Smogon Premier League 2 - Week 5

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this is pissing me off, he was online TWICE when I sent PMs offering to do the game and right after he just signs off both times

seriously guys, grow a damn pair and be ready to play, people have things to do and i'm not going to hunt you people down anymore b/c quite simply i have more pressing needs. it sucks that players only show up when i call them out on this thread
I'm pretty sorry that you always send when I'm already off (Smogon shows people that has been on smogon the last half an hour). I'm not sitting in front of my PC pressing F5 all 10 minutes just to look if you pmed me. Sometimes I'm online on Shoddy or the Stark's IRC channel and just dont actualise Smogon, so if you just come on Shoddy and send me a PM there and I'll see it. And sometimes (like yesterday) I'm busy doing something else and just check Smogon after around an hour to see if I got lucky and you're online at the moment...

If you wouldnt have such a problem with scheduling a time for this battle, we could easily do this battle :X (hint: I pmed you first, why should I try to avoid the match then?)
I know you proposed two times, but that's 4:30 am on weekdays for me and I like a little bit of sleep ;)
I even posted here to ask your team if there is a better way to contact you than the forum and february the 15th.

As I told you I cant be here this evening, but I can be on Saturday on any time you want...
Activity crap is lame either way but I'm going to have to go ahead and state my case for the team's sake since zfs and I aren't going to get this done (can't do it tonight or tomorrow). Various people can attest that I'm on NB all the time every day basically so I figured I'd run into zfs eventually like I do with everyone else. Eventually I decided to reach out and PM on wednesday and we seemed to have something set up for thursday night. Thursday night eventually I got tired of waiting and heard he was on irc so I went on and talked to him and he said he was busy so we decided to do it today instead. Something's come up for me now so I'm not going to be available tonight or tomorrow.

I feel bad cause he wasn't expecting me to be unavailable (I wasn't either) Fri or Sat but it is what it is. All I can say is I've been on NB everyday up to this point for huge blocks of time and whatever happens happens.
Kael still didnt show up. I am tired of waiting sorry. Wont be online tomorrow.
You specifically told me you would be online until 10pm your time, which is now german time. Why does this matter, because we decided to sub to undisputed for kael 45mins ago when he pmed you and you haven't been online since last post at 8:30 pm your time. We delibrately put contingencies in place for the time you set.
I said i am online untl 10 AT THE LATEST. NOW i am off. I was online the whole week. Everybody on nb will prove it. Care for your battles earlier next time and dont complain now.

Thats almost outrageous and i am sick off waiting for everybody..
fuck john this thread needs more CARL

hope my opponent shows up soon otherwise we might have another deadline battle tomorrow which i'd prefer not to have
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