Smogon Premier League 3 - Week 8

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activity post
Carl didn't reply my mesagens on IRC and smogon.
"activity post back"

I didn't really make an effort here so I'm not trying to shift blame or anything but.... to be fair, you didn't exactly send me any "mesagens" until mid day Friday. I didn't even see your VM until this morning and it wouldn't have mattered because by the time you reached out I already had plans for Friday night and most of Saturday.

Long story short, I'm around most of today and if deadline day wasn't going to work for you then we really should have ironed this out earlier in the week. Just please don't pull the "activity post" nonsense a full 36 hours prior to the deadline when you waited until late in the week just like I did. We're both at fault here for not having our match done yet.

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I've PM'd OmegaDonut at the start of the week, and again at the start of the weekend, but received no responses. And it's now Sunday, so the deadline is getting close.

Hopefully we can get this battle done today, and that this doesn't go down to activity.


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Had to play in a hurry VS some kind of angry Earthworm after I burnt myself cooking during the windows update process. I also drowned my keyboard thanks to a misclic. I'm stupid.

Sorry team.
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