Smogon Premier League 2 - Week 9

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Steven Snype

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[20:26:06] <@Snivy> !snunch indra
[20:26:07] <&Jirachi> <%snunch> dont care indra sucks <%panamaxis> Indra's 3-0.... <%snunch> with the easiest schedule in spl <%snunch> I'd be 3-0 if I played his opponents
1. Nice job bringing a quote from week 3 into the week 9 discussion asswipe

2. I put ZERO effort into that game absolutely NONE at all it didnt matter in the slightest so dont even bring that shit up
1. it wouldnt have been week 3 as indra didnt start playing till week 3, so it wouldve been at least week 5......

2. whether you put effort or not in, you were still going to lose lol
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