Smogon Premier League 3 - Official Smack Talk Thread

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Hey folks, enough with these gay jokes
Coming from a bunch of dicks like yourselves
Ya'll talk so much smack
but ima educate yo fools and lay down these lyrics like a train track
The tigers gonna wreck u niggas left and right
u guys aint a hope to win this event in sight

[23:17:19] <panamaxis> somalia is good
[23:17:22] <panamaxis> he always gets crits

you think you lost to me cauz of hax?
you dont even think when u send out ur mons, at times i think u play while ur on crack
u gotta play with care if u wanna win,
the way i see u play even the shittiest players with 3 digits can put in the bin
ur lucky bw uu wasnt one of the tiers u chose
or else i woulda put u down like i do to all of them hoes

Im done with this loser
Roses are red
Violets are yellow
My road through spl is easy
Im a happy fellow
Theres quite a lot of teams I have to defeat
MoP is my first victim, ill make him take down my meat

After MoP comes Jackal and Bloo
They aren't even threatening, but rather cute as pikachu
Tennis is next and he can't beat me
FFS dat nigga chose 12 battlers who play VGC
Poor delta can't he see
Being retained is something that wasn't meant to be

Huntofthelion is next, props to his draft
Spending 50k in round 1, does dat nigga even know math?
Thats beside the point and may seem cruel
But then theres chaser
Him and hunt were in the same math class in high school
30k for worms I just don't don't see why
That was more painful then snunch vs rey
And snunch didn't even try

Tyrants I didn't forget about you and your british theme
But with 3 VGC managers you couldn't help but pick a bad team
While you peasants read my poem, you'll question my might
But you niggas can't get classier then stone
Meowth thats rite!

Plz plz hold the applause, I was tutored by Robert Frost.



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i heard a rumuoiur that some of the people who have posted here in this htreadthat consider themselves to be adaequant pokemon battlers are in fact actually inadequate pokemon banttlers


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when a guy gets flustered because someone calls him weak, it's proof that he recognises that he IS weak.

If you wanna brag about your wins on the UU ladder go for it, don't get mad when you get called out on it though.

Grind Pantera

so we're rhyming now?

Heads up stone, that poem made me sit and stare
But SOMALIA wtf was that? that was too much to bear
Bragging about a UU battle, but i know pana didn't care
You only switched to UU because Energy Ball Jellicent can't be used there


Good luck to everyone.


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There once was a boy named Stone
And all he ever did was drone
On and on about other teams
He thought he could win, hint: in your dreams!
While Los Tigres ascend to the throne.

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