Smogon Premier League 2 - Week 9

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I'm not retarded I'm Canadian it's different
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I deleted the useless drama. Everyone should probably mind their own business!

I am not really even sure what the decision is/was, LN clearly posted a decision and then took it back (I am not even gonna comment on that, I think general opinion of LN as a person with the mental capacity to host something like this is well documented). I would like some accountability from the host at the very least.

We have a system instated in the tournament forum and in Official Tournaments for situations like this, and I am not sure why he didn't just follow it. Just another infraction in his long list of miscues as host.

Not even sure what to do or say at this point, but I hope for the sake of whatever dignity is left of this tournament he decides to undelete his post in which he clearly made a ruling.
Well, it's the end of the season, so I'll like to give thanks to RBG & Aerrow for picking me, and thanks to my fellow Team Raiders, it has been fun playing with you guys. Special shoutouts to MDragon and LonelyNess for helping me out with my UU team.

husk is a gigantic dickweed.


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Just so there's a post in the thread: I misread the log of PttP vs. MDragon and thought that there were Stealth Rocks on MDragon's side of the field, making Thundurus dead upon switch-in. Which meant that both sides had chances to win, based on who played the endgame better. However, there weren't Rocks up, so it wasn't dead on switching in, so PttP cannot prevent Thundurus from receiving infinite amounts of health from MDragon's Wish Chansey, barring a crit + burn from Flamethrower on the first time that Thundurus comes in to receive a wish. After it gets that first wish from Chansey, it's over as PttP's remaining two Pokemon cannot prevent Thundurus from sweeping with Nasty Plot. This is not even the only way that MDragon can win given the scenario the battle was left in, just the one that is the most irrefutable barring extremely lucky circumstances.

Given this and the fact that a recreation of the events isn't possible, MDragon is being awarded the win.

And, Jackal, I don't know about you, but I'd rather delete a decision post 10 minutes after I make it after realizing a mistake than make the wrong decision based on incorrect information.
on a more happy note, thanks for a great season brits. tried my best this year to get us in the playoffs, but another year we came up just a bit short. loved hanging out with you bros on irc, was a lot of fun. next year we better not choke like we did a few weeks ago and we'll definitely get that trophy =]

on a side note, why didnt you play as well as you did in the tour enz0...i'm disappointed :P


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Even though we did not make the playoffs, I am grateful that I got play on the BIGs. I enjoyed getting to know you guys and getting to know some of you even better than before, especially Seven Deadly Sins, who is extremely chill once you get to know him. Also, think you again am for helping test and make teams with me. Its been a fun season nonetheless and I hope to be apart of your team again next year.

Stay BIG!


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Wanna thank mom, dad, cousin, folgorio and all my niggas from the hood.

Seriously though, winning or not even making it to play-offs, this was a very nice season; and despite my bitterness with everything that regards Pokemon I still had a lot of fun, and was able to enjoy a little more the only tier I ever loved to play (*tears come now*). So long (BAN ME PLEASE), even though I'm quitting / reducing my activity, I wish you all good luck. Oh and Little GK (and Cup) sucks.


Just kidding about Little Cup btw.
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