Smogon Premier League 3 - Finals [Won by The Alpha Ruiners]

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Damn, was really hoping the Bigs would win this, but those are the breaks. On the bright side, the AR have some pretty cool players, so i'm ok with this.

Congrats Alpha Ruiners, it was a fun season.
Alpharuiners PORRA

Alpharuiners POrra!!

People you know that my English is bad, but c'mon.

After two consecutive years in second place, we won!!

About Team:

This year I really wanted to win the team who did not want to alias.

Pokemon is a really fun thing to play and met fantastic people in the world pokemon loki my boss, aldaron i love you man,
Whistle, and other players.

Worm Cheaser and if possible to confirm what I say

In the second week of spl I said that in the end changed the metagame with worm.

I'd play GSC and worm adv.

Worm plays and everything, and I know GSC play.

I wanted to do it to surprise and do something different because we lost two consecutive years, we had to do something different

Worm and we accepted the deal and it worked = D

Cheaser gsc confided in me and that was very good, Cheaser always says what he should do however believe in our choices.

I know that deep down he was worried about this choice.
But he trusted as a good leader on the team
Cheaser you and I are together in this team to three years and got = D.

Anna: We played a few games in practice on adv and it's always good to meet new players learn new strategies, it was nice to meet you.

Bad Romance: I did not talk much with you but if you are a Ruiners you're a nice guy xD.

Blightbringer: This guy is diveritido talked about college and other things kkk, congratulations for your game you get too well when the team needed and helped us a lot.

Cheaser: I have never met someone so humble and nice as him.
Always helped me in all editions spl 1 spl 2 spl 3.
Always hinted teams adversaries information, tests.
Always a leader full.
You were amazing and deserved this trophy,
We've been together 3 years and we did.
Congratulations cheaser ....

FUCK Cheaser
Cheaser PORRA

Crystal_: According Cheaser this guy plays very well RBY, you have a successor Cheaser xD.

Earthworm: Worm who is this guy?

The first time I saw that name was on a log in a forum in Brazil where the nigga was talking about the team and game worm, I did not know it was going to change soon.

Besides being the best player I think of pokemon this guy is fantastic, very cool fun friend, always helped me with my testing adv, and the final gsc giving me tips on talking of possible situations.

You were in the SPL last manager and it was great to be in his leadership xD.

Worm Thanks man, then I played with majin chatedo since I was very lost,

And you were the one who said.
No problem Kael you play well and know that we pass to the end.

you will owna in FINAL.

Thank worm.
I think you helped the whole team.
Worm face you deserve congratulations!!

FlareBlitz: You are very underrated and one of the best players around UU. Also You are a great person to talk to and We had some good chats Earlier in the season.
Folgorio: My kid plays this character very much and so much fun, I love you folg, was great great to have you on the same team. You're an amazing player and always humorous.

It was great to make a team with you.

Kael: I hauhauah Kael PORRA........

Alpharuiners PORRA,
ah win this year was very good, my personal life this very race and can not be online all the time, work study and my girlfriend xD.

Fiance and I have to give attention to my fiancee xD.

Cheaser was worried until I do not play xD.

Staff was very nice the time I was on the chat everyone always cool and patient with my bad English.

Cheaser thank you for believing in my game thanks a lot man, I know you got angry with some games but you always relied on my game.

Last year was my last year in BR forums and this year will be my last year here.

And I wanted so much for this, and not just because of that trofel vermelinho there in the corner, and yes the players for the team and show everyone that ALPHARUINERS are one of the best teams in the SPL.

And finally succeeded!!!

Kokoloko: I trained with him a few games in SD and it was really fun.

McMeghan: This guy plays hard and plays well adv, adv got several ideas with your style dude, thanks for training me

pi face: This face = pi muleque plays very basically everything, you deserve congratulations brother played a lot and helped us not talk much but thanks!!

Sapphire Birch: Parabens guy FUCK alpharuiners

xtrashine: This guy won when we most need, since not enough to make a good tournament and not win in the end all work is lost.

Thanks man!!

Scofield: hauhauah This guy I like him, he's kind nervozo stressed, but it 's a great guy, I think he deserved more than anyone that he played very well when he was on the team this year and has always helped us with their style of boss be. congratulations man you deserve it!!

sk: This guy is tense and adv gsc always played when he was on the team.

He is too stressed to remember last year he was mad I missed the VIL kkkkk he always very demanding and always wins combrando never accepts defeat.

This guy always wants you to win does not accept defeat, but he does this for you always be better.

Thanks guy and you deserve it too

Whistle: A manager of the most incredible guy I had earned.

Loki: This guy plays too, and is good in all metagames,

I remember the first edition, I was a substitute came in and said chat.

I wanna play, wanna play adv
Loki called me for a battle and I played against him and sk was like a test.
ME does well and I as owner of the team in adv.
It was cool to be friends with loki is a good player and a player who deserved that title: D

Jumpluff: Very nice girl and administrator of # alpharuiners, since I'm an irc noob. You've Been Supporting us as long to anyone and we are very grateful for your presence.

Blue and Ciele: You guys Have Been with us for like 6 weeks now, since helping your teams got eliminated. Both You were extremely helpful and I'm very grateful for your support.

Aldaron: This guy was on our team in two editions, and I learned to hell in aldaron uu pd aldaron liked you and do not know what happened.

but I dedicate this title to you too: D

It's FUCKING alpharuiners

Well, posting after kael is kinda meaningless, but here i go !

So yeah, of course, i'm really happy we won this tournament, especially since this was a long and hard run which started almost three month ago. I invested myself a lot in this one, and this was the tournament i wanted to win the most since it started. Here is my shout-out :

Alpha Ruiners

The_Chaser : Special mention for the main manager of the team. First of all, thanks you for buying and bidding on me, i cost a lot and you've always trusted me. As soon as i get on #alpharuiners, i enjoyed the team spirit there and it was a really huge pleasure to play with the team you made, really. I took a lot of fun in this tournament. Also, this man was always there to support everyone and help everyone testing in every tier. You deserved this trophy more than everyone !
Sorry again for the drama i was involved, i made you argue a lot (even i didn't want to D:).

Sk : Always there to help in the old gen and following the team, you did a really great job as an assistant and you certainly contributed to the success of the team this year.

Scofield : Sex harasser ! Always have something to say about everyone, but i really like how passionate you were when it came down to SPL things. It was a pleasure to play for your team and reading you was always run/interesting (depending how much girlz were involved in the convo and how old they were).

Whistle : Unfortunatly, you weren't that present during the 9 weeks, and i got really busy during the last 2 weeks. You've always been really nice and supportive, making the players feeling well in the team, even after a defeat. Also, we needed a nigga !

Anna : The winning element ! Too bad Scof kidnapped you that 14th february :/ Like Cheeze said, that (true !) girl were on the channel 24/7, helping everyone building and getting info about opponent, and then you vanished, you were really nice to talk to, and i hope we'll see you again !!

Bad_Romance : Da motherfuckin RU boss, even if you got pretty bs'd 4 weeks in a row, i always believed you were the strongest RU player and it was a pleasure to watch every battle you played, such a boss, clinching it in the finals !

Blightbringer : This guy is the definition of "not giving a fuck", not only you made us sweat by appearing on the deadline day with some weird team (Kindra CB @ Hypnosis/Sleep Talk), but you always clutched it like. Ultimate troll boss, you were darn funny.

Crystal_ : One of the most amazing player i've had the chance to meet in that SPL. Everyone in the team had a blind trust in you, and you always brought important win troughtout the tournament. Not only you're an beastly player, you're also a really nice guy (like every Ruiners).

Earthworm : Clearly the player who put the most effort in that tournament, this pokenerd were literally 24/7 on the channel, helping everyone testing in every tier, providing us information and useful tool when we needed them. Also, you're clearly the best pokemon player i ever faced, and you clearly deserve every win you've got so far.

FlareBlitz : A beastly UUer, always playing really great team and letting us watch intense battle. Not only you bossed during the tournament, you were really nice to talk to, cheering everyone after a win !

Folgorio : Da boss. Not only i had a incredible amount of fun talking with you, you really bossed in BW OU troughtout the tournament. Building great team, helping me when i needed you, and bringing a good amount of win. It's really funny to see how unconfident you were before the first week, and how you turned to be our best BW OU player after your first win. It was a pleasure to play with someone like you !

Kael : KAEL PORRA. Beside the fact you sometimes didn't show up at all, or you made some appearence showing some shitty team, it was great to meet the English master kael. A really nice guy and a good ADV player that no-one cannot do not like ! (fuck it, double negative ftw)

kokoloko : Even you were bunched, you've always been there, helping and cherring everyone during the whole tournament, i'm kinda sad you didn't end with a better record but you clearly contributed to our win !

Pi_face : Da motherfuckin boss, the MVP of the tournament. It's amazing how i felt so confident about every battle you played. Whatever could happen, i always felt like you were going to win, and thats why you did everytime we needed it : you won. Moreover, a really nice and good guy. Da boss.

Sapphire Birch : A nice guy, who was really unconfident about his skillz, but man, you brought like the most important win in the tournament, and you can't imagine how i felt when you won vs Alaka. We all enjoyed you win like no one else ! (idk it that sentence makes sense, but w/e)

xtrashine : DAMN, xtranus. Always a pleasure to see your really creative team, even if you sometimes have some really weird idea (about to play Arcanine in final). But you were a really kind and upbeat person we all enjoyed talking with. And you put so much effort to bring us win ! I'm glad you won in the final ! b0$$


BLOO : Special mention for this guy. I always enjoy every convo i have with you, and you are an amazing player. You supported us right after we fought each other week 1 and you really contributed to our win as soon as your team got knocked out, helping everyone team building and testing team. Certainly one of my best "poke-friend" in that community, lets earn more win in the future !

Jumpluff : Another special mention for the Smogon beloved woman. Always been on the channel from the start, being nice with everyone and contributed to our great team spirit and atmosphere. Another person i'm glad i've got the chance to know in that community.

Ciele : Such a nice guy, too bad you weren't a Ruiner this year :/ It's been a pleasure to meet you and thanks you for supporting us and helping us with the teambuilding/testing/everything else.

Ginku : Another PO invader, definitly a funny guy who always have something intestering to read. So much PO Drama !

Snunch : The ST8 winner (grrr :p) was a great person to have in the channel, thx for the advices you gave me when i needed them when i was teambuilding, it was really useful !

Eo : Cool guy. Stall (BAN ME PLEASE). but cool guy

ToF : Same as Snunch, one of the best Team builder i know, thx again for the advices when i needed them, i wish i could build more team with you, it's really interesting.


The BIGS : GG for making this far, you were a really well managed and impressive team troughtout the season, and you were a good opponent in the final. Special mention to IFM who i've found really great during that tournament, definitly one of the best BW OUer i know.

Every single french member of the community : You're the main reason i have so much fun playing this game, and it was really great to speak with you all about this tournament, i couldn't mention everyone tho. Special thanks to Ojama, Aqualouis, Agammemnon, Austinf, Maaf and Cristal because you either helped me team building/testing, either took the time to talk with me about that SPL, which i always enjoyed.



Might as well post one of these

Fabbles: Good manager. Drafted a good team that I was proud to manage alongside him. This man also has the most magnificent beard and I just want to snuggle it all night long

kd24: You left like at the beginning of the season, but it's cool since you came back like halfway through. His mustache pales in comparison to Fabbles' beard.

Blue_Blur: Who the hell is this

DracoMalfoy: Really cool guy, especially since like a quarter of the team were people he suggested. He also tested with like a majority of the team which was awesome.

Halloween: Good ADV player, not so great luck. He's a nice guy and a good sport, though. Very honorable. A true Pokemon Master.

idiotfrommars: IFM is a beast. He also helped try people out for the team since kd24 wasn't around.

Jorgen: I haven't known Jorgen for long, but he's pretty cool.

Kevin Garrett: lol the Zen Master. I don't have much to say but thank you for lending us your energy. \o/

Limitless: One of my wisest children. I'm not sure what happened in your last match, but Papa loves u nonetheless.

MarceloDK: lol this guy. He's great at UU despite what anyone says.

Mynism: Cool guy. Didn't know you that well though. Helped us test as soon as we picked him up at midseason.

Ojama: You turned your record around right as you joined the bigs. I don't know exactly why that Eternal conflict happened week 1, because you are a great player and don't need someone making your moves for you.

Seven Deadly Sins: Not much to say except he's been pretty active throughout much of the season. Cool guy.

Sixonesix: Dude doesn't talk much but he's really chill and excellent at VGC. Glad to have had you on the team.

symphonyx64: Didn't do much official battling, but he helped people test and is a cool guy.

Syrim: Oh, syrim...I don't know what happened in the rest of your matches, but you are a cool guy. Papa still loves u.

Tiba: Good player, but even unluckier than Halloween. I'm sorry that your battles couldn't have gone better but youre a cool guy.

Tiffanyy: lol. Cool guy, helped with RU consistently and was always active. Change your name, though.

Tobes: Stuck by us all season, cool guy etc.

Vinc2612: Same as above. He's also a great player and didn't get to battle much.

zdrup15: An excellent guy, personally I'm glad we got him and have not regretted it one bit.

Special Mentions:

DittoCrow: Helped zdrup and Tanner test consistently. Was on the channel all the time and was really cool. Would have definitely given him Blue_Blur's trophy had we had better luck.

Ginku: Oh Ginku...I thought we had something special. I guess it wasn't meant to be.

locopoke: Flip-flopping piece of trash

Faint.: he wanted a shoutout

Sorry that the mentions aren't any longer or more thoughtful but theres like 20 of you and I don't have that kind of time on my hands. We had a good run this season Bigs, it's a shame how things turned out, though. GG Ruiners, congrats on your win


Before I start talking about the BIGs, I just want to give a shout out to the Alpha Ruiners and The_Chaser. Congratulations on a well deserved victory and I am happy that your team finally got over the hump. I just wish the final could have been a little more exciting, but oh well.

As for the BIGs, I am extremely happy with our season as a whole, regardless of the outcome. We went 8-1 in the regular season (going through what I believe was the toughest schedule) and finally overcame the BIGs curse of choking in week 9 as we were BIG enough to already have clinched it by then. As a team I feel as though we probably went through the most shit out of any other team this season, but I am proud of how my players were able to overcome a lot of the obstacles and work together as a team. That shit caused a lot of ups and downs in #bigs, but I am extremely proud of how each person on the team continually played well throughout the entire season even through the ups and downs.

I am definitely feeling a bit of disappointment after my third season of managing and finally coming so close, but every time has been a fun process.
I guess I am supposed to do some shout outs or something… more difficult than it looks with a team as BIG as mine.

Limitless: A lot of people outside of the team probably do not know this, but Limitless was the most important member of our team, hands down. I cannot thank him enough for all of the things he did, beyond just testing constantly. You definitely earned my respect as one of the best on this site, as a player and a person. You definitely provided the funniest moment of the season as well: defeating Eternal in 6 turns with your legit Dnite Mence team. Somehow extremely underrated.

cti: cti has always been a chill dude, even if he will never talk on Skype. cti did a much better job than I did at monitoring our team, supporting every player, and watching every battle. I appreciate the effort.

kd24: Was upset that you essentially ditched the team for a few weeks, but I am glad you came back and helped us out after all. Once we got over that hump we were very chill. Thanks for being my ass manager.

ifm: what a god damn boss. Went 9-2 (sadly losing in the championship), but was an auto-win in a tier that most people still probably consider a tossup. Outside of battling you were a great presence in #bigs. It is incredible how much you progressed from last season, and I am extremely happy to have retained you.

Kevin Garrett: The Master of Zen himself. I drafted you because you are a great player, and that has not changed from one season of SPL. Admittedly a lot of the controversy in #bigs was related to you, but I do not view you negatively for that. I would have liked to started you in the playoffs, but because of the surplus of great old gen players that we had, I had to make an uncomfortable decision. I still stand by that decision, and I am pleased you did decide to come back before the week of the semi-finals was over. Regardless of what I think of the zen, you did provide a great atmosphere in #bigs and I am extremely grateful for that.

Draco Malfoy: obviously a steal at only 10k. You helped me a lot in deciding who I should go after in the draft obviously in Halloween and Tiba but also a few others. Was forced to play in GSC and went 3-1, and also ended up playing ADV and DPP as well. Like ifm you really progressed from the previous SPL and was extremely happy to have you on the team. We might have had some misunderstandings along the way but we became better for them.

Halloween: Although you doubted yourself at some points, you are a great player and I have no regrets starting you in both of your playoff matches. You played well, but just didn’t get the breaks - that’s pokemon. I always enjoyed our PMs, and I hope you continue to play tournaments on Smogon.

Tiba: Really happy that I managed to trade for you after the auction was over. You might be the least well known of the triple headed BR beast, but definitely not underappreciated. You were in #bigs quite often and were always extremely confident whenever you talked. As with Halloween, I hope you continue to play tournaments on Smogon, as we need more old gen players like you.

Jorgen: Another BIG member of the team. I am definitely happy that I did not trade you early in the season and gave you the chance to start. Although you lost after it was all over, you definitely proved that you are a fantastic player in both GSC and RBY; I thoroughly enjoyed your win over Earthworm in GSC. As with Tiba, I hope you continue to play in tournaments on Smogon and potentially contribute - we could really use someone with your knowledge and battling prowess.

Syrim: If only you could have won that match against Hugendugen, then things might have turned out a little different. Still a very good Uber player, and I am happy that I drafted you. Although you slipped a little bit in the second half of the season, you just need to get your confidence back (I think). Unfortunately you couldn’t come on the #bigs too much after you got banned from IRC, which is a damn shame haha.

Sixonesix: behind ifm, the BIGGest user on the team, no doubt. Although you did not talk too much earlier in the season, I hope you enjoyed your time on the team. Even after demolishing SPL and going 9-2, you couldn’t retain your trophy, which I apologize for. I hope you do decide to play SPL again, even if not for me, because SPL definitely needs players of your skill level.

Ojama: Very ironic that you would end up on the BIGs after what happened week one, but I am extremely glad I made the trade for at the time an 0-3 player. With you, Limitless, and ifm, I feel as though we easily had the strongest BW OU lineup. I cannot thank you enough for all the time you spent testing and making teams. Unfortunately, being French, you were not always able to be on when most of the team was, but I am glad I got to talk to you as much as I did. Good luck in all Smogon tournaments.

zdrup15: For one, I am glad the panamaxis and reachzero trade fell through, because I was able to grab one of the most underrated players. I did not really know much about you when I traded for you actually, except that Philip7086 had confidence in you and that I needed an RU player. You definitely proved your worth after getting the chance at the full time gig, and I am extremely grateful for all of the testing you did for the team.

MarceloDK: Even though there were (and still are) questions around your personality, I cannot question the wins you brought to the team in a position that we were 0-4 in before midseason pickups. I am glad I followed Limitless’ and Draco Malfoy’s endorsement of you, and you proved invaluable to the team by clutching a lot of victories. You definitely gained respect as a starter worthy player for next SPL.

Tobes: Although you were eventually benched very early in the season, you stuck with us until the end. I greatly value the contributions you were able to make with the team, such as testing with Syrim. Even though you were not able to prove yourself in the actual matches, you are still a very good player and I hope to see you continue to play tournaments!

Vinc2612: Unfortunately I was not able to talk with you much in #bigs (probably because of the time difference), but when we did you were a chill dude. I apologize for forcing you to play UU, a tier which is not your favorite or your specialty. I thank you for sticking around and helping out even after you lost your chance to play.

Seven Deadly Sins: Almost always in the channel, which is something that every SPL manager can appreciate. Although you didn’t get to play after week 2, I value your presence in the channel and your experience as a two time BIG. Thanks for supporting us.

symphonyx64: Another 2-time BIG. I am sorry that you only got to play one match after going 4-0 last season, but hey, how many people can say they are undefeated in SPL (and have played at least 5 matches!). Regardless of what you think I think of you, you are a very good player that can be counted on in the clutch. I am not sure how much you still play but you should definitely keep at it.

Tanner: You’ll always be BIG TIFF to me, but I guess now you are Master of Zen Tanner. I did think you were going to get more playing time; that is until I was able to trade for underrated as hell zdrup15. You talked a lot in #bigs, which as a manager I appreciate a lot. If you get better at making teams then I am sure you will have a BIGger role on a team next SPL.

Mynism: A very good player, but unfortunately you did not get to play when it mattered. I wish we could have talked more as you are definitely a chill dude. Hopefully you’ll get the chance to show your worth in other tournaments or next SPL.

DittoCrow: For all who did not know, DittoCrow was possibly the most dedicated member of the BIGs even though he was not even on the team! I am not sure when you joined us (I guess it was midseason?) but your testing with zdrup was invaluable, as were your contributions to the chat of #bigs. People like you, who give their time and effort and usually do not get recognized, really help make SPL the fantastic competition that it is.

To some of my former BIGs:

Jabba: I’ve talked with you already, but I am extremely happy that you were able to have a lot of success with a team of your own, especially considering that most people considered your team to not be that strong. Our matchup in the Semi-finals was an extremely fun one, and I am glad things turned out the way they did. I am sorry you were not here for the run to the finals, because you were definitely the most important BIG of all time.

Stone_Cold22: Draco Malfoy can attest to how much of a boss you are, but you already knew that, didn’t you bro? Unfortunately our teams didn’t get to play in a meaningful contest. Hopefully next SPL we’ll have a fite worthy of your BIGness. Also, for the love of God please keep singing.

Floppy: ah, Floppy. Somehow managed to make the playoffs under the command of negres even after being defeated many, many times. The Brazilians were just too strongth.

dbolt: I guess you’ll have to ask the Ruiners for your trophy.

negres: While never a BIG, I consider you an honorary one. Unfortunately we never got to play you again, the manager of the legendary team that managed to destroy my hopes (and Syrim’s) of going undefeated.

locopoke: Decided to follow Jabba to the Raiders, yet people still thought he was on our team at like week 5. Thanks for helping out in the auction, but kindly gtfo of #bigs.

Ace Matador: apparently you were not a team cancer for atticus… biggest upset of this SPL

A Few Slops:

Bad Romance: I am still not sure if you tanked our practice matches after we got you in the auction because you didn’t want to play for us, or you were just straight bad. Either way, I guess it turned out pretty well for the both of us, so I don’t mind.

Ginku: You seemed to be a pretty chill dude, which is why you caught me off guard when I was told that you messaged Jabba and Atticus, the managers of 2 other playoff teams (and coincidentally my friends) that you wanted to be traded without ever telling me that you were unhappy with the team. I guess you showed me up by going 8-1, hmm. I just didn’t feel comfortable having someone starting on the team who would rather ask other managers to trade for him than talk to me.

Hantsuki: Was a good dude in #bigs after we finally started him. If only the Ruiners traded for him when they had the chance…

Ningildo: A cool guy, unfortunately things just didn’t work out.

Pikaone: Came on once after I contacted him through youtube, then never heard from this legend again.

TeZeon: I heard from a lot of people that you bossed World Cup, but apparently you were too much of a boss to use something other than Baton Pass in practice matches. Never saw him after the first day.

Blue Blur: Did you know you were on our team?

Orichalcos Owl: I’m… I’m sorry…

I’ll have to decide whether or not I want to manage for a 4th season, but it is pretty cool being one of (I think only 2 now?) the original managers of SPL. After coming so close, it might be impossible for me not to try my hand at it again.

Thank you to everyone involved for the fun memories. Also, thank you, especially Synre, for a smooth running of the tournament. I am extremely happy with how SPL has progressed since it began, and I am looking forward to it continuing.
I'm not very good with words but I just wanted to say that these past 2 seasons of SPL were one of the best fun I've ever had playing this game. Defitely the best tournament of Smogon for me - and I think the biggest reason for that is the team I played on. Seriously, Ruiners are amazing teammates and great to talk to, no exceptions, and it was amazing playing with you guys. I laughed a lot reading/participating in our channel as well.

So, after 3 years, we finally did it. Last year was a tough one, as I were there myself and I know how bad it feels to get so close but not close enough. However, now we finally have our trophies =].

The Team:

Anna: You were a really nice person. I remember we used to share a lot of similiar opinions about OU stuff. I wonder what happened to you to make you leave without even saying anything directly to us...

Bad Romance: BR RULE. Seriously, you are a great player and I always believed you'd bring us a win every week. Despite some tough bs later in the season, you steped up and just bossed again.

Blightbringer: One of the funniest people (if not the funniest) in our channel. Blight seriously just dgaf. Got online to troll a little, make a lot of hilarious comments and then win battles. It was fun playing/testing ubers with you, you should replace me =].

Crystal_: The Boss. Seriously, you made me realise RBY isn't just luck as everyone seems do claim it is (we played some games and I don't remember ever beating you lol). You are truly amazing.

Earthworm: The True Boss. I can say without a doubt that you are the best pkmn trainer to ever exist. Totally worth the 30k, people just don't get it. You helped everyone test, teambuild and you pretty much know all the metagames. Awesome to play by your side these two seasons. Also a very funny person. I Like Your Style.

Flareblitz: The best UU player, really. You are an extremely nice person - exellent one to have around, although I never saw you much on irc.

Folgorio: Another integral part of our channel's humor, you just bossed the entire season. I also like your teams and should steal some of them. One of my favorite users here, nice to get to know you better this SPL. Needs to STOP calling me ass face though, you missclicking shitbag (JK LOL x)).

kael: kaellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. So adorable, impossible to dislike you. I'm glad you finally got your trophy, after long 3 years. Defitely our mascot and a great team member to have. Should've come to irc more =] ;]

kokoloko: Another awesome teamplayer, always willing to help and testing everytime we needed you. We couldn't have had a better backup.

McMeghan: The nicest guy around. I'm glad we got to know eachother, defitely another favorite AND a terrifying opponent to face. One of the best BW OUers. :toast:

Saphire Birch: Everyone said that already but you are the fucking clutchest nigga around. You simply won the ~most important game~ for us in this entire SPL. You the best.

xtrashine: So energetic. It was very fun to have you around on irc. Tough start but, just like Birchy, you won when we needed most. I also like your style.

Scofield: Great person, always making our chat fun. I loved the fact that you were always so confident in us, that seriously encouraged us a lot I'm sure. You also watch the best series around, I always enjoyed talking those stuff with you. :toast:

Sk: Another awesome dude, best gsc player in my opinion ever since we met last spl. I like the way you roll. I also think you are very funny and always enjoyed your participations in the chat. Great ass manager, huge boost to our old gen knowledge and preparation. I'm happy we got you to manage and get that trophy for you, totally deserved it.

Whistle: Defitely a fun guy, too bad you didn't appear more earlier. Didn't even ask for logs this time everytime like season 2 xD

The_Chaser: The Boss Himself. Great job managing this season, definitely your managing was key to our success. Thank you for retaining me and believing in my abilities, glad I could make you proud :heart:
(FUCK Cheaser!!!!!!!!!)

~our supporters~

Jumpluff: Awesome person to have around, our official cheerleader!!! We also share a lot of gaming tastes. We never talked about Devil Survivor 2, though :(. Pleasure to have you around for these 2 seasons.

Ciele: Once a ruiner, always a ruiner. Too bad we couldn't have you this time, you totally deserve that trophy, you've been so helpful ever since your team was out. And Shaymin is cute. :toast:

Bloo: Your support was very much appreciated. One of the best battlers all around in my opinion, I'm sure your help in testing with us was a big step towards our victory.

Stellar: STALLER ditched us for the sharks bs. Jk, you are a very fun person to talk to, also good taste in television shows. Def. another one my favorite users. :toast: If I could I'd give you a trophy too.

Eo: I still remember you recommending gliscor to me in SPL 2 playoffs. And boy you were right... Gliscor bosses ubers. You are one of my favorite battlers too. And also very funny (especially your relationship with user: Folgorio).

Ginku: You came to our channel pretty late but seemed like a nice and fun guy. Thanks for the help and support =]

Hantsuki: One of my brazilian bffs. Always supported us. Go girl ;)

Royal Flush: Another brazilian bff. Too bad you weren't a ruiner this time again :(

Loki, Snunch, ToF, Iconic and others that supported us: THANKS A LOT as well, it was surely important to us x)


BIGS: A scary team you guys got there, especially because you've beaten us in regular season. Gj guys.

SCOOTERS: The best week imo was the semis vs you guys. Definitely intense. A SPL without Scooters vs. Ruiners wouldn't be a good SPL. A strong team.

I'm not gonna make a long post cause I'm lazy. Just wanted to say 'thank you' to some guys:

Halloween: This guy is truly awesome, I don't have enough words for him. As cti said, a truly Pokémon Master.
Tiba: Annoying and unlucky nigga...
Limitless: Another great player, looking forward to teach you ADV. :)
Fabbles: The boss. After last season we could improve and reach the finals this time, so thanks for the time you put to listen my complainings and for being a good manager, maybe next time we can get that red trophy, right? ;)

: Simply the best DPPt player! Thanks for all the help and time spent building with me; you gonna boss in this tour.
twash: Another DPPt master. Thanks for the help with the evs. I miss you. :(

For the other people like ifm and Sixonesix: You guys are the best, thanks for the good times!


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Fabbles said:
Bad Romance: I am still not sure if you tanked our practice matches after we got you in the auction because you didn’t want to play for us, or you were just straight bad. Either way, I guess it turned out pretty well for the both of us, so I don’t mind.
I'm just bad, ask locopoke


like seashells
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sigh i stopped by hoping to witness another scofield meltdown and you guys ruined it by winning... wtf

first, i really wanna congratulate the_chaser. i literally had no idea who you were when we bought you in spl 1 but you quickly emerged as a great team player. i remember the first time we had you start... it was in dpp ou and we counter teamed the fuk out of earthworm hehe. you were always willing to learn new metagames (adv, rby) to help out the team and fill in for others. i'm very happy that y'all finally won under your lead.

scofield.... ur nice boy too, congrats bud. i know how hard you work every season, glad to see it finally pay off. hit up that girl at work and tell her you just won an internet pokemon trophy...

/me pet whistle

and of course a big congrats to kael :]. its funny how things worked out... i randomly saw you post in the spl 1 thread and remembered you were a very solid adv player. so i told sco/whistle to bid on you in case we needed a back up. lo and behold you ended up owning it up in adv, not to mention your legendary forum posts and the cult following they generated... i dont think poor giga push has ever been the same. now you're probably the person that people think of first when alpha ruiners is mentioned

i'm glad you finally got the win, especially since you're busy with life now.. hope everything works out!

i think you guys along with sk (no shoutout for you dirty animal drowner... j/k youre ok for a pokerealmer... better than groundon 80 atleast) have been with the team all 3 seasons so a special congrats for y'all. i'm not around much anymore but i always like visiting you guys during spl season.

of course congrats to everyone else on this years team as well!



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I'm not going to make a huge ass post like a lot of people, as everything I'd ever say would be in previous posts.

Even though the BIGS did not win SPL, I feel as though we took something greater than a trophy away from this event. For example, I had not known most of my teammates, let alone manager, before SPL 3. Even DracoMalfoy (who I had previously known) and I were able to get to know each other much more throughout this adventure.

Some little sidebars:

KG: There may have been some drama, but I'm satisfied with how it all turned out. I'm glad to still call you a friend, and we all know the power of the zen, heh.

Fabbles: Granted I was a FA pick last season to a losing team, I don't think I'm biased in saying that you are one of the most active and caring managers out there. You had a distinct and strategic way of drafting that I think most managers felt lacking. However, I feel it quite resembled the old Detroit Pistons, and I liked the novelty. In addition to that, I got to work intensively with you throughout SPL 3 and am quite glad I was able to get drafted by you! I wouldn't have had it any other way.

DracoMalfoy + BR: PORRA

Ojama: I've already spoken to you, but as previously mentioned, it was a pleasure working with you week in and week out. Before SPL 3, I didn't know you at all. I'm glad we met.

Everyone: I'm sure I've missed a lot of people in these quick shoutouts, but to everyone on the BIGS, it was a pleasure. The team work and friendships we have made will translate into accomplishments in the future; I have no doubt.
i came back to smogon after a few months off of pkmn and returned right on time for spl...

what came afterwards was one of the best times ive had on smogon since ive been here and its all thanks to these guys who made it awesome as f*ck... funny how i really wanted to be on scooters this year but ended up getting outbid on by THE_CHASER and ended up on what was probably an equally, if not more, enjoyable team...

speaking of teams; this has probbly been my favorite spl team ive been on so far. we had outstanding team synergy and im still amazed at how well everyone got along(cept xtra+scof xD) so yea here's to you guys!!!

~My Amazing Victory Shoutouts~

The_Chaser: This guy over here i have a lot to thank for... i was actually incredibly rusty when i came back (about 3 months off). i couldnt make any remotely good team and i was even getting outplayed in test matches by eo. For some reason that i still do not get though, this guy just believed in me since the very start and i have to say im glad he did as otherwise i wouldnt have done half as well as i did. also i planned on requitting right then if i lost week 1 LOL (but i won xD). really glad i helped you get your first spl trophy youre a rididculously great manager and totally deserved it. you were so determined that im pretty sure you havent even left #spl in the three years since it was made. also no i dont wanna use your damn rain team!!! love ya man!!!

jkin no shout out for you GG

my first impression of scofield on this team was probbly not a good one. when xtra came up on the bids i kept asking them to bid on him while scofield was savagely opposing, even threatening to ditch us if we bid on him. the_chaser seized the opportunity to get rid of scof so he bid on xtra until we got him. sadly scofield remained on the team for whatever reason.

nah but in all honesty you are a really cool guy too. you were always ready to suggest scarf roserade and scarf flygon to fix anything any of my teams were weak to whenever i asked for help. you're a ridiculously creative guy and one of the most 'for the team' guys ive met and finally got your damn trophyyyyyy. but seriously your shoutout to xtra sucked dick

Anna: ditched us WTF!!!! also i tricked her into thinking i had 2 children SHE WAS THAT DUMB SOMETIMES

Bad Romance: did not know you very well outside of the thrashings we gave each other in dpp uu backk in shoddy. you are probably the most underrated battler on this team and it sucks you got lucked so much cause you f*cking crushed most ppl you classless cunt. LA RULE

blight you are probably my favorite 'new' guy that i met this season. i dont think describing you is possible so i will instead put some quotes of you so ppl know who you really are:

[01:02] <blightnigger> im uncomfortable...
[01:02] <FlareBlitz> How come?
[01:02] <blightnigger> because 3 burly black men keep knocking on my window and running away

01[22:41] <@folgorio> [22:40] <blightnigger> is itok
01[22:41] <@folgorio> [22:40] <blightnigger> for ur half brother
01[22:41] <@folgorio> [22:40] <blightnigger> to look at ur moms ass
01[22:41] <@folgorio> [22:40] <@BAIKA> @?@?
01[22:41] <@folgorio> [22:40] <blightnigger> we have diff moms same dad
01[22:41] <@folgorio> [22:40] <blightnigger> but hes staying over for a few days
01[22:41] <@folgorio> [22:40] <blightnigger> and i swear hes been looking at my moms ass

[10:20] <blightnigger> dang dude im mad
 [10:20] <blightnigger> im searching for talking pet vids
 [10:20] <blightnigger> but i keep getting stupid fake ones
 [10:20] <@folgorio> lol
 [10:21] <xtra> LOL
 [10:21] <blightnigger> theres a vid of a cat jacking off

Crystal_: sadly you didnt come to the chan as much as other people. all i know is you fucking demolished everyone in your path and are a seriously chill and cool guy.

WORM!!! funny how my perception of you has changed over the years. i remember back when i started i thought of you as a ridiculously serious mod who never spoke in shoddy, with the old ampharos avatar.

then i got to know you in #nowhere and realized that you were one of the goofiest and funniest people i had ever met (also random and strange as fuck). you went for 30k and put up an awesome record despite a slow start and as the captain (i THINK??) and the veteran you were definitely one of the most vital to this teams success. your ability to think of ways to pull wins out of your ass never stopped impressing me either. one of the few guys on smogon who i genuinely think is a nice guy too. also the 3 trophies also look niceeeee. WELL DESERVED

FlareBlitz: you are probably the first guy on this team that i met. for those that dont know, we used to be ARCH-RIVALS back in the old dpp uu ladder. we used to have great games and i always asked you why you didnt join tours. figures that the first tour you join and you end up paired with me and a trophy!!! anyway bro Awesome Having you here!! also get on irc more DUDe you were barely on WTF

kael: Your presence in our channel was an experience to behold. I treasured it immensely; I was enthralled by every titillating word that you typed. Your prestidigitation is magnificent, and I hope to continue working with your pudenda. LOVE YA KAEL!!!!!!!!!!!

kokoloko: vital to our teams success, you actually turned into a close friend thanks to this season!!

McMeghan: i met you back in the SEMIs of the crew tournament where you thrashed bluewind relentlessly for the first win that round. back then you weren't that well known but you managed to go for a lot of $$$ here (shit changes fast). you were very quick to show us what was up though lol. for some reason at first i thought we had gotten off on the wrong foot but you quickly showed me what a cool dude you were. you were one of the biggest team players on our roster and were always ready to shitslam me in practice when i asked. anyway i really have to give you my thanks, you seriously helped me, and anyone else, whenever i had a problem and were no doubt vital to this teams success. SKY IS THE LIMIT FOR YOU btw

ass_face: our teams MVP in terms of RECORD. you are so underrated it is absolutely hilarious. powerful in every tier yet you somehow manage to slip under everyones radar time after time. anyway we really got along and it was fun throwing shit at each other in the channel. also rumor has it that the reason trickroom didnt join spl this season was bc of you...and i guarantee one day you will misclick in an important match and you will know how it feels...also ill never let you live that down

p.s join LA fuck br

Sapphire Birch: my fellow Puertorican bro...loved havin our pkmn manga talks that we had a few times. also finished adv arc and it was fuckin sickkkk like you said. anyway despite not havin the best record on our team, we simply could not done it without you man!! clutch as f*ck

xtrashine: there is probably no one i wanted to see win more than you week after week!! partly bc i knew you were better than what your record led on but also because i knew you were key to making our team alot better than it was (also to prove scof wrong). also you were a good friend even before this season started and havin on you the team was a pleasure

sk: i kinda sorta knew you before this spl but i got to know you alot better thanks to it. you're definitely a cool guy ( im exaggerating) and i could always rely on you to confuse me evne more in calculus whenever i asked for help. btw i got 4/6 problems right in the test today f*ck...ALSO glad i helped you get your first trophy even if i did MrE it up in the finals. ur lucky youre here boy


jumpluff: supported us from the very beginning. its PLUFF do i really need to say anymore xD?? thanks for leaking all those teams that ppl posted in their chans without noticing you!!!


BLOO: thanks man!! after humiliating me time after time again in test matches, you successfully discouraged me enough to shit on my winning streak and make me suck balls in playoffs...

nah but i love ya man you were an essential piece on this team as well and it absolutely sucks that you can't get a trophy even if you helped us that much...maybe next year???? also obligatory 'i love your vm/pm comvos' thing

bluewind+franky: i am puttin you 2 together mostly to bother bw who i know will mind. and is probably smiling as he reads this. anyway you guys are my oldest friends, and got me back into smogon (assholes). glad you did thhough cause i really enjoyed this. thanks for always believin in me and helpin me make and test teams. you two, along with mister yap, are prob my favorite ppl on smogon :] no homo

ciele: one of my oldest and best bros. you are the shit man. nicest guy ive ever met, great at pkmn, always there to help, and a great presence. i could write nice shit about you all day we couldnt draft you or trade for you though..everyone wanted you on da team..NEXT YEAR FOR SURE THOUGH

yondie: another OLDIE that ive known for a long ass time. a legit cool guy who had one of the scariest teams on paper but a shitload of bad luck coming with it (not necessarily hax). supported the ruiners after we were gone and is just a chill dude in general

iconic/snunch/eo: jumpling you together as well cause i made a bet with someone about who's gonna whine about it first (haha now ive discouraged you). supported the RUINERS all for similar reasons LOL (bet you can figure them out). thanks for the help though it was nice to have some elite players, and snunch, help us out when we needed it most.

jk about snunch ;)

blue_star: mentioning you cause youre a great guy and i remember after i won vs you my confidence went up a fuckload because i knew what a great player you were and for helping me with my teams ofc. had a slow start but once you got your rythm you massacred like i expected you to!!! cant wait to have you in LA my boy

floppy/stellar/uragg/heist: you are gay boys ugh

lizardman: for teaching me the values of not using the touchpad on my laptop

ginku: GINKU gets to be on this list for having one of the funnest names on smogon. also a lotta fun to talk to and his skin is the color of a black crayon

iris: revived from the dead to show support. The Reason We Won.

whistle: last but not least (jk) goes this guyyyy. tryin since spl1 to get a trophy it seems that we were destined to win it as soon as you gave up trying. regardless you showed up last second and were ready to add some comic relief to our chans. definitely one of the guys i miss on smogon the most


this was probably more touchy-feely than i woulda wanted BUT OH WELL. also long...

special thanks to synre(who i wanna take the time to thank for p. much starting my pkmn career in spl1!!) and LN for hostin this thing (doenst sound like fun xD)

erryone on #nowhere for being sexy

and finally thanks to all our opponents, especially our finals opponents, the bigs


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"lizardman: for teaching me the values of not using the touchpad on my laptop"

lol A+ post

congrats ruiners, that semis game was really tight with some cool ass drama. you also wiped BIG's ass in the finals. congrats to ew for being the first to hold three trophies too. what a guy
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