Smogon Premier League 2 - Play-offs - Finals! [Won by The Stark Sharks]

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i had a more interesting post prepared but the finals took like 8 years or something and now im not in the mood and also im laughing too hard after reading the ruiners players whine about luck to make a typical me-post atm

congrats sharks

and kinda glad this didnt get decided on activity
thanks to ew and stellar for being awesome co-managers, lonelyness for hosting one of the best tournaments on smogon, the_chaser for being a fucking boss, and all of the ruiners (with one exception) for being awesome teammates and the heart and soul of the (currently) best irc channel. special mention to uragg for loving penis so much. the finals score wouldn't have been as close if eo, heist, tfc, fallen alice, and bluewind didn't help us test and prepare after their teams were out. and jumpluff is a good cheerleader.

also id like to extend a big fuck you to aldaron for ditching us four weeks into the season and shamelessly signing onto irc from time to time, freely admitting he doesn't give a fuck about the team while casually chatting with us as if everything was completely normal. also his proposal made the bw metagame complete shit.

congrats phil for finally getting a trophy.


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As the manager of the winning team, I feel like I should say a few words about the season. SPL is one of my favorite tournaments because it is the closest we can really get to a real life sports league in our game of Pokemon. The rivalries are fierce and the battles intense, which makes SPL a great tournament from start to end. This was my first season as a manager and I must say I really enjoyed the non-battling aspect of the tournament. While the battles are great, I think my favorite part of the SPL season is the comradery and friendships that arise from participating in a team. I interacted with a ton of people I never really had a chance to before and it is an absolutely amazing experience in that regard. Despite not having any All-Stars at midseason, we definitely proved that a team doesn't need "stars" to succeed, just the willingness to work together and have a never say die attitude. Even when we were down 1-4 on several occasions we managed to come back and win or tie most of the time. I was extremely fortunate to be part of such a fantastic group of guys, hopefully we can continue this success in the future.

MoP- I'm extremely glad you came to me before the season to ask about managing. You really helped create the culture of winning for this team and you always made sure everyone was ready and prepared for their opponent making my job a whole lot easier. I really hope this is the start of a dynasty for us in SPL, with your battle and preparation skills and my uh, something, we can be unstoppable!

BlueKirby- Did exactly what I needed you to (nothing). It is quite an accomplishment to hold both team tournament trophies at the same time and I swear to you I'll do my best in the WCoP.

Lady Bug- I was always confused by your choice of team, but you continually won with the oddest things and were always confident in your ability to do so. I was absolutely in shock when you used the gen 4 hail stall team for a pivotal game, then managed pull out a huge win.

Philip7086- My number 1 bro, you were probably the guy I absolutely had to have when I was creating my draft list. You help me out all the time and I know I can trust you with anything. On top of that you are an amazing player and an even better teammate always looking out for the rest of the team, helping wherever you can.

Eternal- To quote MoP, "all arin does is win." You weren't in #sharks all that often, but it seemed like every time you did join it was right after you had won. I loved when you used Garchomp because having our mascot hax/beat someone was always super satisfying.

DarkLucario- We kind of fell into you during the draft and I'm really glad we did. I knew very little about you pre-SPL, but your willingness to help the team by learning a new metagame, dedication to the Sharks and just being a swell guy to talk to made you one of the best purchases of the draft.

Sixonesix- A quiet, but fierce competitor you were my top choice to play VGC this season. I knew you would always be prepared and ready to win. It was usually a foregone conclusion you would add another W each week and your finals match vs Alaka was one of the most nerve-wracking matches this season, but like a champ you pulled through.

Smurf.- Drafting you was sort of out of no where. I woke up the day of the draft with a pm on irc from you saying to give you a chance. I decided to give you a shot and you surprised me by putting up a good record. Should also get some props for putting LN into retirement.

- You were on my preseason draft board, and we couldn't get you but fate still put you on the squad. You're a fantastic competitor and like with BK hopefully we can defend that WCoP trophy later this year from the evil MoP and his new Team Asia.

husk- A late addition, but definitely worth it, you brought the Scooters winning ways to the Sharks and just adding you really upped the confidence of the team when it was looking like we might not do so well during the early season.

Conflict- Another dude I didn't know anything about but absolutely glad we ended up with. In addition to your stellar record, you're a stellar friend, enjoy the Pokemon retirement and good luck at university pal.

Carl- While your record was less than stellar in the regular season, you won when it was important, every single one of your wins was at an absolutely critical time. Getting our first win in the finals really set the tone, always glad to have you on my team (pass to me more).

Ala- The super sub, filling in at the last minute twice and getting us two very important wins when we needed them most. Definitely worth more than your 3k price tag for the absolutely clutch play we got from you.

- I think you will forever be known as the guy who stopped two 10-0s, although we ended up taking you to the bench it was still a pleasure to have you on the team and like the rest of the team, you're a Shark for life.

- Anyone else could've just given up after being traded from first place to a team nearly out of contention, but you kept your head high and like a true competitor still gave it your all. Another dude who is more that meets the eye, you have a reputation for being a jerky troll when in fact you're a class act, making that trade was one of the hardest things I did this season.

B-Lulz- I wish things could've been different, mostly because I never really gave you a chance to prove yourself, but like Stone you still went out and did your best when given the opportunity. You were still extremely helpful beyond the battling and I still feel regret I wasn't able to let you be more active in the weekly lineup.

lambasto- When your own teammates didn't know who you were when you got traded then you know there is a problem. In our time of need when we needed a sub, you just up and ignored MoP and me. I had faith you would be able to help us out and contribute, obviously my faith was misplaced.

Our fans- Jumpluff, Loven and anyone who ever said "Go Sharks!" I wish you could all get trophies as well, every one of you stuck with us through thick and thin. We appreciate the fan support and it means a ton, next season week 1 will be fan appreciation week for our devoted fans.

Zracknel- I really couldn't ask for a better logo, your work is amazing and the art definitely contributed to the Sharks swagger.

LonelyNess- While sometimes you make some questionable decisions, I'm glad someone took charge and made this tournament a reality last year. I'm also glad you finally realized the conflict of interest of you playing and being in charge of decisions. Here's hoping to more successful seasons in the future.

Synre- I love you like a brother, and I know I pissed you off a bunch of times this season but I hope you don't hold that against me. You gave me the inspiration to manage this season and without that I wouldn't even be in this position. It is a shame the finals didn't turn out how we initially wanted, and I didn't get revenge for that beating, but there is always next season (unless you want to be a Shark :D).

Ruiners- It was a good game both teams played hard.

Rest of SPL
- Next year we're going to defend the trophy so no point in SPL3.
_________SHARK ATTACK!!!_________

Good game. And thanks for the mention Makiri, season was just fantastic with the Sharks.


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Four months and 7 days ago, this retardedly hosted tournament began. The Sharks started the tournament the same as it had ended it, dealing with fucking (BAN ME PLEASE).

Some highlights..

Straight from Week 1, we had to deal with the fucking bullshit that spewed from Aldaron after he got trashed 6-0 and then tried to steal a win for his equally retardedly funcitioning teammate, kael.

Week 2 led us to...
<%Snunch> lol I hate it when random people who suck have a whole bunch of deceiving forum badges <%Snunch> like macle and phillip7086

Week 4, we were still in a slump, yet we ended up 4-5 after starting 0-5 so we knew we had at least a tie because all we had left was to play the 15,000 bidded-on zfs. Fucking easiest 6-0 I've ever witnessed in GSC.

Then in week 5, we forced this (BAN ME PLEASE) to retire from the tournament as well. Let's just say smurf raped him badly too. You'd think with the extra time he had from not losing in Pokemon would go towards hosting the tournament better.

Then came the All-Star week, and not a single Shark was made one. The only thing useful that came out of that bullshit snub was providing us a list of unbeaten records to snap.

Week 6 came the first one, OmegaDonut no longer undefeated, and the Brits super choking. Pokemon and history shows us that the British will always be chokers (see: Revolutionary War).

Floppy fucking sucked last year I don't know why he got bidded on so much this year, but he got his ass kicked in week 7 as well for another comeback win.

We would've still won the tournament regardless, but I think the key point of the season was when we acquired panamaxis. It's not that I think panamaxis was good enough to save us if we needed saving, but it gave us the opportunity to withness MS convincing himself that dak was good. LAUGH FUCKING OUT FUCKING LOUD!

The semi-finals was really easy. Despite the contant annoying as fuck reyscarface, we still absolutely annihilated the wolfpack. Good spending Jackal.

As for the finals, I don't see how we got lucky considering...

RoyalFlush won because he was able to burn CBTar with his 23% Scald that preventing Phil from raping Starmie and then just setting up hazards.
Arin didn't even get lucky, just straight outpredicted Ciele at the end.
Lady Bug didn't even need his 'hax' which was basically just a def drop on Gyarados. CBMetagross woulda done just enough for Mamoswine to clean up, which was Adamant max attack with Icicle Plate and from there CBKabutops for insurance as well.
DarkLucario just fucking sucks so he deserved to get 6-0'd by pi face.
Sixonesix revenged his week 1 hax when he got Rock Slide flinched.
Scofield is an insufferable (BAN ME PLEASE) and deserved every freeze, miss and CH that happened to him. Unfortunately he didn't misclick a few times too to show how incompetent he really is.
uragg won because he was able to CH a +1 Clefable with a random Rotom. Otherwise it would've forced Arcanine to self KO itself and Registeel would've swept.
kael learn the World Time Zone chart as well while you're trying to fucking learn whatever poor excuse of a language that you assume is English.
Sk, congratulations on choking on the biggest dick ever. 10 turns left with 4 possible moves, 3 of which will let you win, and pick the wrong one each time.
The_Chaser, for someone claiming a team to be lucky, you fucking went 10-0 in RB FUCKING Y before Carl destroyed you legitimiately.

(I still like Whistle and stellar though.)

As for my team:

Should've traded all of you for Snunch, other than Arin, I like Arin.

oh and shout out to: tof jibaku goof mdragon am atticus pkgaming g80 jabba gp tito skarm locopoke kg ifm eo and absolutely no thanks at all to limitless and before i forget colin is still a dude
Man congratulations Sharks, it was a tough road but you guys managed to achieve victory. Good job for making it in the semi-finals Ruiners.
This years SPL was damn fun, and even though our team lost it didn't take away from the experience. There was a lot of hijynx, drama and the like, but it didn't matter in the long run. I respect nearly every other competitor for being topnotch battlers.

No hard feelings, and good luck in the future.


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While I really don't like either of the teams that made the finals, I have to hand it to the Sharks. They proved to be an incredibly tough team to beat and probably deserved to win, even though I thought the two best teams lost in the semis.

This tournament was really just a testament to MoP's status as one of the top players in pretty much every gen of pokemon... take MoP off that team and the sharks don't even make the playoffs...

Luckily temporary trophies "dont count"...

As for the tournament, I thought it was hosted 10x better than last year but there are still huge issues. I had trades veto'd that were more fair than some of the trades that went down, and just in general there were more unfair trades than fair ones (my own trade included). We need some sort of rule to stop this from happening again, either manager veto's or salary matching or "no trading husk for 4.5k" or SOMETHING. Manager veto's would probably be the best option.

As for my team, I really had fun with you guys this year, I learned a lot and feel like I will be able to field an even better team next year. Look forward to having many of you guys back on the pack.

Big shoutouts to:

trickroom for being a gigantic boss, it was a pleasure to meet you kid keep up the good work

pttp you started off the season on fire but kind of tailed off, you are seriously probably the most creative bw battler I have ever met and definitely the coolest 14 year old ive ever met.

goof for sticking with us through everything, I know you probably didnt expect to be on this team at the start of the season but you played hard all season and became a great team player, so thanks for that.

reachzero for learning a new metagame for the team, and then proceeding to dominate it. The longest tenured wolf, it is always a pleasure my friend. Expect to be back next year.

lakers for pissing off all the other teams, and then putting the team on his fucking back to get us into the playoffs. what a boss.

ironbullet for being a huge steal, you really stepped up your play kid and I dont think anyone expected that sort of record from you. well done.

franky for being traded from the wolfpack 2 straight years, you keep your head up and dont complain ever, always a wolf at heart. It looked like no one was gonna grab you this year, but I am glad I did. I probably will next year too. Let's win wcop.

reyscarface LOL

tito <tito> rey you suck

zfs <reyscarface> zfs seriously stop losing

tv-rocka a lot of fun, thanks for the laughs

rhys deanno ultimate trade chip

spies earthwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa3

drcossack hes mine
last but not least my bro iconig for being the heart of the team, he was helping me in the auction from the moment it started even though he wasn't guaranteed on my team, he advised me to get pttp and trickroom (reach and rey also did but him first) and generally was my go to nigga alongside goof. looking forward to beasting wcop with you and you can be sure this nigga will be on the wolfpack next year
So that got pretty long winded but I really wanted to give my team some props, it was a lot of fun.

Also want to say: rumour has it that some non-wolves in our channel were feeding our teams to the opposition. I dont know if this is 100% true but I just want to say that while this is seriously a disgraceful move, I honestly have no one to blame but myself for letting people in our channel. I should have learned after the bad ass incident, but I guess I was just trying to enjoy the channel a bit more by letting people in, but apparently people take pokemon a bit more seriously than I thought, and you cant even trust the most innocent appearing people. Lesson learned, channel will be closed from now on.

All in all, a lot of fun, definitely one of the best tournaments on smogon. See you bitches next year.
Congrats to the Sharks, and bad luck Ruiners. Despite us losing in the finals, overall I am more than happy with our performance, and the final result could easily have gone the other way. Thanks to our whole team, the assistant managers, and everyone else that hung out in our channel throughout the season, it was fun!
(I might post more later)

also i dont care if we lost i am still posting this

_________SHARK ATTACK!!!_________
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