Smogon Premier League 3 - Week 5

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GL synre

for the record i think the d/c rules need to be reconstructed to avoid shit like this from happening.
Agreed, think this and about 15 other rules really need to be looked at and clarified before SPL4; a lot of SPL's loathed judgement calls could be avoided by planning a little better. Especially stuff like the DC thing where we need to try to find a way to actually get people to win or lose based on playing Pokemon in a Pokemon tournament... tough to justify changing rules midseason though, probably just have to roll with it for now and do what we can under the rules provided.

Fortunately I don't think I actually have the authority to make a call on this one yet, so unless the TDs want to make that official they can have fun with this one lol

ill get on this in a bit pm me relevant information if you would

EDIT: Posted decision, but think it would be a very good idea if the managers and I chatted a bit about working out a DC rule for the tournament we can all agree on so there's less subjectivity about what I should do in situations like this. I think that on NBS battlers should undo move for a reasonable amount of time to give the other person a chance to come back at the very least and that we should be replaying matches in some form for matches with results that are still in doubt. I think a flat remake is usually best, but am open to the OST's rule where there's a bit more choice for the party with 21st century internet. I am open to suggestions on that, but let's get something ironed out before next week if we can.
like every nigga i ever get paired with in shit SPL pi face has refused every day that I ask, I've been ready since round went up as usual, and am ready to go whenever...
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