Smogon Premier League 2 - Week 8

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Its proving extremely difficult to catch bluewind thanks to our time difference. I'm asleep while hes at school and vice versa. The last couple of days Ive gotten up pretty early 6.30 am but no luck.

so activity post i guess.


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Bluewind came on last night during his time. Said something about you giving him your time zone, but he asked for a specific time that you'd like him to be on. Perhaps you responded between now and then, but at that time I was told you hadn't given him a specific time.
What jpluff said. I'm posting this from phone.

I vmed you my availabilities days ago malekith. Anyways we should be able to battle tomorrow since I won't be busy then.


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Yeah, I VMed Smurf asking for a specific time but nothing yet, I'll wait for him to come online and see if we can schedule something, as we definitively won't be running into each other and I can't stay online all times.
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