Smogon Premier League 2 - Week 2

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Mizuno said:
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Mizuno said:
Hey! I am busy tonight and tomorrow, but should be available the next couple of days after that. I can battle anytime from 7PM to 1AM (EST) on weekdays, and I should be available most of Saturday. Let me know when you can battle.

I'll be around on Wednesday 10 PM or Thursday 1030 PM, let me know which works best for you
I will be online today, and most probably Thursday as well. I'll be on IRC.
was on yesterday at the time and he wasn't. It's 10:40 now and my opponent still isn't on.


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Alright, here's how this is going to work.

I am not unreasonable. I can see the argument for IPL's fuckup. It's not explicitly stated in the rules (though it shouldn't have to be) and in general for rulings like this we have a "play to the simulator" clause (though if he had played on Smogon's Server it wouldn't be an issue). However, using a known item that's not even obtainable in game is not acceptable in any case - so he's not going to just "get his win".

I will accept, though, that the clarity of the rules begs a less harsh punishment.

So rather than a disqualification, I am calling for the match to be replayed, preferrebly recreated up to the point that Custap activated (this time with IPL using a worthless item on Forretress, such as Poison Resist Berry).
ok all trolling aside here is the deal:

the point of spl is to have fun and win while doing that, not win while pissing off people we talk to on a daily basis and not having much fun ourselves either. some sort of rematch is a solution that is relatively fair for both sides i.e. while it is obviously not the idea outcome for either team, it doesn't screw either team either. lonelyness wants us to have a replay. however, given the nature of the offense (using an illegal item), it makes much more sense to rematch with the same teams and same moves up to the point that the custap berry was used. additionally, I personally feel like IPL shouldn't be able to replace custap with a "usable" item like life orb or leftovers; rather, he should be forced to use something useless like the poison resist berry. otherwise (a) there is no downside to using an item that is not in the game (b) and more importantly, there is no fair way to determine what item he is allowed to use.

unfortunately, ipl is "refusing" to replay. tbh allowing a sub to play pi face instead is kind of absurd because this is two days before the deadline and pi face doesn't have unlimited teams. to summarize: if ipl wants to play with the same teams and same moves up till the custap berry activated, that is pretty fair and we'd be more than happy to oblige.

I've deleted all the shit slinging in this thread. additionally I'd like to apologize on behalf of myself and all my team members for all -- intended or perceived -- unsportsmanlike behavior. spl is above all an event intended to be enjoyable for everyone involved and when arguments get heated beyond fun banter, it's a signal that we should cool down and re-evaluate the point of playing a game.
jesus fucking christ cut ln a break i'm really tired of him catching shit when he makes fair rulings that simply go against your team. he's running arguably the hardest tournament to run on all of smogon and he's making extremely difficult decisions. he's also making unbiased simple rulings in some situations and i appreciate that. i'm sorry if someone is so retarded that they'd use an item that's not even fucking released in that gen, but they deserve to be given the loss in that situation.

maybe instruct your players not to be idiots when they build their teams. don't criticize ln for making the obvious rule. if someone blatantly sidesteps the rules then fuck them. godspeed ln.
as a member of alpha ruiners (im not taking part in these discussions btw) i still feel than i have to say sorry about that whole thing about us in the past 2 weeks.

as whistle said before the point of spl is to have fun!

i hope thats kind of things won't happening again :/
yeah sorry for my conduct today, the fairest option is what whistle outlined. Also, whilst LN's decisions are questionable sometimes, he always does what he thinks is right in an extremely hard job. He does not deserve the hate he gets and you have got to remember he is a human being aswell who has been in a very stressful situation. I'm sorry for any hate I've given him.


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as a member of alpha ruiners (im not taking part in these discussions btw) i still feel than i have to say sorry about that whole thing about us in the past 2 weeks.

as whistle said before the point of spl is to have fun!

i hope thats kind of things won't happening again :/
You're too classy to be a Ruiner, we'll trade away Huy and a bag of peanuts to get you?
Of course I acknowledge the fact that he's making tough decisions, that's not the point. The point is that LN should be consistent with the rulings that he's made in the past. As I said on IRC, it was never about the Custap berry specifically, it was about the nature of his ruling relative to other ones he's made in the past.

This being said, I find it fair that IPL replay with same teams up to the point where the berry activated, although I don't know if its possible with whatever luck might have occurred. I also concur with your ruling that Forretress be given a useless item to replace Custap; I find that fair and obviously the Ruiners shouldn't be punished for that mishap.

I appreciate you looking back into this. Look, all I wanted was consistency across rulings; I didn't mean to make it personal against you LN though I probably did, and it comes back to the consistency aspect. I apologize for that.

At the end of the day, its a tournament to have fun as others mentioned, so good luck for the remaining matches Ruiners.


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maybe the most annoyed i have ever been in spl. really sorry guys but i don't know what more i could have done against this game...

lost to goof, gg


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Since LN has implemented common sense clause (finally), I personally have no issue with week 1's ruiners vs. sharks match being retroactively changed to a 4-6 loss for ruiners (and 6-4 win for sharks) and brits getting the ipl win, as long as they simply admit it's kinda lame for ipl to have run an illegal team (note I don't speak for the ruiners).

Pedantically sticking to rules is never an optimal choice for running any large scale operation, and various individuals, like myself, will have no problem taking advantage of that pedanticism should a host decide to stick adamantly to it.

That said, LN is definitely running one of THE hardest to run / manage projects on all of Smogon, and he has done a mostly good job in terms of execution.

I'm happy to have LN as a host and wish him luck in managing spl drama in the future ^_^
Malekith 4 - 0 SilentEcho. GG

Btw I didn't know I had to play vs majintupacz last week because I was subbed in, I'm sorry for not doing my battle last week but will it be a loss for me in my statistics?
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