Smogon Premier League 3 - Semifinals

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ggs ruiners, also good season scooters, i love you all specially windsong


edit: uragga's done the big shoutout post so i don't see why i don't do it too

ATTICUS: you're a boss, thanks for buying me for such a good team and for managing so well x)

Bluewind: i love you dude you're the best player in my country and you're cool. it sucks that you haven't won your trophy even after deserving it so much though =\

Aldaron: you're also a really nice guy, and helped everyone team build, you were a pretty good assistant manager and it was really cool to earn your respect!

6A9 Ace Matador: fucking MVP of the team, not only you went 8-2 you're also good in every tier so you helped everyone test. you also taught me A LOT, and you're probably the main reason why i improved so much. THANKS

]V[ajinTupacZ: 6-0 boss, i loved to have you in the team because you're also funny as hell xD

Alaka: you're also really good, although you got haxed like fuck =\

BKC: i renember when i recommended you to atticus, thanks for not disappointing us xD. nah jk, you were quite good, sorry for haxing you in like 101% of our test battles though lol. but most importantly, WE'RE DRUMMIN' BROS o/

Butterfreeak: you're my bro, even though you got haxed p. badly in this spl; i loved to have you in the team too, because you're also a really nice guy.

Cristal: also a pretty cool "guy" (seriously are you a guy or a girl ?_?), too bad your internet is terrible ._.

evan: ah the veteran of your team, i didn't know you were good actually but you still did very well!

Floppy: DUDE i love you don't think i don't love you because i troll you like hell

Go10: even though hax didn't let you win, i still liked your presence because you helped us a lot with tests/scouting/rates + being a cool guy!

Hugendugen: you're a cool guy too and i think this SPL improved you a lot!

sandman: well you didn't talk a lot in the channel but thanks for helping alaka and winning your match i guess :P

upstart: i loved to build teams with you, i think you're a pretty nice player, even though hax also ruined your record. . .


windsong: ah, my favorite user on the team; i was secretly sad i ended up in scooters instead of ruiners, but after seeing you on the channel i was like "FUCK YEAH". thanks for helping us and too bad you got haxed in this week when we'd have won if you hadn't!

whitequeen: you should have come to our channel but. . .

yee: cool guy, helped us test teams, etc


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Good job my minions, you did amazing job throughout season and in semis. I guess my curse has yet to be lifted.

Good luck ruiners, hoping you guys win (except for Bad Romance of course).


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good run scoots

sorry for jinxing us with that post LoL

guess i'll make this a big shout-out post:

atticus: thx for buying me even though i hadn't played for a pretty long time, also for not pressuring me to actually give a fuk when i didn't feel like it. also accept my facebook request you ho

bluewind: banana meteor

aldaron: thx for helping out with college shit even if nothing you said worked =/

aM: nice talkin music and clothes and shit with scooters resident brown user, testing with you probably doubled the number of dpp games i have ever played. p cool nig

]v[ajintupacz: LU LU LU LUKAS PODOLSKI, germen and funny ass nig in battles, decent at adv too i guess

alaka: just like last year all i remember is you getting haxed over and over again =[

bkc: even though you're like 14 you did good son, p cool teams and lucky a good combo, where da pics @

blue_star: nig calm da fuk down before and during matches and you'll be fine, good battler but remember it's just pokemon and nobody cares at the end of the day. otherwise blacker than 616 and a Nice brasil

butterfreeaK; idk where you went after week 5 but you should've stuck around, cool adv teams but things didn't go our way early =[

cristal: franch bad internet =[

evan: didn't know indie nigs actually knew how to play pokemon, but the man did work in rby, good rep from da vgc crowd

flop: Gorgie

frank: nig from way back, no need for shoutout just wanted to say i hated ALL your teams but they worked so WHATEVS

go10: franch helped me scout ipl fuk yea

hugendugen: cool aussie or wherever, did well enough clutching the last match every week but just gotta get used to playin on the big stage

sandman: a Nice player

upstart: this guy used terrible teams p much entire season and still won some matches, props for that i gues_s. we still need to have a pushup contest and you need to show me pics too

uraga: me

whitequeen: enjoys penis

windsong: i'll edit in a shoutout after i get pics. fuk stall it's gay

yee: cool nig that i'm glad i met through spl, helped me for st8 and had some beast teams and sets, pic tho

it was a Fun tournament, Congratulations ruiners and gl in finals to Folgorio
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