Smogon Premier League 4 - Finals [Won by The Wifi Wolfpack]

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Great season tigres, I don't think I could have ever asked for a better team to be a part of. This is probably the only SPL I'll ever play and I can say I enjoyed testing, chatting and playing UNO (even if ibo cheats -.-) a lot, you guys are all great and I'm glad I got to know you. Before the season started, everybody thought the Tigers were the worst team, but I don't think it's surprising by any means that we got to the finals, I always thought we had the best roster and I was very confident on the team even when things looked bad for us.


little gk: the best and only manager of the team, tennisace is a piece of shit who never does anything. Thanks for trusting and drafting me in the auction, I must admit it was a bit off-putting to see nobody bid me in the auction after 5 teams approached me the weeks prior to SPL but I really am glad I ended up being on the tigers :)

tennisace: you were always drunk or asleep, never sent the lineups on time, etc etc, you're 100% useless but I enjoyed talking to you so I guess it's something :P

ibojangles: I didn't know you before the season started and I'm glad I met you, you're an amazing guy who always supported the team when we needed it the most and I loved talking to you. You're also better than Fiction at UNO but that isn't a big accomplishment...

Solace: Solace :3 You're a cute user (but not as much as ium) but you're authoritative when it comes down to it. I didn't know you at all before SPL and I'm happy that changed. Stop getting drunk or you'll never visit Italy smh...

Austinf: BOSStinf himself. You're an hilarious dude and I'm sorry you couldn't be more active, I hope your IRL situation improves :)

Biosci: Nice guy, you were one of the most active users in the channel and always cheered up everybody despite how unlucky you were troughout the season. Your record doesn't do you any justice but it's pokemon after all!

bro fist: I had seen you play a few times before this SPL and I knew you were a good player. I'm glad I asked gk / tennis to bid you in the auction, you were one of the best players on the team and the team wouldn't have been the same without you. Buena suerte en lo que te propongas amigo :)

Donkey: is dank. You're a top notch uber player but you were unlucky as hell, that game on the semifinals vs pi_face was just... lol. Hope to see you around, you're great man.

Double01: the true OST winner. You're one of the few people on the team I already knew and I'm sorry you couldn't play more but you were always there to support the team.

EBeast: I knew you from the old #neverused times and I think you're good player. I'm sorry you didn't get the chance to play more, you definitely are good enough to be a titular player.

Fiction: You're a great guy, despite always losing to ibo at UNO and you're an excellent player as well, your record should have been better but alas, it wasn't your fault.

Giga Punch: the strong. I wish you had been more active on IRC, you are one of the people I would have liked to talk with. Your performance was great during the season though, thanks for that!

Huy: ''Did we lose yet?'' You're the funniest guy in the team for sure, watching your battles was nothing short of hilarious. Hope to see you around, you're the best hahaha

Light The Thunder: my bro, I'm happy you were on the team, you played pretty well during the tournament and you deserved being on the lineup. I can't tell you anything I haven't already, you were one of the first people I met when I started playing pokemon and I <3 you.

Lunar: undefeated season achieved xD. It was nice to have you on the team, you should have been on the channel from the start because you're a great dude and you really helped the team at the end.

Maaf: didn't talk much with you, I know we have had our differences in the past (lol FSL) but I'm glad you were on the team.

MOET: Seakings strong :D We lost in the playoffs again :/ You had a great season and helped the team a lot, you're definitely a great player, it's a shame Mandibuzz couldn't achieve...

Poppy: didn't talk much to you but from what I have seen you're a cool guy, hope to see you around.

Royal Flush: the true BR of the team, you always showed up when we were about to sub you out haha. You won some of the most tense battles of the season (especially that week 1 win vs Crystal_) and I'm happy I got to know you

Sir: Danilo suckssss. You were a very underrated player before this SPL but you proved you're a great ADV player, I'm happy I told the managers to bid you, you were a steal and you clutched when the team needed it the most. It was fun to test ADV with you, you stand no chance against me tho :D :D

Thatsjustpeachy: Bluewind v2, you're cursed -.-'' I hope you get a trophy one day because you truly deserve it. Thank you for your help for OST, I'm sad it ended up the way it did but I'm glad I had the opportunity to talk with you :)

ThatsMyLatios: you're an underrated player and I'm sure you'll do well in the future. You won when you played and you were a nice presence in the chat :)

TV-Rocka: the germen boss, you're an excellent player and a great guy, you always put a lot of effort and did your best during the battles. Good luck this year on VGC ^^

VIL: -.-''

Vrille: the only RU win this season lol... You didn't talk much but you got one win so thanks for that.

Zebraiken: best NU player without a doubt, you were one of the most important members of the team and you shined when the team needed you the most. You have your head in your shoulders and you never lose your temper, thanks a lot for everything.

ium: cutest user on smogon, hands down :D You're the best cheerleader ever and your presence in the chat was always nice. You're a great artist as well, I like your drawings a lot :)

Oglemi, august, BKC, Malekith, Colchonero, MoP, blarajan, AB2, harsha: thanks for your help on the playoffs, shame we couldn't get the trophy

Congrats wolfpack, you did an amazing comeback this season. I want to say sorry again for what happened in my battle, hope you can forgive me one day.

I probably won't play SPL next season, but in case I do, see you next year!
if we had vil tho
thanks to the tigres for a very enjoyable season. i loved being in the channel and i hope to see you all next year :)

congrats wolfpack. i dont mind seeing some of u getting the trophy hehe
Congrats to the WolfPack and especially my buddy Darkloic, we all know you're the reason why you guys made it eheh.

Impressive season for the Tigers as well, props on that.


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Humbleness, hard work, to trust every member, to believe in your skills; these are the qualities that made us win this tournament. I'm so excited for winning my first official tourney, i'm seriously crying. I want to dedicate this trophy to my whole team, OBVIOUSLY, and also to two people that were always close to me here on Smogon: Haunter and Taylor. Thanks again Wolfpack for believing in me, I will be always grateful to you.. <3..

I'm not good in english, but i just wanna thank you again, no one in particular, if not GR8 and Marth!.
you will be always in my heart! <3




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I originally was not going to do shout-outs, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I asked so many people for favors and help that it would be a disservice not to. I know that I may not have the most positive reputation on Smogon, but I don't regret my actions. I would have done them the same, if only for this same result.

Kevin Garrett: You, Malfoy, and I have been here from day one. We started planning this SPL run ever since last WCOP. After we lost in the finals last year as the BIGs, there was no way I would allow you guys to go without a trophy two years in a row. You've always been there for the team - encouraging them and systematically putting a winning atmosphere in the Wolfpack frame of mind. Though most people probably won't realize your significance to this team, I fullly believe a battler's frame of mind is by far more important than any team he uses. You're the first person to agree with that statement and we wouldn't be here without you.

DittoCrow: What can I say? I've known you ever since I tutored you back in the day. Since then you've become a moderator, elite team builder, and hall of fame manager. For the longest time, it seemed like I was always looking out for you. Helping you with team building or just randomly giving you advice. But it seems this time, you were the one looking out for me. You fulfilled my promise to Malfoy, and for that, I can never thank you enough.

gr8astard: This should be very clear to everyone: You were the most important member of this entire team. I know a lot of people laughed when I made you an assistant manager, but I knew that your skills in BW OU and knowing all the good PO battlers would pay off. And boy did they ever. The entire structure of my bidding hinged on your ability to make teams and recruit. Therefore, you affected the team structurally from the ground up. Even though you didn't play one game, you affected every match that the Wolfpack has played the entire season. MVP of the team, by far. It's been a pleasure working with you.

DracoMalfoy: As I said earlier, you and I have been working at this ever since last WCOP. I made a promise to you after we lost in the finals with the BIGs last year that I'd get you a trophy. We did it. Your leadership, team building, battling, and encouragement can never be devalued. By far, you were the backbone of the team. I know you always wanted to play DPP, but just know, I had you in ADV because I felt that the strongest player needed to be in that generation. Along with Kevin, you will be one of my best friends on Smogon.

Tiba: I never really noticed it till this season, but you're a lot like kael. You win a lot and whenever you type anything, I just think it's the cutest thing ever. You've been with us since the finals of the BIGs, and a quintessential piece to this team. You round out the old gen that we constructed at the beginning of this season, and couldn't afford for some other team to steal you. I'm glad we didn't give them the opportunity.

FLCL: A lot of people gave me shit for spending so much on you, but at the end of the road, it was all worth it. I knew from day one that we had to spend the most on the lower tiers. You're kind of like Krack in that you show up for your match, win, and then go back into your world of NU. I think Malfoy made the comparison even before week one. You've easily been worth the amount we spent on you.

Darkloic: I didn't really get a chance to speak with you that much, but you pulled together some clutch wins. Easily, one of DittoCrow's best moves. What an overlooked player.

Jorgen: The Legend Of Jorgen. Really, that's all that needs to be said. You are the only player I knew would win every week, no matter what, and against any opponent. There is no other player I'd send into a sudden death situation. You provided so many clutch wins that even Lebron James would give you his throne. And just for good measure, your 13k retainer next year is fucking amazing. <3

Silentverse: Much like FLCL, people gave me shit for paying so much for you. You are definitely one of the top RU players. You will always be remembered as the Wolfpack player that sent the dagger. You've really grown a lot since the start of the season in both team building and battling. It's scary to think how good you are, given your age. One of the top up-and-coming battlers, easily.

Marth: Ohhhh Marth. We had our eyes on you ever since week one. When Hugo told me you were back from retirement and tearing up PO, I knew we had to recruit you. I'm so glad Hugo recruited you, and there's no way we'd be here today if it wasn't for you. You brought the Gatr to the Wolfpack, SPL, and Smogon. You are a Legend.

Taxi: Pretty much the same as Darkloic. I didn't get to speak with you much, but you pulled together some clutch wins.

Fakes: Even though you had a fallout with some of the Wolfpack members in the finals, you were one of our core pieces from the very beginning. Much like Tiba, you're kael 2.0. No matter what, still glad we picked you up. DPP is the hardest tier.

Birch: I didn't really get to talk with you that much. You helped KOK a bit, so that was helpful!

PK Gaming: My oh my. You've probably grown the most out of all the Wolfpack members throughout this experience. I remember week one, you were so scared. Now, you charge into the battle and have bucket loads of confidence. You've grown in team building, battling, and confidence. You hit the trifecta. I'm glad when RT came up for auction, all of us lagged. We wouldn't have been able to find a diamond in the rough otherwise.

Furai: I didn't get to really talk with you that much. Pulled together some clutch wins though!

Sammy: When you beat Taylor week one, that was the highlight of my week. If anyone mentions your name on PO, they automatically know who you are: the best hail user in Pokemon.

kingofkongs: Well, you beat me out of the VGC trophy last year. That's probably the best reason why we bid on you. You're a top VGC player and have proven that countless times. You're really one of the most creative players I've ever been around.

Hellpowna: You definitely prepared the most out of all the Wolfpack members. By the time you got into your battles, you were always mentally prepared. You were such a versatile player, and one of the reasons the Wolfpack got to where it finished at.

Scimjara: I suppose I should thank MoP.

Farmer: Thanks for always purposely throwing.



Thanks for the dolphin.

little gk

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I love all my tigres and will do a legit shout out thing once i'm done with class for today <3


edit: IBO I WAS TOTALLY ACTIVE -.---------

BW OU: The three usual starters were some of my favorite players on any team I've managed. Peaches probably has already tattooed tigre stripes on her body was the backbone of the team, easily. I'll clump mr fist and king moet together because they were two really fucking active guys who kept us with a really great lineup every week. It was weird having confidence that we would at least win two of the three OU matches every week and you were all among the most active users in #tigres. ltt was the best sub, though it wasn't particularly fun trying to figure out if he had his match scheduled or not :S

BW Ubers: DANKEY and truth were also really solid in #tigres. Fiction did a really nice job of transitioning to the backup role, though I'm not sure how much of that was then directed at poor little tml. We didn't have the best metagame record here, but I attribute that more to luck and donkey's shit avatar than skill, since i've seen you both play u.u

BW UU: Dunk was just a fucking beast. I never had to worry about activity, outside of one week, and I knew I had a great shot at a win here every time we penciled dunk in. He was awesome in the channel, one of the best tigres, though the flack he started to get after st9 confuses me. He's a good boy I promise!! Dunk did take playing time away from Maaf, though, the poor guy only got one week in when I wanted to rotate between the two to get him another game or two in. #maashedformaaf #drunkfordunk

BW NU: We drafted zeb in spl3 essentially because, while he was good at ru, we knew nu was gonna come in spl4 and 13k was gonna be a steal. Well that totally happened and zeb has become one of my better smogfriends in the past year. Had we drafted you this year, tennis and I would probably justified like 25k for you lol. We had to sacrifice ebeast to DEER GOD in the semis after a mysterious and all powerful aura enveloped him. Thankfully he came back to life a couple hours later c:

BW RU: Well going 1-10 kind of was bad... d01 was awesome to have around until his activity dropped and vrille/peaches/dunk did a well enough job keeping up :S

VGC 2013: Biosci is a fucking pathetic loser lol he went 0-3 xDDD dumb hawaiians!!! Huy was a little less active this year than last, but that's probably because his back is still recovering from carrying the team all spl3. He trained lunar and biosci well to take his place, once he moves onto the great beyond....................

DPP OU: DJ TV Rocka played my heart like a fancy German violin with all his cool sets and play. tml will one day grow up and earn his stripes in battle, but his growling matches with fiction were funny in an "oh it's cute because he can't hurt anyone yet" kind of way

ADV OU: Man i first met sir when he joined smogon as a shitty new lc user and kind of expected him to be terrible at everything but battling. His transformation into Danilo hasn't turned him into a champion yet, but he is much less obnoxious than he used to be; I like having him around now!!

GSC OU: I didn't get many chances to talk to RF throughout the season, but he was another constant on the roster. I never needed to worry much about him and he earned his paycheck each week.

RBY OU: I admire austin and gp more than they probably could have figured out from the channel, since we never really spoke much. austin is fucking hilarious and it was always really nice hearing gp's musings to various teammates, especially since he wasn't all that active on irc.

solstice and ibo are cute, but ibo was totally inactive all the time and only gets credit for donkey :<<<

ium is cute, ogles is cute, greencore was our biggest fan



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yes finally!!! after so many seasons i can finally do it!!!!!1


i'd like to thank all my fans, i knew that if i stuck around the wolfpack long enough they would finally get it done ~


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Grats wolfpack :D

gr8's a beast with two trophies. Marth>Smogon. DittoCrow=MVManager of the league

Also gotta say, gunna be cool to see a lot of you guys with the red trophy :)


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gr8 and kok with a second trophy :o

I am particularly happy for my homies PK G, SV, and DittoCrow for earning the RED! You guys are boss!
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