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Guess what i stumbled upon today, the only Plushie i own. I am so going shopping for plushies in Hawaii this year, cant wait for worlds

Pikachu: whisperwhisperwhisperwhisper
Me: Huy did WHAT with Kinneas when i left the room in Kona, Hawaii

and i guess i'll bring at least one picture from the old album. it took me longer to decide than anticipated

and finally, i wouldn't mind having these 2 pictures from the recent OH NO! thread update under my name in the archives of this new Album



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My non-VGC meetup pics:
September 2009 with moot at PAX in Seattle. I think he's the first Smogonite I met that I didn't know offline already. It was a quick meetup before we both had to run our separate ways.

September 2010 with moot again in Seattle for another PAX. At this point I'd met a few others at VGC Seattle! Both of us exhausted and meeting up to hang out for a few minutes before my bus home.

November 2010 with Chinese Dood, Articuno64, caffwin, Ala, Ninahaza, and Eraddd while Ninahaza was visiting Vancouver. I'd met the first three at VGC but it was my first time meeting the latter three.

May 2011 with Brain and Vineon while I was visiting Montreal. I'd met Brain when he was visiting Vancouver about five months earlier, but first time getting the chance to butcher Vincent's name in person.

August 2011 with Ripchord, Umbreon Dan, DM, gene, ivysaur, Snkz, Phiddlesticks, Jackal, Layell, Brain, gk, and Captain Kishimoto. Aside from DM, Phiddlesticks, and Brain this was my first time meeting all these people in the east! Had fun in Toronto for two days.

October 2011 with FearZeCrawduant, Starmetroid, Eraddd, Articuno64, caffwin, Chinese Dood, and his girlfriend for Autumn Battle Roads. My first time seeing all the BC people again after getting back to Vancouver!

November 2011 with FearZeCrawduant, Starmetroid, and their friend at Vancouver City Championships. I has no hat.

Between these and VGC, I've been fortunate enough to meet a lot of people from this site and pretty much every one of them has been a delight in person. We have good peoples :)


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hi im jeff

im in a band

i also am gobsmacked at the stupidity on smogon sometimes
will find a decent face pic later

in the meantime, here's one of me kicking down a kid in what was actually a really slow race.

at first i was like "woah a white guy is beating a black guy in a race"

but then i was like "nah, the black guy is probably gonna lap him soon"


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at first i was like "woah ivar posted a picture"
but then i was like "nah, that's just text"


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Thank you for your hard work DM. You're doing a great job. Thanks for pushing and pushing for this.

New photo album is excellent, good work DM. And uhh, here's some recent photos I guess:

Before round 1 of Worlds 2011

In Fort Wayne for VGC Regionals 2012. Left to right: Sixonesix, Psycho, Evan, Macle, ZachDro, Synre, theamericandream38, Mr. E
Are pictures going to continue being hosted by external sources or does Smogon plan to host them again at some point? Mostly just wondering if I need to keep my albums alive on Photobucket (and if I need to resize any)

Anyways, older pics from previous thread I'd like to keep visible:

Hipmonlee said:
When you defeat veedrock, and he joins your party, he is inexplicably about half as strong as he was when he was a boss.

Have a nice day.
I'll see about getting an updated pic soon-ish (hair's back to normal color :pirate:), my face broke out this week and my hair is pretty long too so I'll have to change my usual shot distance.
limitless: i've tried all kinds of gels and sprays but i can't get my hair to look like that, do you have any secrets?

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