Smogon Premier League 3 - Official Smack Talk Thread

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who keeps thinking a "smack talk" thread is ever a good idea for this tournament? honestly it would have to take someone with the most severe mental disability this side of an "alternative" schooling facility to continue to post this thread each and every iteration of the tournament.
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evan is a masterclass trainer for the indie scooters and his prowess will make you wet your panties soon enough


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word is butterfreeak has that extra e in his name on account of how much e he takes as in ecstasy because he cannot have a good time on a night out without it because when get gets drunmk he just thinks about how stuipd it is gettingdrunk iwth all these other people who he doesnt even like and its just a real down so he has to drop a few
SHARKS? I love you guys but can you sign over your team name and logo over to us? I don’t see why wenches like OJAMA should be able to leech off the franchise glory of last season when cryos have acquired half the championship roster.

Alpha Ruined!!” has to be THE fucking retarded team phrase of the century, in fact in only serves to highlight how much you guys choke on a massive dick at the final hurdle. Scofield left at the altar 3 times running? I’d bank on that..

LOL Kevin Garrett…. Only thing that bigger than wailord is your fucking gimp head, please remove limitless off your dick long enough to play golden sun and get trashed, OR will you bullshit luck him like you lucked your way to Tour trophy? Also ffs why was fuckkevingarett was removed from botw poll, now all the people that voted for the two of you are stuck watching you play ojama >.>

Team Raiders? LOL the premier HOMOSEXUAL team in spl, just take a look at your logo for fucks sake… I think you set yourselves up for a lifetime of mediocrity after drafting lonelyness last season, why do you even exist still? Holy shit Jabba is manager of this team?? That’s the sealer, what an absolute gaycunt team. He’ll probably ban me and half our roster conveniently the week Cryos play arse-raiders to give them a chance..

los tigres drafted THREE fucking vgc players… (cue slow, sarcastic clap)

Wolfpack. You retained reyscarface? Fuck me what kind of bud are you smoking over there in #awoo I want in. Your catch phrase is second only to ruiners in terms of sheer stupidity. <Tito> smurf, why didn’t you get me? Now im fucking stuck with reyscarface.. GOOOD START GUYS!! Don’t worry ironbullet93 I will give you a chance by using early bird houndoom and thick fat azumarill again this year ;)
Oh yeha i forgot to talk about that cretin SOMALIA... since your pathetic playing career has no apparant prospects, i suggest you become a FULL-TIME RAPPER


lemme show you how its done... 'im about to end your whole career, but im not a rapper...'

“Sweet dollar tea from McDonald's................... I drink that.
Supa hot fire............................................... I spit that.
2 and a Half Men........................................... I WATCH THAT”.

WHOOOOOOAAHAHHHHH IS YOUR MIND BLOWN????.... but im not a rapper..

Call me... glasses,jacket,shirt man
Or call me 'Supa hot boy' 100 degrees, leather jacket cause' I'm supa' hot BOIIIIIIIIIII!
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