Smogon Premier League 3 - Manager's Signups

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I'd like to return to manage Congregation of the Classiest. I noticed Stone_Cold and undisputed posted for them as well, I'd like them to be my assistants if they're OK with that.

EDIT: Actually, I've decided not to return. Sorry to cause confusion.
Absolutely not. No offense of course as I have nothing against you personally, but if I don't get a managing position I would like to play as an actual player.. I would like to manage the Tigers if I can't do the classiest.(didn't see tennisace confirm, in that case any team that needs a manager) Last year, you didn't even know I was on the team when I was traded to you. Eo did most of the team managing and he was a player, Rory was never there and you weren't on often. By the end of the season, the players didn't even want to play.

I understand a player or two leaving you guys put you down, but simply giving up isn't right. Not to mention that you've been away for some time and I am afraid you might not be up to date with the current player pool. As a manager you have to provide absolute motivation, your role as a manager is more important then the single role of a single player. If your team loses, it's not the players fault, it's not haxes fault, it comes down to the management in my eyes. Im not saying I will do much better, but I am absolutely prepared to atleast stick with my team for an entire season then bear witness to a likely repeat of the chaos that ensued last season.

Obviously your not entirely at fault, you had two co-managers in MS and Rory and to be quite honest, the only one who even managed to say something about their teams poor performance at the end of the season was MS.
I didn't think Dubs was worse than Huntofthelion was, who had some sort of bizarre mental breakdown all season, had no plan for the draft and only managed to draft anyone at all because he had bad ass giving him info from paul and I(and then still managed to have probably the worst draft in the league), and then spent almost as much time throughout the rest of the season as RBG did loading up other people's teams with bad trades. I guess his illustrious season 1 history of drafting a bunch of incredibly well-known low-risk players was much more impressive to other people than it was to me(not to mention he was getting a lot of help from his players including Co-SPL1-Manager Shiv) if he's allowed back. If we're replacing unfit managers I'd want those two gone long before Dubs(who notably managed in the VGC SPL equivalent well enough to make the playoffs and be a game from the finals a couple weeks ago), and he's certainly not more of an activity threat based on last year than aldaron who is hilariously deleting the posts in this thread who don't support that bizarre decision. If I end up competing as a player I'd certainly rather end up with Dubs than anyone else I mentioned -- it certainly didn't hurt me in NPA so I don't know it would be a problem here. But since he apparently doesn't want to participate it's his call, obviously, though I think there's still plenty of owner issues to look at.

EDIT: since I was asked to post it

Lady Salamence said:
HoTL trusted Farmer pre-season with a bunch of things, and that really backfired on him. That was his "mental breakdown".
(though man all my assistants did was set my teenage players on life ruining drug binges i dont want to HEAR it)
Willing to be an ass man.

I am willing to go and do in depth scouting for players in every tier, including VGC. Not just for the draft, but for potential trades as well. I am also willing to scout player styles be it Youtube, aesoft replay or whatever throughout the season.

Btw, I actually know the RU player pool pretty well ;)


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lol @ drama in signup threads, didn't something like this happen last time a signup thread got posted for some big tourney


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After some deliberation I will be returning to manage the wolfpack.

I believe bloo will be my ass man, not sure on the second one.

awoooooooooo bitches


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Managers have been chosen, and we have 4 new managers.

The_Chaser is replacing Whistle as head of The Alpha Ruiners
Atticus is replacing Synre as head of The Indie Scooters
JabbaTheGriffin is replacing RBG as head of The Team Raiders
Stone_Cold22 is replacing dubulous as head of The Congregation of the Classiest.

We also have a new team name: Smogon's Greatest Brits is henceforth known as The Dragonspiral Tyrants.

I'd like to ask that managers please submit a PM to me containing their choices for Assistant Managers by the end of the week. Thanks.
Anyone who wants to trial out for the Alpha Ruiners is more than welcome to by going on the irc channel #alpharuiners. Alternatively, there are some assistant manager spots still available so you can pm me if you are interested.
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