Smogon Premier League 2 - Week 5

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Maybe im just too old for this but i seriously dont get what this 'U Mad/U AINT MAD'-talk means. Is this some kind of joke?

If it is indeed a 'joke' than its not a good one for sure. Pretty immature to be honest.

(Though jabbas pic is kinda funny - ill give you that.)
Philip7086 vs. M Dragon = Philip7086, 2-0

I missed an important move early on, but then he missed an even more important one later. Not sure if it was necessary, but it made playing easier. Sorry about that, gg.
yeah im sorry, i was eating dinner when am came online. we should get it done this weekend though.

edit: lonelyness- am only came on irc for 50 secs looking to find me for the battle, however i was away. he is on his way to school now..
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