Smogon Premier League 2 - Week 6

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Activity post.

firecape and I will presumably be taking care of our match tomorrow or the next day.

EDIT: sorry I didn't have a lot of time to write this. I contacted firecape and asked if he wanted to play and he said he was studying for history, and then I saw him on the ladder 3 minutes -_-


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Posting "Activity Post" doesn't help you at all...

At least attempt to say how you've tried to contact your opponent if you're going to make an activity post I mean honestly...


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Eo changed the topic to “dubs & rory. co-managers 4 life. Dont forget MS too! | You stay classy, San Diego! | ​​69ekuyx | dubs: text me @ 1800 sexy-time | week 6 3-4 it's winning time | welcome, undisputed, somebody, and fallen alice! | NEW POLICY: COMPLAIN ABOUT SNUNCH WHEN REPORTING MATCHES”.

In line with this new team policy, everyone on the classiest must edit their game post to complain about Snunch in some form. No exceptions.


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#classiest unable to join channel (address is banned)
Requesting someone changes Stallion's name to Macbeth
Who wants me?

obligatory "Snunch's momma's so fat I had to take a train and two busses just to get on her good side."
it's really really hard to find goofball online...I've been online all the week long and he never appeared, and I sent him a PM three days ago and told him my schedule...
still waiting :/

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Activity post; I send Pride a long, hot, and steamy visitor message. I slowly took my left hand, shaking off the sweat that had accumulated on it throughout my endeavors. I could feel myself getting hot and excited, even though I had just finished writing a visitor message to Folgorio. My right elbow bore down on the desk, making a red spot right on my upper forearm. I slowly reached out for the "H" letter. A drip of sweat, holding on by an atom's length, slowly stretches and dripped down onto my keyboard. I was shaking with anticipation, with desire. How could I wait so long? How HAD I wait so long? I finished typing out my message, reading it back to myself, slight twinge of a drawl in my voice. It was time. Time to blow these johns.
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