Smogon Premier League 3 - Week 7

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Activity post. I've been on IRC all week long and I haven't heard of MrE.
That + When I type MrE in the research engine, no profile is found, meaning I don't know how to find him.
bullshit you have >:o

And I don't contact anyone because I'm lazy and the other person always seems to do so. 8) Alternatively, you could've just yelled at me on IRC directly (if you were actually on IRC all week as you claim). I saw you earlier today but you seemed to be idle so I just went to work then. Oh well, got all day Sunday still.


how many seconds in eternity?
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activity posts are pretty lame but here i go,

I VMed maaf asking when we can play and I told him the times I'd be on but he didn't reply, I've also been around on IRC all day today and a lot of yesterday, but haven't seen him anywhere.

He's signed on to smogon since I posted the message so I can only assume he's seen it but just hasn't bothered to reply. It's unlikely I'll be able to get on again before the deadline, but I'll try...


I've been online at all the times user Pi_face requested to play, including the time we scheduled on thursday. After replying to his VM stating that it was better for him to play last night, i was active later that night. He also said he would be avalible all day today. As I have a doctors appointment to go to later today in another city, I have been active since early in the morning to account for our timezone difference, hoping to catch him. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like he has been on "all day", especially considering he is three hours ahead of me.

Logs can be provided upon request.
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