Smogon Premier League 3 - Format Thread

When I pmed Earthworm to lobby for RU, I also lobbied for LC. However, after our long discussion, we came to the agreement that official tier AND activity were important factors.

RU had more battles than Ubers even with NU possibly syphoning away a significant number of battles (over 10k); LC only had 2k battles.

It's unfortunate but it was hard for me to push for LC knowing it only had 2k battles (though I may push for it regardless in the future). Note RU had 18k the previous month and 20k the month before that.

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yeah i'd much rather have a DPP UU or OU over BW RU the playerbase is tiny for RU, and DP UU had a far bigger userbase than DP Ubers and probably still has more people willing to play it for a tournament than willing to play RU.

oh and

It also dropped 8K battles in the last month, LC was fairly consistent
it's not hard to be consistent at 2 k battles a month
since apparently its cool to argue for old tiers and ones that not a lot of people play, lets add rby uu to the list!?!!??!


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i don't understand why you would WANT to have ties

the tier list seems pretty fair, pretty much a metagame for everyone

also i really don't think another dpp ou/uu/ubers slot even makes sense, its an old generation, and regardless of how popular it might be, it would make more sense to have a bw metagame (like lc) as another slot

even so, an even number of slots is pretty annoying, 11 just makes so much more sense
Very glad BW RU was added to the list, in my opinion and the opinion of a number of top players the tier is actually fairly balanced right now, with the only thing being banned last test being SmashPass. For the tiering decision coming up within the week nothing so far has been effectively proposed as a suspect yet. Also its invariably easier to consistently find battles on the RU ladder than the LC ladder and th leaderboards reflect this j/s.


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Can we all stop complaining and asking for changes? This is the best format yet and I'm really really happy there are no ties.


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format's good. congrats

i only question bw ru... are there established "good" bw ru players?
You could take a look at this or this or this if you want, since most of the established "good" ru players, or at least the ones with the most experience are mentioned (or are voters) in those threads.

But yeah, I like the format!!
Thank you TDs for adding RU, it was a very good decision not to leave one of the most popular tiers out.

Is RU not still suspect testing and about to hold a vote in a few days ?_?
Yes, a whooping 1 thing (smashpass) was banned last round! And only one person on the Council used it. Now we probably won't ban anything. And lol at saying RU lost 10k battles when LC only had 2k...
good format. as much as i like dpp ou over bw ru, i think they deserve a chance at proving that they aren't just a gimmick. bw ru has had enough time to bring up solid bw ru players, so im looking forward to that. if bw ru players end up coming short, ill definitely regret and be opposed to this next season, considering other metagames wish to have that spot.

looking forward to this season!


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I'm glad RU was included, and agree with ENZ0.

While LC has a smaller playerbase and number of battles, making it harder to justify including, its playerbase is established, they have shown good activity in tournaments recently, and the metagame has been developed for awhile relative to most other BW metagames. I would have liked to see them given a chance in an official tournament, but other than that, I'm pretty happy with this resolution. (Disclaimer: I know nothing about LC or RU as metagames.) I feel like including it in SPL would have boosted its activity. Hopefully the LC ladder will be more active next time and can be reconsidered for inclusion in SPL.

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