Smogon Premier League 3 - Week 4

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idk what the fuck i just watched, but i enjoyed this part of it:

01:11 Limitless get ready
01:11 Limitless to spam
01:11 Limitless 4-0
01:11 Fabbles biggest choke ever
01:11 Limitless now
01:11 Limitless now
01:11 SevenDeadlySins get
01:11 SevenDeadlySins fucked

2 minutez lay tar

01:13 Syrim oh my god
01:13 Syrim i'm out of pp
01:13 cti but he didnt taunt first
01:13 SevenDeadlySins yup
01:13 SevenDeadlySins wait
01:13 SevenDeadlySins what
01:13 SevenDeadlySins what
01:13 SevenDeadlySins what
01:13 Limitless oh my god
on a more serious note this has been a very intense series, GGs bigs regardless of what happens tomorrow

ok i lied, ill be mad if we lose but it was still a great series
its okay, after looking at the logs, I think these usages were justified. However, I appreciate that you took the time to properly inform your players about gg etiquette.


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theres actually two match ups cristal needs to overcome

Cristal. v Internet
Cristal. v Hantasuki
won against Human 2-1

game 1 was actually the worst hax i have ever been haxed, idk how i pulled a comback

ggs very wp, loving the team!! :D
ggs man
Game 1 wasn't THAT haxy.
Game 2 I lost flat out, didn't expect anything that happened early on there.
Game 3 hax both ways I guess, but Cherrim was going to be a superstar and clutch, just saying :P
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