Smogon Premier League 3 - Week 7

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cardiac cats
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<MDragon> Hi
<MDragon> user colchonero
<MDragon> had a familiar problem
<MDragon> and retired from pokemon
<MDragon> u might want to sub him out
<MDragon> idk what happened
<MDragon> xd

wooooo! i'll find someone who has netbattle gimme a couple hours subbing synre OH WAIT
Blue_Star vs badabing = Blue_Star, 4-0

i had A MASSIVELY HUGE matchup advantage and i still haxed in the beginning, not much he could do... gg

edit: phil knows whats up B)
Activity post: I have asked Ironbullet to play all throughout the week after he acknowledged that he would be willing to play after a certain time. However, despite my asking to battle he postponed until today around midnight his time on friday. I have waited around for 2 hours and have unfortunately have no more time to wait. Furthermore, I will have significantly reduced time on smogon if any this weekend due to an irl event.
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