Smogon Premier League 2 - Week 7

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beat mdragon 1-0, props him and the rest of the raiders though for letting me restart the match because one of my abilities switched when transferring the team from pastebin, ugh PO -_-.

anyway gg.


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We have a dispute going on with the win here, owing to the fact that the Self-KO clause that LonelyNess put in the official rules was copy pasted "from the VGC subforum" under the impression that they were the actual VGC rules. But they are not the official VGC rules listed here (for nationals) and here (Worlds).

Official VGC rules said:
If an attack knocks out both players’ last Pokémon, the player that used the attack loses the
game. This includes the moves Explosion, Selfdestruct, Double-Edge, Volt Tackle, Flare Blitz,
Take Down, Submission, Brave Bird, Wood Hammer, Head Smash, Struggle, Perish Song, and
Destiny Bond. This also includes the Life Orb held item.
By official VGC 2010 rules, I win the match against Human. There hasn't been any official ruling on best-of-3 matches for VGC 2011 yet, but they kept it pretty consistent for the last two years.


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In 2009 Regionals if a tie happened due to recoil it was a DQ for both players, this rule was maintained through to worlds (in Swiss it just counts as a loss for both players).

In 2010 Regionals if a tie happened due to recoil the user of the recoil move lost. This rule was maintained through to nats (and then to worlds).

In 2011 Regionals, if a tie happens due to Self-Destruct / Explosion / Destiny Bond, the user of the moves loses. In any other case of ties due to recoil (including LO), the user of the recoil move WINS

There is no reason to believe that this rule will not be translated into the 2011 nats rules, because they've carried over in every tournament prior.

Given that Human tied to LO recoil, he should have won the 3rd match regardless. However, he even gave you a replay, and won that too.

Human wins that matchup, sorry OmegaDonut.
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was a good game.

using my 4000th post just to say that Eo cheats against his own team:

<&Heysup> eo told him which team i was going to use
<&Eo> nah
<&Bluewind> yup HE DID
<&Bluewind> LOL EO DON'T LIE
<&Xianglongfa> pwnt
<&Bluewind> <Eo> He'll use Swellow
<&Bluewind> thanks a lot eo
<&IronBullet93> <Eo> im gay
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