Smogon Premier League 2 - Play-offs - Finals! [Won by The Stark Sharks]

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won with some luck, gg GG
Lady Byng

sharks won by luck no surprises there. Well its pokemon, gg sharks.
Bro, you know Lady Bug did not need the defense drop to clean up with Mamo there. If he didn't get the drop, he could easily just weaken with Metagross/Kabutops and then finish Hanke off with Mamo. Seriously, don't try to cheapen our victory.

gg sharks such a heartbreak after i tried so hard this season

thanks to ew and stellar for being awesome co-managers, lonelyness for hosting one of the best tournaments on smogon, the_chaser for being a fucking boss, and all of the ruiners (with one exception) for being awesome teammates and the heart and soul of the (currently) best irc channel. special mention to uragg for loving penis so much. the finals score wouldn't have been as close if eo, heist, tfc, fallen alice, and bluewind didn't help us test and prepare after their teams were out. and jumpluff is a good cheerleader.

also id like to extend a big fuck you to aldaron for ditching us four weeks into the season and shamelessly signing onto irc from time to time, freely admitting he doesn't give a fuck about the team while casually chatting with us as if everything was completely normal. also his proposal made the bw metagame complete shit.

congrats phil for finally getting a trophy.
Thanks :).

Philip7086- My number 1 bro, you were probably the guy I absolutely had to have when I was creating my draft list. You help me out all the time and I know I can trust you with anything. On top of that you are an amazing player and an even better teammate always looking out for the rest of the team, helping wherever you can.
I'm really happy you won the bid for me, bro. One of these days we'll chill IRL and celebrate this trophy together <3.

Congrats to the Sharks, and bad luck Ruiners. Despite us losing in the finals, overall I am more than happy with our performance, and the final result could easily have gone the other way. Thanks to our whole team, the assistant managers, and everyone else that hung out in our channel throughout the season, it was fun!
(I might post more later)

also i dont care if we lost i am still posting this

Alphas got ruined indeed... finally the phrase being used properly. GG worms... one day you'll break the 2 trophy barrier, just not quite yet!

Well, now I know what it feels like to be left at the altar. And with my luck, and at this rate, that will happen too.

I normally try to not complain about hax and accept defeat graciously, but this finals round was complete and utter bullshit. The Sharks are the most undeserving trophy winners ever, not a single person on that roster deserves a trophy for this SPL season. The Alpha Ruiners were a better team and outplayed the Sharks and somehow managed to lose by conditions we had no control over. If ever a winner deserved to have an asterisk by their names, this would be it.

No, this wasn't any sort of cosmic balance, karma, or whatever you want to call it, not that I believe in those anyway. If those did exist, we would have won. This was nothing short of highway robbery that allowed an unworthy team filled with unworthy players and personnel to get (notice how I didn't say "win" or "earn") a trophy. No, it wasn't "meant to be", because nothing happens because it's supposed to. The Sharks first five "wins" came down to (in order): a freeze, a 50/50, an overheat miss, a freeze, and a choke. Not a single convincing win in the bunch. Not a single instance of being out-teamed or out-played. The Sharks might get the trophy, but it is definitely not deserved, as deserve had nothing to do with this. The Ruiners were better. The Ruiners are better. The Ruiners know this, and anyone who paid any attention to this series would know that, hell the Sharks probably know that. It is nothing but a meaningless trophy.

This is all before we even get into all the shady under the table dealings the Sharks pulled, while showing no loyalty to any of their players. I don't know if I should be more pissed at the people behind the trade or the people that allowed it to happen. But hey, at least Husk gets to keep his SPL trophy without playing a single playoff game. And yeah, let's reward constant asshole behavior from the Sharks, from the top to the bottom of the organization. Speaking of which... look at MOP, thinking this trophy makes any sort of a difference, acting like it allows him to act like even more of an asshole than usual. You are still just the same player as before this all started, a player that has never accomplished anything. And if you did ghost any of those finals matches? You should be embarrassed if that is the best you could do. You and I both know just how much you lucked out here, no matter how you try to justify it to yourself. Funny thing though, if we won I was going to make a post bashing every single one of the Sharks players, and it would have been a hell of a lot better than your weak ass post.

I have no idea how a team can be bailed out by such improbable last minute luck time and time again. I guess the saying is true, "No one wins, one side just loses more slowly." This wasn't just "hax is part of the game" or "those are the breaks" kinds of hax, it was literally "no fucking way that could possibly have just happened" hax, in every important turn of every game. Hell, it was so improbable Smogon promptly shut down for a week afterwards rather than process it (and I should've followed suit...). The Sharks have to tell me, what demon did you sell your soul to for this? Because I obviously sold mine to the wrong one. I guess it isn't true that the devil you know is better than the one you don't...

To the Alpha Ruiners, now. First, thank you to all of our fans and everyone who supported us and helped us out throughout the regular season and the playoffs. To the players and management: we had a good run, I'm sorry it had to end that way. Back to back finals appearances is still plenty impressive. You all individually exceeded my expectations, you guys won, rose to the occasion, and had my back whenever I needed you guys to. I'm proud of every one of you, and you are all champions in my book, for whatever that is worth.

But fuck the Sharks, and fuck this game, I'm through with it.

What the fuck happened to my Kate Beckinsale avatar?! It looks like Smogon really doesn't want me to stay...
Wow dude, way to be probably the biggest sore loser Smogon has ever seen. Listen, we Sharks will be the first to admit that we got lucky in two matches (against Alaka and you), but I won't have you cheapen our achievement just because you're so damn bitter. Lets break some shit down:

Carl vs. The Chaser
Yeah, Carl froze cheaser's Chansey... after a TON of Ice Beams. If you think Pokemon will just sit there and never freeze while eating repeated Ice Beams, you're probably not very familiar with this game. Either that, or you've just had really good luck through your Pokemon career. Oh yeah, and Carl lost his 100% Tauros to a 30% one without even getting to touch it... but I guess that got erased from the history of this match.

sixonesix vs. Alaka
Yup, got lucky. It's about time six got some luck in this tournament.

Eternal vs. Ciele
50-50? It's called coming down to a prediction. Ciele predicted wrong, Eternal predicted right. It's not a coin flip, it's about reading your opponents. The fact that you don't think this amazing battle was a legitimate win just goes to show how blinded you've become.

panamaxis vs. Scofield
Again, admitting that we got lucky.

Conflict vs. Sk
You're right. Sk choked. I fail to see how that means you should have won, though. A big part of winning in this game is carrying out your endgame. If you choke it's completely your fault, so you have nobody to blame but yourself. Again, I'm missing how you think this was not a legitimate win. I also don't get how things like this happen, yet you think you're on the "better team". I'm not trying to offend Sk or anything, but give me a break, the better team would be able to bag "sure wins".

That's the whole story, right? Oh wait, you seem to have conveniently forgotten the luck you guys got versus us. Just because our team tried to be classy enough to not bitch in here after every little instance of hax that happened to us doesn't erase the fact that it did, indeed, happen. Lets check it out, then:

Smurf vs. Uragg
As Smurf uses Destiny Bond against Arcanine, Arcanine takes Mismagius to ~10%, then burns it to get the KO. Later in that match, Arcanine is the only Pokemon who was able to prevent Smurf's Cleffairy sweep. Did you see Smurf bitch? No.

Philip7086 vs. Royal Flush
After winning a 50/50, I work myself into a good position to win, so long as I can take out Starmie to prevent Royal Flush from continually spinning against me. I switch in my specially defensive CB TTar and get crit + burned on the switch by Scald. If just one of those happened, Starmie would have been dead. He needed both to happen to keep Starmie alive, and got it. Did you see me bitch about it? No.

So what does that mean? Both teams won two matches with the help of luck. Now, granted, the luck pana got as a whole was more than Uragg and Royal Flush got, but the bottom line is that all were game breaking.

At the end of the day, maybe Sharks got a little bit more lucky than the Ruiners. However, the difference is by no means as big as you make it out to be. And hey, one team had to be the luckier of the two, right?

Anyways, your post was way out of line, regardless of what you think about the Ruiners' bad luck. Maybe you should re-evaluate your life if you're going to get so worked up over a few temporary pixels under your username.

From the first time I laid eyes on the badass Sharks logo (love us or hate us, I think almost everybody can agree that we have the best fucking logo), I knew the team just had to win. I'm just glad (and proud) to have been a part of it, so thanks for bidding on me zwang, and thanks for being such a great manager in general. It was cool getting to know ze germens on our team, after knowing next to nothing about them before this. I'm incredibly happy to have been on the team with the most bros frequenting the channel, too. That obviously made things way more fun for me, as I was constantly surrounded by some of my best online friends in my team channel. Above all else, I'm glad I was able to participate in this season before I started getting so busy IRL. I'm satisfied that I was able to achieve a trophy here before my time to quit, which is a goal I thought I'd never reach.

Thank you Sharks for being such an awesome team, and good games Ruiners. It has been a blast :)

Edit: FUCK, I almost forgot...

_________SHARK ATTACK!!!_________
I don't normally follow these topics or even participate much in the tournament side of the forums, but I really respect the spirit of the game in SPL and so I think this is warranted. Luck fucking sucks in Pokemon, we all agree on that, and whether or not a team "deserves" a win because they lucked a few key points or not isn't a reason to smash their win and throw shit in their faces just because you were on the losing side of the luck. I think that one of the best things about tournaments like this is the spirit of competition, healthy rivalries, and strong plays around. I know that SPL is pretty drama-ridden throughout the whole season, but I think that being a good sport even in the face of a loss to luck is very telling about the quality of the user in question.

Congratulations, sharks, I totally agree that you guys have the coolest logo and I also think you guys have the coolest fucking meme ever. Seriously, shark attack? Gold. Every team needs something that catchy and awesome. (Wolfs almost have it with awoooo!! but they need a cool text picture too!)

That said, good plays all around, and despite the melodrama, SPL is still awesome and I want to thank everyone involved—the players, the managers, the co-managers, the cheerleaders, the hosts, and the normal users that support the others the rest of the way—because you guys make this tournament as cool as it is.

Cheers, and maybe one day I'll stop being such a pussy and actually participate.
It's been great fun playing with the sharks this season so first I'd like to say a big thank you to makiri for drafting me and being such a great manager. I just knew i had to be affiliated with THE badass logo of the competition, thank god you saw my pm on irc! The great thing about SPL is definitely the comradery and friendships that arise from participating in a team. Its been a blast chilling with people who I otherwise wouldn't have met. Getting to know all you guys over the last few months has been great, and now we all got something in common - that sexy red trophy!!


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Thanks to all the teams that let me hang out and enjoy their company. I got to talk to a few people I wouldn't've spoken to otherwise (DL, Conflict, Sk, and kael are some examples of legit people I wouldn't have had the opportunity to really socialise with on any level) and cheer on my friends. Congratulations to the Sharks and condolences to the Alpha Ruiners D: Both teams were great all season and even though I was sorry some other teams couldn't make it to the final too (lol ewww round robin ewwwwww), I was happy to see such two good finalists =)
Finishing runners-up again isn't the best way to end the season, but it's still been a great tournament to play in overall, and I must thank the Ruiners team for not only re-signing me, but also for just being a brilliant team to be a part of.

It's a shame that Worms didn't get his third trophy and that Chaser missed out on a perfect season amongst other things, but these things happen, and hopefully we can put that right next season.

Congrats to the Sharks as well. You may have had a little bit of fortune on your side, but it's Pokemon, it happens, and you were great opponents to play against. In fact, maybe you all deserve an extra trophy for putting up with MoP being an utter pillock all season...
whitequeen is the man even if he rubs his penis all day then pretends hes a girl because he calls himself queen like a dude picking up other dudes but is ok he usses a bit of ninjask from time to time. i would like to thank lady_bug he is sexy
whitequeen is the man even if he rubs his penis all day then pretends hes a girl because he calls himself queen like a dude picking up other dudes but is ok he usses a bit of ninjask from time to time. i would like to thank lady_bug he is sexy
i think whistle is a (BAN ME PLEASE) but i still like him. thanks man
Well you all know that my English is not very good, but c'mon.
Congratulations to all teams who participated.
I think everyone did a great tournament.
This is one of the most fun tournaments of smogon.
And I am very pleased to have participated and reached the final in both editions.
Of course I'm upset because it did not win = \ but is part and pokemon.
Congratulations to the Sharks getting lucky or was not you who won
I wish we had been Alpharuiners but gave no = \.

I want to congratulate all alpharuiners,
One thing Scofild said and I agree is that we really are a team and a good team
In this team helped each other with criticisms with jokes and all that was possible.
Did not win but we're a good team and we will make a spl d

Whistle: This year he is more explosive but I like this guy was one of the first to rely on my game in the first edition of the spl.
Congratulations the bossss

Earthworm: I think this guy made the right choices and went very smoothly for the team.
He ran behind the players that fights occur it was a good manager, congratulations worm =].

Cecil: I do not know much about it for so not to speak of.

Aldaron: I like this guy, last year he was livelier and more playful that year he was more seriously, I think it was because of real life.
But still it was very important aldaron stop the team, his presence excites me.

scofield: This guy loves the team, kkk says it has to speak and not give a fuck, congratulations scofield was nice to have you playing this year.

Alaka: I do not know too much about it but congratulations alpharuiners a guy is all that matters xD.

royal flush: Mando in the final as well and help the team whenever someone could not play, it was our joker. mand and brother.

Pi-face: I think I talked very little, but I'm sure gave you realize that Alpharuiners is a good team;]

Ciele: Congratulations you played very well.

Urag: I liked this guy, whenever he entered a struggle of mine, has talked about something to motivate. DP UU train was fun, and you played very well congratulations Uraga.

SK: That guy is tense it is boring legal baggy good bad kkk Sk is all a little more. But it was super important for the team coached me and Advanced talked about my team and my choices.
Congratulations you play too Sk

Hanke: One of my best friends in Brazil like this guy always talked too much and are very good friends, congrats bro you owna =].
| You always helped me to understand what people talk in the channel.
Sometimes I do not understand and you explained to me, thanks bro

The cheaser: For me the best player of all spl.
chease helped me by giving tips, was worried when I play because I work and not always to get much time online.
The chease was the guy that helped me most in the whole tournament, not only me but the whole team.
I think he and Sk were undoubtedly fundamental to our being here in this final
The chease Congratulations
Thanks for everything. ;]
Alpharuiners Congratulations!
We made a great campaign and our opponents know we are a great team

And remember that people here is just a game for fun
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