Smogon Premier League 2 - Week 6

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This is the end...
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Activity post.

firecape and I will presumably be taking care of our match tomorrow or the next day.

EDIT: sorry I didn't have a lot of time to write this. I contacted firecape and asked if he wanted to play and he said he was studying for history, and then I saw him on the ladder 3 minutes -_-

I can study history and play Pokemon at the same time... I just wanted to improve my team a bit before we battled. And it was like an hour later 9.9.

An activity post of sorts I guess. Ana couldn't battle today when I asked because of classes so.. yeah.

M Dragon

The north wind
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What can i say.
Excellent game bro. I was very unlucky with FPs, that could have given me the game before, but my pokemon managed to survive his attack and it survived with 3% left letting me a very close win.
Really well played.
Uh yeah despite him being NBS and PO all the time you have to tell me a fucking time for me to get fucking on. I'm not gonna log on to NBS/PO idle waiting for this nigga. I'm on IRC everyday and in my team channel every day, you have active team members on IRC everyday they can contact me.
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