Smogon Premier League 2 - Play-offs - Finals! [Won by The Stark Sharks]

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Matches that, if missed by the Ruiners, will not be allowed to be made up.
But if missed by the Sharks... ????????????? Cool bias, bro.

also can husk NOT get a trophy (or get it revoked since he already has it now) I mean it's not like he ever actually battled or anything :|

This tournament was really just a testament to MoP's status as one of the top players in pretty much every gen of pokemon... take MoP off that team and the sharks don't even make the playoffs...
I expect nothing less from a team that gets it name from the GREATEST NHL team around.

Seriously though, congrats Sharks! (your victory here is a preview of the Stanley Cup yes/yes)


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Congratulations on the whole winning the trophy thing! I tried to post sooner, but my computer simply decided to be a failure.
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