: You kinda joined in as I was on my way out of competitive Pokemon but it was fun to have you around whenever we play Among Us and meet that way.

brightobject: Pretty funny to me that you weren't in my last shoutouts (in November 2016); guess it was the one year that we stopped talking to each other. But it was cool to reconnect after that and you're now one of my closest friends on the site. It's always fun talking art with you and I hope to work with you in the future too.

Camden: It was nice to reconnect with you last year too. Hope we get a chance to play together again soon. Always appreciate your insight on things as well.

cant say: I guess we haven't had as much to do together since I retired, but your streams are always a blast when it's not gen 8. It's fun when the whole chat comes together to give you a hard time.

Captain Skywalker: We don't really talk much anymore but I just wanted you to know I didn't forget about you

Celever: It was fun to catch up with you earlier this year. It would've been fun to do Circus League together but I understand real life problems come up. So weird to think that there was so much drama between us years ago but we're grown-ups now I guess haha. Hope everything goes well for you.

chemcoop: I think we've always had very little in common which kind of stopped us from ever being real close friends but I think you're a cool dude. Congrats on mod, I see you're already doing some cool new stuff for the section.

Collette: We only talked for like a few weeks but you are chill and appreciated my music skills which was nice. Also your description of your sister as "tall blonde bitch good at soccer big tits" shall never leave my memory.

Colonel M: As a new user, I always saw you around Smogon as just kind of one of the authority mainstays of the site. So it was weird but cool to eventually become friends with you later on as it upped my cred. It's great that we are doing more things together lately; your streams are always fun and I look forward to finally being on it one day...and I think you've always had some good insight on relationships and careers (even if you probably don't remember ever telling me).

colours: SHAYMIN. One of my oldest friends on here, and one of the few I've met in real life! Hope to see you again soon after this whole pandemic blows over. Hanging with you and Gato and chilling at school were great memories.

CoolStoryBrobat: You've always been someone I've respected a lot and saw as a role model, especially because of your patience with dealing with annoying people. And I will never forget how we first met: I was laddering on an alt called "Clair has a nice ass" and you force-namechanged me with the message "she does tho", causing me to lose the game.

Cretacerus: hi cretacerus :heart:

CryoGyro: You're a cool dude. I was very surprised and touched that I was the one you went to about that you-know-what last May, and that you wanted to go on a road trip with me...I'm glad you're trying to make a change for the better. And your level of wit is quite astounding.

Darkinium: You are fun sometimes; you are so hecking zoomer but I enjoy talking about school stuff and music with you. Man you need some new jokes though ngl lol.

Don Honchkrorleone: We don't talk so much anymore but you're one of my oldest friends on here. Glad to catch up with you every now and then when we can, and you did contribute to my thesis as well, which is epic!

DR4G0Nx: Another one of my oldest friends on here, my other Vietnamese brotha lol. I still see you as that 14-year-old kid but alas.

The Dutch Plumberjack: Thank you for helping me with these tags, lol. You're a real lifesaver!

emma: You're pretty popular these days but it was fun to have you around for a bit last year to talk about Avatar and DC. I hope that I was a positive influence in some way. Hope things are going better for you in school now.

Empress: Another person I don't really talk to all that much but just letting you know I didn't forget you. It was fun messing around with you and Ununhexium back in the day. #666

ethan06: Hi ethan! Hope to see you around again soon and collaborate on more music together. You can finally see my collection up above too.

Feesh Squad: Hi cute kid hope everything is going well for you in college. You haven't been on in a while but I thought it'd be nice if you logged on in a few months and saw this. :heart:

fleurdyleurse: It's great talking with you about all manners of academic and musical stuff. I think many people would be a little wary or feel a little vulnerable about engaging/discussing such things with a yung prodigy but fortunately, I have no ego.

GateCreeper: Fun playing Smash with you and chatting from time to time (and catching you in Twitch chats, ha)

GatoDelFuego: Weird writing a shoutout for someone I talk to every day. I'll just say thank you for being my friend besto for 7 years now, looking forward to finally having you and everyone else come down to go to Universal sometime soon!

greilmercenary9: You're a guy I respect a lot! I always find your insight and advice pretty helpful. I hope that things in life start turning around for you for the better soon.

GroudonEmpire: My eternal rival...glad that you're doing better now. Sometimes you're freakin' weird but that's just part of your "charm". I really enjoy playing, discussing, and watching Smash with you.

Haund: You are a really funny guy. I'm glad that we're both watching Snowpiercer now so we have something to talk about. Also glad that you're taking a break from the corporate world to be more active again. Losco Jones Icy Bob KJ Apa etc.

Immortal: Yo, I don't even know how often you come on here but just letting you know I haven't forgotten about you! Thanks for the Garchomp back in the day.

Its_A_Random: Same deal, we don't really talk anymore but you were always a cool and nice friend back in the day. The old OI days are always something I look back at with fondness since it's where I got my start. And me, cant say, and Aragorn the King imitating you back in April Fool's 2015 is one of my favorite memories on the site.

Jellicent: Lol, in the last shoutouts I said "1 year and I'll be old enough to play a real drinking game". Time sure flies. We should play a real one soon and listen to more weird music. Also we in the GP server find your random drunken ramblings hilarious.

Jio: Still lolling at the fact that the only reason I ever met you was because I thought your Elesa avatar was hot. But it was cool years later to have you tutor me a bit in VGC and then we'd get to know each other better from Luna's Smash server. Always a joy to play with you and watch tournaments together. And I hope maybe some day in the future we can collaborate on a game together. And remember, Jesus loves you :heart:

Kadew: I think it'd be nice if you logged in and saw this and saw that someone didn't forget about you! (and I think it'd be funny to see a like on this a year later haha) We had some good times together, it's always great to catch up with you. Hope things are going well for you now with your new career and family (wow!).

Kaiju Bunny: You are one of the friendliest people here and always have a positive attitude! Your Secret Santa art for me in 2018 was just incredible, and I am 100% serious when I say it will be the first decoration I get for my own home. You also introduced me to a lot of cool EDM haha. Hope you can join in GP games again soon too.

kamikaze: Honestly, back in the day, I found it kind of awkward to talk to you as every interaction we had seemed like a weird power struggle between section leader and super mod. Dunno if that was just me or not. But things are pretty chill these days since we're both old and retired so I'm glad we can just chat casually every now and then now. Thought it was so funny when you said every time you look in the chat I'm saying some weird double entendre haha.

Kris: I remember last time I did shoutouts you were sad that I didn't include you. Honestly, we weren't really great friends yet then. But over the years (I think last year especially) I've seen you mature a lot and you've really grown on me. Good anime redemption arc imo. It's always a blast playing with you during GP games and trivia (thank goodness your parents know so much boomer stuff).

Ksh13: Hi Ksh. Just letting you know I didn't forget about you! It was fun chilling with you back in the day; I hope things are going well for you in school and life. You're at that age now.

kt3: Still debating whether or not it was a good idea for us to encourage you to come out of your shell. You're a degenerate memelord now!! Disappointing, but not necessarily out of place. You are a really fun guy to have around and I can talk to you about the "secret game". I hope everything goes well for you this year, it's gonna be a year of a lot of changes! Also, go listen to Jose Mari Chan "Constant Change" album you will love it I guarantee.

Lan: Cool Battle Stadium user, and liking Mega Man is always a plus. Hope to see you around with more games soon.

Laurenbee: Honestly I am very touched that you just decided to leave me messages out of nowhere one day, and that I'm one of the few people you contact again after your frequent breaks from Smogon. Not really sure why you find me so appealing, but it is appreciated!

Lego: Always a cool guy to talk to about music and such. moodE is a really funny bot and your snapchats are always hilarious.

Light Sanctity: I don't really think we're that close but we know each other enough to say "ah! it's you!" any time we see each other. And your posts are always a little more welcome because of your Lightning avatars :psysly: I may actually be able to play it on my PC at some point, I forgot the games are actually pretty old.

Litra: Please come back and talk to me again

London13: Lon "The Don"! You are a fun guy to have around. I like how you don't really ever get our jokes. Not really too much to say, you are just a solid person. You don't really have a gimmick but you always boost any social gathering with your addition. Yes I am speaking in Pokemon terms but they are the most fitting.

Luna: One of my closest friends on this site. You are always fun to talk to and get your younger perspective on stuff. You are quite intelligent beyond your years. Most of what I said about fleurdyleurse can apply to you too (you're even the same weird).

Luna Fantasia: Hope to see you again soon friendo. Your smash chan has been a great part of my life and definitely helped me through some tough times. And your insight on the game was always appreciated. Years ago you said Bowser was my best character and lo and behold in my first tournament he ended up being the character I had the most success with!

Mace: I remember meeting you last year in that movie Discord and kinda was forced to become your friend as you forced yourself into every conversation and event. I thought you were so freakin weird but as time went on you started to grow on me. I still think you're freakin weird but it's in a more endearing way now. At least most of the time. Teaming up with you in Amoonguss was a ton of fun; we make a good evil team. And remember, women must die for maximum entertainment in movies.

Magcargo: Fun guy I have some nice memories with together. I was surprised to find out you were quite a bit younger than me, but I guess that explains a lot of the past haha. Glad to see you're doing better now in terms of being more sociable and outgoing. You really are Ignatz irl lol.

marilli: Man crazy to think how often we used to get into fights back in the day. I think we just never really got the other's sense of humor or attempts at empathy and always saw it as a personal attack. But it's cool to see how far we've come since then and now you're one of my closest buds on the site and we can always gossip and confide about stuff together. I think you've really found the place you fit in on here, with the BS crew.

Martin: marigi174...really cool to see you're such a respected user on here now. We don't really talk all that much anymore but I liked that you looked up to me so much back in the day. I hope I was a positive influence on you somehow.

Max. Optimizer: Thanks to you, I will never lose the trivia question "What is the only country whose name ends with a G?" Always fun to quote YGO Abridged and The Room with you. I should try to drop into more Wi-Fi calls again.

Mishimono: Cute kid. Always cool to see you around and catch you when I can. Always kept an eye out for you because I felt like you had potential. It's nice to see you become a respected user over time and if I was any help for that then I'm grateful. Even if you are a meme.

Moose And Goose: You are a really cool and eccentric guy. I hope you can participate more soon!

morningsun: One of my oldest friends on here. It's nice talking just man to man with someone I knew before I really got established here. Hope to catch up with you again soon.

Mova: You're a cool guy too, always nice to talk to you about Digimon and such at the rare times I can. And scaring you every February by returning to my default avatar, haha.

Mr. Uncompetitive: still have the "massive weeb" note on you on discord for almost 5 years now. You are always a fun guy to talk to about Mega Man, music, and memes. And you made it into my thesis! lol. I do get quite testy sometimes when you often cancel on me but I know you're going through a lot so I try to be patient.

NixHex: Another user I look up to a lot. You have given me some pretty good insight and such. Hope to talk to you again more soon.

P Squared: Please listen to "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler in order to unlock this shoutout. Okay this was complete, here's the real shoutout: Honestly, I still feel a little embarrassed when I think about how we first met, which made me keep my distance for a while, but it's cool to see after all these years you've become one of my closer friends on the site and confide in me this much. And you've had a good influence on me in some ways too. I pride myself on being pretty empathetic but even still you often offer perspectives on things I would've never considered. Plus, you were the only one I could talk to about writing letters and how great that is. I also never really realized how much I loved trivia until we started doing Jeopardy and Trivia Galaxy and now it's what I look forward to every week. Hope we can all meet at Universal sometime soon!

Pent: Always thought you were a good but troubled kid. I hope I was able to offer some positivity and guidance over the years, even if just in a small way.

Pikachuun: Another one of my oldest friends here from the BABA days. Crazy to see how far we've come since the makeshift days. Hope everything's going well for you.

Project_Mars: Cool avatar and I appreciate that you know "internet boomer" stuff.

Psynergy: What can I say, I got an eye for talent. Knew you were a winner from the start even before knowing abot your Serebii connections, and now you've finally taken your chosen place as my successor and leader of Battle Spot. q:^) memes.

Rare Poison: IDK if you even go on here or will see this but thought I'd write it anyway. Often I think we have very little in common but it is always fun having you with the group for GP games. And I appreciate your decorum and sportsmanship in Jeopardy and such even if they're categories you know nothing about.

Redew: Hi Redew! It was really fun hanging with you and Gato back in the day. Sad to say we've all moved on from that but I hope to catch up again with you soon.

Sapphire.: Sapphire! It was great catching up with you back in August and where our lives were heading. Hope everything's going well with you both professionally and personally. Keep me updated!

Sephirona: Ha, I know you said you didn't feel like you were, but honestly you are one of the wisest and most emotionally intelligent people I know, and definitely one of the most positive influences I've had on this site just in terms of my personal growth. So I'm very indebted to you in that way, and very touched you think I have a high emotionally intelligence and good communication skills too, haha. Glad to see you came back to the site after so many years

Shii: Same as above; we don't really talk anymore (I blame you for never responding to me!!) but you are a very wise person and as someone who sort of on the path you just finished walking, I have always found your insight very useful. Particularly about having perspective and understanding the gravity of certain life decisions. DEFINITELY helped me in a very sizable way to just stop trying to be in control and just let myself go where life takes me.

Shurtugal: We have a weird history together but glad to see we're on good terms now, even if we don't talk all that much. Tempted me to get back into Fanfiction again, lol.

Snaquaza: Another younger user that was kinda under my wing back in the day. I hope that I was a positive influence on you and I hope you're achieving great things now! Always lolling at back in the day when you registered #hulavuta on IRC and my signature was "Join #hulavuta on synIRC for the Official Hulavuta fanclub!"

Solerme: hulino. still hope to see you one day when I visit Italy and see if your uncle really is the pope's chef...i'm suspicious.

Sopheon: Hi Sopheon. Nice to play Smash with you every once in a while, and I still have fond memories about BSPL. You're a cool dude!

The Squash: Fun guy, very witty and always making it a good time at game night. And I appreciate how you listen to my boomer ramblings/unsolicited class lectures.

Stellar: Another person I really respect and see as a role model. I was on this site as a teenager and so you definitely helped shape my character for the better with your tough love approach. I appreciate the opportunities you gave me on this site and hope I turned out about as well as you hoped. And of course I appreciate your insight on the career stuff as well, so it doesn't have to stop here.

Theorymon: The first user I ever met on this site! Back in September 24th, 2012, around 9 PM if my memory serves me correctly. Great to work together with you over the years for Battle Spot and just chat about random games. Man you really know how to derail a conversation to yourself pretty well haha but your enthusiasm and "nothing can bring me down" attitude are infectious and encouraging.

Thick Fat Azumarill: One of the coolest dudes on here. You have contributed so many cool emojis to the server. And you are always the first person I think to share any Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts memes/experiences so thanks for getting all of my lame jokes. Epic gaming always a blast as well, even if your ESL status makes it difficult for you (and hilarious for us) sometimes.

tiki: One of my older friends on here. It was crazy seeing you go from complete nobody to art leader on the site. Been a while since we've ever talked directly but it's always nice seeing you at the end of each year for Secret Santa, haha. And it was nice to play Amoonguss together this year (sorry I killed you and then lied about...I really wanted you to be one of the two to live).

Trinitrotoluene: My hero! One of my first mentors on the site and an OU god. Bet you're on to great things now. And you gave me the incredibly good and useful line "hope everything goes well for you", so I'll use it here too: hope everything goes well for you!

Typhlito: Yo come back you were one of my closest friends on here. Hope to catch you around again soon, maybe on snapchat? lol. Hope things are going well in school and you're finding something you enjoy.

Ullar: We've had a weird rocky relationship over the years but nice to see everything's cool now. You are always supportive even if it's not appreciated. And you are quite a funny guy. Hope that things start to work out for you career-wise and such.

Ununhexium: You've really grown up and it's weird to see. I still think of you as that 14 y/o kid. It's nice to see how much you've matured over the years and glad we still keep in touch a little even if we're not as close as we used to be. For most of the younger users I say I hope I was a positive influence, but honestly I don't think I ever had much influence on you! Which could be a good thing, it can mean you already had a strong sense of direction and principle in your life even early on.

VigilanteVigoroth: It was nice to meet you this year for the Circus Premier League. Very touched that you were sad that I didn't say it was nice to meet you, so here's a shoutout. Hope to see you again next time, if I participate.

vzxt: Hi vzxt!! It was real fun to hang with you and the others back in the day. We don't talk much anymore but hey. I recently rediscovered our old Skype group back in the day that you named "Grapefruit Technique Experts" lmao.

WaterBomb: It was nice that you always said hi to me in Smogon general even though we didn't really know each other, just beacuse you saw me around and recognized me as an older user. Well 1: damn time flies if I'm considered an older user on this site now, and 2: I always saw you around as well and always thought you had some really insightful advice in a lot of these cong threads. And maybe even more impressively always admitted when you didn't know something and then stepped out rather than just trying to fake it.

Wild Eep: Best boomer user. Honestly I don't really know you at all, except that you chased me off your lawn with a stick, but nice to see you back. #ferrothorn4life

Winry: Happy late birthday! One of my older friends on here too; we don't talk much anymore but I didn't forget about you.

Xen: One of my best friends from the site. Always great to play Smash with you and just have some memes going on in the BS server. Always nice that you get my Mega Man and Final Fantasy memes. Crazy we've known each other all the way back from Orange Islands movie nights, even BEFORE I was in charge of them.

zeefable: Glad to see you back and involved after so many years. We have...not a LOT of history together, but a significant one, I'd say, as you were one of the first section members I met after I was appointed Battle Spot leader and getting to know my "subjects" for the first time. And now you're a big shot mod too! Hope to see you around the BS server a bit more often, you're always fun to have around.

(Finally, I can post again. lol)
I almost missed this, you even posted it during my birthday lol

She's in Ratzinger's cooking staff yeah lol and i do hope as well to see you here in Italy mate. I could easily be in the US as well, but you live in a huge country so it's less likely to see each other there : ]

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