Smogon Premier League 3 - Week 7

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The only thing I look up to is the sky
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activity post

Hanke and I had agreed to play on wednesday, but he was unable to make it then so i thought i would try to catch him on the weekend. But Hanke hasnt been on since the 21st and the cryos said all of their subs are mia soooo yea

M Dragon

The north wind
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(00:56) Luck>Skill: what glitch
(00:56) M Dragon: lag glitch
(00:57) M Dragon: because i had switched and it attacked instead
(00:57) M Dragon: his duggy using rock slide
(00:57) M Dragon: to kill my regice
(00:57) M Dragon: i send zapdos by mistake

I don't understand how could this be a glitch...idk
No, thats not the glitch

That log is uncomplete
Golden Sun, Blim, dragonuser win on activity, all of their opponents were basically completely MIA.

I briefly wanted to go both ways on the M Dragon/199 Lives thing, but I think both sides make enough sense on this one that it's best just to call it a no-decision. This is a team tournament and I really don't like letting a player call a rematch on what was a pretty sketchy excuse by his opponent to begin with(though it was certainly the honorable thing to do) after actually completing the match, especially given that his team (obviously) wasn't on board with that. It's one thing if they'd stopped the match before it ended and decided to replay but once you have a game in the books like that I don't think rematching without your team's consent is a very good thing to set precedent for: it's already in the books at that point. Any matches in the future are going to go to whoever actually won the first match unless the team's managers and player both agree to the rematch in the future. If 199 Lives had stopped the match right there and decided to replay I don't think I'd be writing this right now, but playing the match to completion should mean something.
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