Smogon Premier League 3 - Week 5

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Still waiting for commi$$sioner and he's still afk like everytime I came on irc during the week (I said yesterday in VM that we would play today because he was afk again), and I'm on #spl since 04:00 pm GMT +1 (3 hours ago).
Hopefully he'll actually get online.


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gg ruiners and props to ch(e)aser for getting such a strong lineup. this means no more playoffs for us i guess
So that concludes Week 5 then. And with this the 4 contenders for the play-offs are almost set 5 weeks in. Certainly the 4 teams that got this far deserve their spot, but i think the abolishment of Tie's let the whole competition down. Well thats one of the few format changes i didnt like this season but ill adress them after the season concluded.

Good luck to the top teams!
I'd like to take this chance to formally apologize too my team. I don't think I was up too snuff when I returned for SPL like I thought I was, and if it wasn't bad enough I threw a won game with Syrim, I had to go and blow a gauranteed win vs pi face as well, once was bad enough, but twice.... pitiful -.- So sorry it's been a rough season... Just on my own I cost us a potential tie for this week :(

Definitely the best choke artist..
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