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I would just like to point out: regardless of what may be advertised in some peoples signatures (theres a certain someone in mind), not everyone is a 2011 Champion.
missing the boat pretty hard on "somewhat civil"

this isnt a lawless wasteland and this thread is meant to be at least somewhat good natured, if you aren't smart enough to figure out where the line is don't test it


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(02:47:27) +Eternal: also
(02:47:28) +Eternal: not to mention
(02:47:40) +Eternal: there is no rule that says "ghosting is forbidden"
(02:47:46) +Eternal: on SPL rules or Smogon tourny rules
(02:47:52) +Eternal: it's frowned upon
(02:47:57) +Eternal: not forbidden
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