Smogon Premier League 3 - Week 9

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literally destroyed koko without even using half my team
EDIT: used four of my mons I can't count, so okay 1/3 of my team

I shall now retire, undefeated, from the world of Pokémon Black & White.
Awwww c'mon!

I am pretty broke until my loan goes in so your riot points will have to wait. Man this is some bs
Subbing in less than 3hrs away from the deadline... wtf?

Next season, we should implement a sub deadline. Managers need to know how active their players are. I know this week doesn't really matter, but next season it definitely would matter.

Edit: It's also past midnight for our DPP player... -__-
Told Carl my times and that he can find me every evening (except Friday and Saturday) on the SPL channel, but he never came.
Last activity post...
Sorry, we must have missed each other a few times being that we have a 6 hour time difference. I'm usually on during the weekday evenings also but for me that's like 6, 7 or 8 pm EST which would be like 12-2am for you. This weekend I just wasn't around so yeah that's on me. I'd still prefer to play our match, even after the deadline (and even though it doesn't impact anything), but you can "officially" have the win if you really feel like I didn't do enough.
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