Smogon Premier League 3 - Statistics Thread

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yeaah so I've no idea why the last edited time/ reason part refuses to update, but the OP is in fact updated with the semis. thanks to everyone who pointed out mistakes!

@Blue_Star noted, ty
-the alpha ruiners' record is shown as 6-3, while it's 7-3 actually
-it says Earthworm defeated Earthworm in the Semifinals week, while he defeated Floppy actually
-South Paw and Sergio Aguero are the same person.
-ciele is 4-3, when actually he's 4-4
-team raiders are 6-3, when they're actually 6-4.
-on the indie scooters' generation stats, it's being shown that yee defeated Lady Bug, when he actually lost. it's also being shown that franky lost to BIG loven, when he actually won.

great work!
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