Smogon Premier League 3 - Week 5

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[18:54] <@locopoke> LizardMan
[18:54] <@locopoke> are you from new jersey
[18:54] <@locopoke> because you sound exactly like my good friends JabbaTheGriffin and Kevin_Garrett
[18:54] <@LizardMan> Yes

Damn, I sound awful. Nice video as always, and keep them coming! ^^
Skype audio quality is a lot worse than when I'm recording using my mic. Plus you were using your built in mic.
I haxed the fuck out of Grind Pantera to win and it sucks that in this situation I have to put my team before my best friend. His record in no way reflects what an amazing player he is and he no doubt would have raped me if i weren't lucky

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veni, vidi, vici, VERSACE, VERSACE VERSACE
hanke asked me to battle this weekend after 5 pm gmt -2, it's been 5 hours since that time and no sign of him, he missed my VM saying id like to play from 12-6 gmt since he hasnt been on since then, if anyone can contact him i'd appreciate it since i want to get off this box sometime today...
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