Smogon Premier League 3 - Official Smack Talk Thread

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I heard this is where we post our rappings and I would like to join in

Get ready to get your asses raided
Your mothers fucked, your sisters dated
The Team Raiders are free from our chains
LonelyNess is gone, we can finally win a game

The Dragonspiral Tyrants, rulers of delusion
Amateurs of destruction, masters of confusion
Should have stuck with being brits
Now you're just a gimmick, a bunch of twits

Wifi Wolfpack, go back where ya'll belong
To the wifi forum, tradin bronzongs
Here's a simple request: sit the fuck down
back the fuck up and admire the crown

The Ever Grande Bigs, my former squad
Ruled by Fabbles and his kickin bod
I miss you all, you're all one in a million
I'd love to insult you, but my high school didn't teach Brazilian

Yo Tigers you know you only get one vgc slot?
Seriously the Ha dynasty is all you got
Double the mons doesn't double the skill
The Raiders look forward to an easy kill

Ruiners better hope EW is the next coming of Christ
And hell for 30k his ass better be nice and tight
I'd say we're going to ruin the Ruiners, but actions speak louder than words
Gonna blow you bitches up like Angry Birds

The Sharks' bark is worse than their bite
We're the real predators and our jaws clamp tight
As you hand us your trophies, feel free to bow
Damn we're so good, go ahead and do it now

Of course a Stone team is no longer classy
That motherfucker's the definition of trashy
Ahoy matey, land a-ho!
Just like US East, you niggas blow

The Cryonicles started off the season cold
Worst draft in the league from what I'm told
Huntthelion were you even tryin?
The few good players on your team are already cryin

Scooters can go ahead and just scoot along
No this isn't the yugioh forums, I think you're wrong
And Atticus, you're no Dark Magician
Look up to see those are my boots you're lickin
Metro didn't do better then east in the world cup
Get your shit straight and clean the shit you spit up
Every year is the same shit, KG and Limitless
Im sorry for not allowing you on east, beg me for forgiveness

The Team Raiders are the most random squad this year
Watching you draft them niggas made me shed a tear
Shits more random then using the move Leer
But whats to expect from a drunk ass queer

Resent calling me out, i'll spit you my game
Ill show your ass up and make you sit in shame
Im gonna turn you into my persian, show you how to tame
My bitch in an hour, bringing the classiest to fame

Make pirate jokes all you want, try and ruin the show
Your bitch ass is the one with a pirate logo
Contradictive mother fucker? Go play on a pogo
Disrespecting me like that? That shits a no-go.

Were you hired by Lil Wayne?
All your lyrics sound the same
Goin hard in the paint, get on my game
Take this dunce cap my nigga, you put the community to shame

Remember the day, you messed with stone cold twenty two
I have no respect for you
You aint even better then Charizard Ninety Two

Hide by your laptop nigga, I don't value your opinion
When you fuck with SPL teams, you fuck with Stones minions
Nigga respect me, my decisions aint risky
Good luck in week 1, starting that girl Fishy

Ahoy its the pirates, and you can all go home
Because I'm here to throw down like Aldaron's extra 21st chromosome

and you dont even have to guess, you know were the best
is that supposed to be a team, Ruiners? I'm not even impressed
better hope that Worms and Meghan ghost every game
or the rest of your team will bring the Ruiners shame

but if you thought that was bad, try drafting all VGC-Clique users
the Tigers will be just a sorry bunch of losers
Better get used to losing, as you wont be a winner
Were you throwing away money, or was it a gift to draft Synre? (pronounced "sinner"?)

I laugh at Bluewind and his Smogon Tour plight
Aldaron's got no brain left, because he's thinks he always right
giving Atticus the Scooters is like handing him the reigns to the Titanic
the Pirates will rape the Scooters with a dick that's gigantic

Speaking of gigantic, then there's the Bigs
Terrible manager with a team that not even Jumpluff can dig
Did you draft Limitless because KG is limited?
Or is it because no one else was interested?

Look at the Team Raiders, what can I say...
Why is Fishy on the team? Does she even play?
I am still beside myself, as you can see
I didn't think it'd be possible to draft worse than RBG

What's up with the Tyrants and their infinitely poor management?
A bunch of VGC'ers must have surely been an accident...
That reminds me, I feel bad for ENZ0 and Heist
Won't make playoffs because the rest of their team won't suffice

speaking of bad, just look at the Wolfpack
I thought they'd be good, but then I was taken aback
People think 2-7 Rey can succeed, but I'm not a believer
Playing for Jackal and Bloo must be worse than a seizure

Oh silly me, I almost forgot
Regice Logo because they Cryo's aren't hot
I didn't think it'd be possible to have the worst draft two years in a row
good thing I'm not on the team because that would blow

word to your mother

Smogon Admin Philip7086 has confirmed reports that he will be starring in a spinoff of TLC's hit show, Little People Big World. When we reached out to him for a comment, all he had to say was "das rite". Stay tuned for more.

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