Smogon Premier League 4 - Finals [Won by The Wifi Wolfpack]

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congrats to the wolves for their win and the tigers for their hard work they put and being one of the underdog teams this season!
wanted to say by last time thanks to everyone in sharks because they made this season awesome and i will never forget it.

good to see my friend Furai with a trophy :D, and sorry for those tigers who were one step away from it (specially the ones who i talk the most to, dunk, bro fist, light etc..)

see ya on next SPL i guess, have a nice day


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Grats Wolfpack! FLCL, Furai, Dracomalfoy, Jorgen, and Tiba really deserved the trophy so much. Glad some others got it too like PK Gaming.

Fuk Hugo IMO, he lost to [map]crimzoncobra. Jk Grats bud
I think I'll pass with individual shoutouts. I'm not that confident with my english's level, I'm not sure if DittoCrow would be happy if I insult his mother instead of congrats him. But I would like to thanks everyone in the team. You guys are great and I enjoyed this SPL with u.

Congrats Tigers to be in finals, I rly enjoyed my game against sir even if I choked hard against ttar.
Also, sorry old mates, I was like a dead-weight when I was with you.To be honest, I couldn't remember when I signed-up for this SPL. And when you Tigers picked me, I didn't care that much for this tournament.


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honestly i didn't expect to win at all after the fourth week when we lost a bunch of players but somehow we managed to pull through. our team remained positive and there wasn't anything negative said in the team's chat. we knew that we had potential since we had a solid core with a lot of veteran players. the biggest factor in our comeback was probably dittocrow's overhaul of our bw ou tier which gave us the confidence we needed; it was simply amazing to do it with such limited resources. thanks to everyone on the team who gave their best, we might have not even made the playoffs if one of us simply gave up and threw an additional match. spl has been an amazing experience for me and it couldn't have ended any better.

also, an additional shoutout to all the people who practiced with me in nu—annoyer, ebeast, mmf, raseri, and especially zebraiken; i probably logged nearly a hundred battles with you over these weeks!
Wow. From the beginning of the tournament, I don't think anyone imagined that we would win the whole thing. Every single win from our players counted. One less, and we wouldn't have gotten to where we are. I am ecstatic about this team's performance and actions. There are no words to describe how hard every player on the team has worked. They have given "∞%." I am so proud of our players. No one really talked trash or complained about hax. People said that we were lucky, but they didn't know about all of hax against us xDD. I think that all of my players deserve the victory because they worked harder than anyone, congrats guys! I hope that everyone on the team has accomplished what they wanted going into the tournament, and are happy with their results.

The Wolfpack took the core of last year's BIGs, and then added on some new players in lower tiers and OU of course. Funny thing is that most of the lower tier players are quite similar. This is probably why the remaining team members after midseason had such a strong bond together. Our team was really close in the end and that's what I think a team should be. Everyone greatly improved since the start of the season, and it's just so cool to see how much you've grown. All of you guys on the Wolfpack deserve the best, so here are some shoutouts appreciating all of your efforts :D. I'm sorry if I didn't write enough for some of you, this post took a while and I lost my thoughts lol. Just know that I am so proud of you guys!

gr8astard: Just wow. Assistant managers are often overlooked, but you seriously deserve so much credit. There is no way we could have won without you. You are such an awesome guy. You did so much for the team and I'm so grateful that Limitliess picked you. You put in so much work for the team, building teams, testing, and supporting everyone despite being busy with OST and irl. You were also a great assistant manager, you helped me a lot and I seriously can't thank you enough lol. You helped a lot with tough decisions, strengthening the lineup, and reassuring the team. You're also an amazing player and I totally feel that you deserve both trophies. People were just mad in OST because you were unknown, but your win wasn't a fluke. You basically just got lucky in that you beat Double01 in a bo5 instead of bo3, and the people you defeated and game 1 of the finals definitely proved your skill. I hope you earn more respect when people see you beasting in future tournaments, you deserve it!

Limitless: The man who built the team. After you tutored me I thought of giving up, but you said that I would one day do great things on Smogon. I worked hard to live up to your expectations, and I hope it paid off haha. You're a really chill guy and I'm glad that we kept in touch after B101. It's unfortunate what happened with jas0n, but I'm really happy that you decided to stick with the team. I too, am not ashamed of any of your decisions. You picking gr8 and kg was brilliant, and really paid off. I hope you get the trophy because you honestly deserve it for building the team and helping out the whole time. You will definitely accomplish all of your goals on Smogon, and also go on to become extremely successful irl. Thanks for believing in me and choosing me to be part of the team!!

Kevin Garrett: Last SPL, you really inspired me and taught me everything I know. Whether it helped on this site or even IRL, I truly appreciate everything you've done. Without you, I couldn't have accomplished what I did this year. Even though you weren't very active, you were another one of the brains behind the team, and your tips to certain players was very much appreciated. Aside from helping the team, you helped me the most, and I appreciate it so much. Hopefully this small paragraph is enough to make you realize how much I appreciate your presence here lol.

AkhiMarth: You are such a beast at this game. I anticipated your arrival to the team ever since our BW OU fell apart. I'm so glad that we picked you up lol. All of the hate you get is really unnecessary xD. You're a really cool guy and people take your trolling way too seriously. Thanks for coming to IRC to support the team, you're the best :D. Marth>Smogon

HellPowna: I'm glad I took the risk of putting you in, because it paid off! You are such a boss and I LOVED having you on the team. You are hilarious and always very cheerful. I was surprised at how much team pride you had haha, and I thought that was awesome. Your hard work really paid off, I can't thank you enough. Good luck in the future on Smogon and your football career! :D

taxi driver: I've known your name since BW1 on PO. I knew you were a good player, so I was pretty excited when gr8 said that he traded for you!! I knew you would do good, and I was right :). You worked very hard and got some clutch wins this year. I hope you had a good time playing for us this season, I had fun talking to you and having you on the team!

Sammy: Like I said, every win this season counted. Your win week 1 helped us get into the playoffs believe it or not. You're a really friendly guy and I'm glad that Limitless picked you. I just wish you had more motivation to play after midseason so you could destroy people with hail. Nevertheless, you're a great person and player, and I liked having you with us throughout the tournament!

DarkLoïc: Pretty much the best trade all season lol. When you won week 4 in Ubers I knew that you'd be a beast team member. I'm glad I didn't try to sell you or anything LOL. Honestly, you are one of the best players on Smogon imo. Your contributions to the team were so significant, I couldn't ask for more. You're also a very cool guy to talk to. You're a beast battler and I wouldn't trade you for anything. Congrats on getting a trophy and I hope that you enjoyed playing in SPL!

Fakes: Not really sure what happened late in the season, but before that you did great. You're a pretty hilarious guy who got some clutch wins. I thank you for the time you spent on the team, and hope you enjoy your trophy. .kael

Furai: Couldn't really have asked for another Ubers player. You fit right in with the team. You were an amazing team supporter and a very dedicated teammate while also being determined and hardworking. You're also a great friend and I really just loved having you as a part of the team lol. Thanks for everything that you've done this season, especially believing in victory and getting clutch wins. I think you learned a lot about Ubers from this experience. I hope you improved and enjoyed being on the Wolfpack!

PK Gaming: One of the most fun things I was apart of this season was helping you practice. BW UU is an awesome metagame. If there was a "most improved" award, it would definitely go to you. Couldn't really ask for another UU player either. You're such a freaking boss, and I hope we keep in touch after SPL. I'm so proud of your improvement and effort in practice. I could never be focused enough to ladder like that lol. I'm just extremely proud and happy that you were on the team and that you let me practice with you. I had a great time and I hope you did as well!

SilentVerse: To be honest, the main reason I joined SPL and agreed to be an assman was so you could get on the team and we could teambuild lol. I thoroughly enjoyed practicing with you and would never trade you for anything (believe me I was asked several times xD). You're positive spirit and confidence helped both of us get through this SPL I think. You're next to PK as the most improved player, so I'm immensely proud of you. You are definitely the best RU player in my eyes. You've worked harder than anyone this tournament, and I knew you would get your chance to shine :). Great job this SPL! I'm sorry for being kinda rude towards the end... You're one of my best friends on Smogon so I hope we'll still talk all the time and find what we're both looking for on this site :p.

FLCL: You are hands down the best NU player. Your battles were some of my favorites to watch, because I learned so much from such a skilled player. Week after week you really didn't disappoint. I respect you more than you know. I just wish you were more active in the chan so we could be better friends and I could steal your tips :D Great performance this SPL, you're awesome.

kingofkongs: aka kingofclutch. I knew you had it in you to win the whole season. Your record early in the season is meaningless, and doesn't really count since you got screwed by glitches and hax haha. Your finals game was BOSS as well as your game vs Randy. I'm glad that we picked you up, you won when it was absolutely necessary. I'm going to miss your VGC trivia lmao. That was the best and I think it calmed the whole team down too. You're a very valuable player and good job on having 2 trophies!!

SapphireBirch: The trade for you was the other highlight of our season. I'm super grateful that we picked you up; you were a great help to kok, and you helped get our bd up :D. I'm glad that you get to keep your trophy too haha. Thanks for your help!!!!

DracoMalfoy: You are the most deserving of this trophy. You were one of the biggest helps to the team, whether it be by getting crucial wins or helping the ADV players when you were in DPP. Your performance was stupendous. I'm really glad that you were on the team this year since I had a great time last year watching you on the BIGs. You were also like a third assman to me, always helping out and making great decisions for the team. I guess you and ll were really working hard for this, and I'm glad that you achieved it. Well-deserved.

Jorgen: The LEGEND. You are the most clutch member of the team. Under severe pressure, you got us 2 wins that pushed us to victory. You're a very smart user and an amazing player. You and Tiba work so great together, and I greatly value you being on the team. Here's to what you've deserved since last year, congrats!

Tiba: PORRA. You are a boss, simple as that. Funny, the RBY master, and intelligent. There's no one else that I would rather have playing RBY than you. You're very friendly, and like malfoy, you helped me out a lot too. I was also always confident that you'd bring us a win. Your 10-1 record is amazing. You > ShakeItUp ;). I'm soooooooo glad to have you on this team! One last time... TIBA PORRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Lohgock: I consider you a part of the team. You always were there to support the team, and you helped out Fakes and gave me some confidence. You were such a helpful user and a great part of the team. I'm really glad that Fakes invited you. Thanks for everything!!

ShakeItUp: 10-0 too good, but not as good as Tiba ;p. You supported me since I became manager and it was really helpful. You were also a big help throughout SPL, telling me when matches were, what's going on in RBY, etc. lol. lol

Los Tigres: There's no other team I would have rather had us face in the finals. I've been rooting for you guys the whole season. You guys are a great team, good sports, and gave us DarkLoic! Congrats for making it this far :)

I want to say a big thanks to: ibo, Oglemi, zdrup, hnc, c_l, and mw. Your support helped me a lot! Also ZRACKNEL FOR THE ART! Shoutout to jas0n/king, Poppy, Blim, Honus (Karpman >:O) and all the people who helped me on Smogon (can't list everyone, you're probably sick of this post already lol).

Special shoutout to: Jackal and Jimbo. You don't know me but...


This tournament feels like a continuation from last season. We had a great group with the BIGS last year. It stung us all to lose in the final after the kind of dominant season we had. Shortly thereafter, Limitless told me of his interest in getting the team back together. This entire roster is credit to his savvy. While people were laughing at his decisions, they did not seem to take into account that Limitless purchased the rights of the core in such a way that it would be cheaper to retain them the following year. In a way, you get the last laugh in all of this since this was your creation and you have the option of rejoining the team next season with more credits to work with.

It is amazing how things come together. Words have a stronger power than most give credit. It doesn't put anyone down to write off a team at the start of the season, insult someone's decisions, or spread rumors about people. It picks them up. The greatest gift of all is that this team had unwavering faith. Even before we improved the roster to meet our original plans at midseason, the team battled back from large deficits. That kind of heart showed us all that this team would be something special as soon as we could correct the slots that were holding us back. Once our team was set in stone, they never looked back. The only direction for them was up.

The early struggles were a test for the team, which culminated in the Limitless-King situation that would see our team change management. It was kind of thrust upon DittoCrow since gr8astard and I declined the position. I knew you would be up for the task since you had all of the qualities to make an outstanding manager. After some adjusting, you really came into your role. Your 12-0 challenge to the team in week 8 was a turning point in the season. It took the team's confidence to a whole new level. That was responsible for sparking the team's playoff run and we never trailed after that moment. Your growth as a leader improved to remarkable heights since you first took over. With you at the helm, gr8astard was able to focus on working with our entire BW crew, which he built countless teams for and practiced with them to make sure they were all fully prepared. I don't think your value can really be articulated just through that, as just by having you on the roster stirred so much interest in Pokemon Online players to join our team for the opportunity to work with you.

I especially wanted to see the team succeed for the BIGS we brought over to this team. We all experienced the pain of defeat and we were more determined than ever to not share that with the rest of the team. DracoMalfoy wanted to win just as much as I did. He was critical of my level of dedication last season after not being able to prepare for my matches as wholly as we all would have liked. I think that friction was amplified because we were playing the same gens. Your criticism was fair and that is why I chose to take a management position. It was better for all of us. Jorgen was the rock of the team, setting an example of professionalism that I hope most of the team followed. You never had to say much to get the team to listen to you. That shows how much respect they have for you. And did you lose a game Tiba? For someone who played most of his games in RBY, that is quite an impressive feat. Most people casually consider RBY to be determined by luck. You showed them that experience is just as valuable.

This team would not be all that it was without everyone involved. The entire team believed in each other and that was especially true for PK Gaming. His optimism and support of the team was contagious. It had just as much value as if you won all of your games. In the beginning of the season, we put a lot of faith in kingofkongs to deliver the goods. Even during his long losing streak, we never gave up on him. I couldn't have been happier to see everything turn around for you with a 2-0 playoff record. When we first drafted the team, we had a feeling SilentVerse was going to be of large importance. We didn't know he would clinch the title for us. You came such a long way from being jaded by your past disappointments to someone who put the team on your back when it mattered most. We heavily spent on FLCL because we knew his talent in NU was worth the credits. I feel like your presence had the same kind of impact as the past gen members.

We would not have been able to make this playoff run without our acquisitions at midseason. I didn't get to know them as well as everyone else, but each of your brought something phenomenal to the table. DarkLoïc went from being a giveaway by the Tigers, which I might add was a very classy move, to a star. I think we could have seen you get a win in each tier, but in the end we decided to limit you to a couple metagames. It is the mark of a great player to transition so easily between them. I know you were disappointed not to get the win against your old team, but we did it together. Furai brought a jovial spirit to the team and a lot of dedication to his matches. HellPowna, taxi driver, and especially AkhiMarth, we didn't get much of a chance to chat. I can just tell through your combined record that you are all wonderful players in the most influential metagame of the whole tournament. Without you three, the team wouldn't have felt as sure of their chances to win. Lastly, I don't know where your frustration with the team came from Fakes. I had a good time helping you out. Don't be so temperamental.

DittoCrow had to go and beat me to a shoutout to Jimbo and Jackal. It's always been an inside joke between some of us when Jimbo managed in the first auction, he had about a dozen players locked up for 3k each. That was when the rosters had like 8 players. It had to be one of the single most funny moments. For the record, that team ended up with a -27 game differential lol. Jackal splurged to get a lot of big name players for tons of credits, but that left us with basically no assets to work with. You know I think you guys are the best, but come on man. Honestly though, part of our motivation came from wanting to give this team a legacy after you guys put in a lot of work. Wolves forever.

Also Zracknel, when we talked a few months ago, I told you we built this team to last. The other reason why I wanted to bring back the old logo at the start of the season was not only for Jimbo nostalgia, but because I know it was one of your favorites as well. For all the scrutiny you take from people who are ungrateful for what you do for this site, I just thought I'd make up for it by giving you a toot.

Wolfpack Will Return
GGs tigres! Especially to my friends peachy and Sir: both old tutees of mine, I'm glad you guys reached finals.

Too tired to type individual shoutouts, but the team as a whole was absolutely fantastic. As the week 4 started, we had the total of 1 point...even I couldn't believe in a comeback. To say the least, I had a great time with you all. :)
Anyways, shoutouts: Limitless, for building this team, and for being a great friend ever since last SPL season. I'm sorry we both can't have the red trophy, but I'm sure next season we'll try even harder! Tiba and Jorgen for following me in the first place when I asked them to. Seriously, you guys are both monsters in old gens and I've always knew we could have a great old gen core if you two! To the managers, I think all I can say is: thank you. For everything. Especially when you guys gave me enough credit so I could switch metagame and finally play what I inteded to in first place. FLCL, SV, HellPowna, kingofkongs, DarkLoïc, Furai, Marth, taxi, PK Gaming, Birch, and Snowtatoes: you guys are seriously awesome, I'm glad we got the chance to be part of the same team. Fakes, I hope we can still be friends. <3

Now, for people outside the team: Halloween, for helping me a little with ADV when I was forced to play it and also for starting this whole shit last year(conseguimos PORRA). Saijo for the huge support and random conversations that always made me laugh. a7x, the unknown player that helped me test DPPt teams. It's your fault my record was 5-0 in that tier. I hope you join a few tourneys in the future, cause if you do, you're gonna rock.

Also thanks for everyone that predicted against me, especially Lavos for telling me to go back to ADV(twice). I guess that made me try harder lol. yondie gets a special shoutout for the alligned starts thing, which was the only thing that made me laugh over these SPL threads.
3 SPLs, 3 playoffs, 0 trophies. Life's hard man.

But wow such heartwarming shoutouts, really glad to read all of them. I'd write one for each tiger, but I'm too lazy.
Nevertheless, I'm really happy to end up playing for such a nice team. Despite all the haters, stupid Solace and her talking avatars, GreenCore betting against us every week etc. we did an impressive season, from living fossils like Huy/Giga Push to amazing underdogs like Sir/Donkey, we shut everyone's mouth.
2013 marks my 10th year of playing mons competitively, and to be quite honest, I never imagined I'd still be playing this shit, even less on an international community. Even funnier, realizing there are a lot of veterans on the same boat. While I don't feel the same magic pokemon once had to me, SPL is always entertaining to both watch and play. You get the chance to play old generations with great players, you get the chance to know people from all those endless tiers smogon ended creating. And of course there's always good drama from time to time.

To the wolfpack: Good shit, wolves, I couldn't be more happy to play the finals against you guys.
Also pretty much the most impressive comeback in SPL history, so big props for that. Glad to see amazing guys like Tiba/Tama/Jorgen with a trophy as well.

To my fellow brazilians: Eh, kinda funny to remember those days when I used to make stupid gimmicks with Hantsuki, watching Kael slowly rising as an amazing player, asking why Tama would use Skarm on every single team, and things like that.
Now it seems we finally achieved something, be it a trophy, be it any kind of respect, be it simple acknowledgment that we do play pokemon just as great as any other country.


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DPP OU: DJ TV Rocka played my heart like a fancy German violin with all his cool sets and play. tml will one day grow up and earn his stripes in battle, but his growling matches with fiction were funny in an "oh it's cute because he can't hurt anyone yet" kind of way
srsly if you would know who buildet most of his teams....
GGs wolfs and congratulation for the win, looks like you where the new comeback kings.
And big thanks for Tennis, ibo, solace and little_gk, for creating that phenomenal team. I realy enjoyed the time with all of you and I'm sad that I'm to lazy to do a shoutout, especially when I saw the touching shoutouts <3
I loved the way we stayed classy and sportsmanlike every week and all our hilarious conversations.
Btw, Sir gets a ADV pro since he met vertigo :)


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I've been waiting so long to do this. /late

I don't have much to add about the entire experience for the team, as it was all said. We made the comeback we all dreamed of. When I joined the team mid-season we were devastated with 2 points, if I manage to recall correctly. I was nervous as hell because this is the first tourney I'm actually giving it all in, it's an official tourney as well, and I'm up for my first battle vs pi face. All of that made me lose so bad in my first battle. Weeks go by and you guys kept me motivated and positive, and picked me up after that miserable loss. Only thing I am upset about is this week loss and you all know the reason, but we still won the whole thing, against all the odds.

We were a team. When one won, we all won. When one lost, we all lost. No one got mad at the other for losing. Unity and belief is what won us. Even if we didn't win the whole thing, I'd still consider the whole season as a win, because I got to bond with such a wonderful people and I improved a lot. Despite all the pressure I was under, I really enjoyed the tour, thanks to you guys. This league kicked me back into the tournament scene, and I will participate in a lot of those now! Now I can go on and on and on so I'll just cut it short and move straight to the shoutouts:

DittoCrow: the BOSS. You were the one who picked me up right away and taught me how to do better. You're the reason why we're here as champions; you knew how to get us motivated with Limitless's ban. The 12-0 challenge was BEAST I must add. You're a close friend of mine for a long time now and playing for the team you manage was a great experience. Hope to see you next year ;)

gr8astard: You were there for every one of us. Built teams, practiced, got others to practice with. You were one hell of an asset, and you always helped us with such willingness. You didn't leave anyone behind. I'll never be grateful enough for the group you arranged for me in order to practice for finals :) #gohard

Kevin Garrett: I wish you had come to IRC more :( when you were there the discussions were always fun and intelligent. You kept me calm before my fight with Donkey and I can't be grateful enough for that. We all felt like you're an important part of the Wifi Wolfpack - I hope you feel the same way too!

Limitless: We didn't get to talk much :( You seem like a really chill dude, and you better get that trophy for building such a strong team! I hope we get to hang out in the future :)

AkhiMarth: A true boss, wish you'd come to IRC more! You know what the fuck you're doing and you do it well. One hell of a clutch player!

DarkLoïc: Loic :D What a steal from tigers. I'll never forget Week 4 w/ Refresh Latias (<3) and CB Bird KACAW! You know to adapt yourself to many tiers and you play at an extremely high level, and you're also such a cool dude. Let's stay in touch man :)

DracoMalfoy: BOSS PLAYER. 5-0 in DPP speaks for itself. Finals game vs TV Rocka is a huge inspiration. You're a team player and fuckng skilled. Chill dude, very deserving of the trophy. Dreams come true :) oh and you already know I'm stealing teamsfrom you :> 9.9

Fakes: Not sure what happened to you from Week 8, but you got clutch wins for us and you're overall a nice dude. Hope we can chill out often!

FLCL: Fooly :D Power Herb SolarBeam Charizard ain't got shit on you. Just proves how strong you are that you need to be surprised like that in order to be beaten! You made a long way, and you are definitely worth of the 19k credits. One hell of a player, one hell of a friend. silly fooly :D

HellPowna: HpAWOOPack! Your poster of us is kickass as hell ;) Scan it so we can all have that art! Solid player, knows his shit. Rain stall boss as fuck and let's not forget GATR TIME

Jorgen: Legend. Awesome player, dominates GSC. Watching you and Tiba work together is just fantastic. You worked hard for this trophy and you are very deserving of it! #suitup ;)

kingofkongs: Rocky start, but you're a fucking boss. 2-0 finals record YEAH. Winning in Ubers isn't easy though, it's very hard to adapt to it from other tiers, and you know exactly why. ;) VGC Champ in the past, present, and soon to be again! Go for 3 trophies boss, we know you can do it :]

PK Gaming: Shame you didn't get to rematch Dunk :( I wanted to see that :( Innovative and intelligent. What could we ask more for? Timer idea is BRILLIANT by the way, if only it was a bit more practical and not so messy :( Your improvement is drastic and very insperring, one hell of a job man!

Sapphire Birch: We didn't get to talk but your help to kok was huge and much appreciated by all of us, and your win(s, if you got to play in semifinals :P) were great!

SilentVerse: sv :D Very cute teammate, we became good friends during the tour :) Chill dude, strong as fuck, gimmicky as hell. Very friendly man and chatting w/ you in #ww was a huge motiviation boost.

Snowtatoes: sheesh, I almost forgot you >< Join the social group man! I wish you'd talk more in the channel so I could get to know you better, but you seem like a very strong player and friendly as well. :)

taxi driver: Man if only you'd come a bit more to IRC... Clutch player, very rewarding, much deserved for the trophy.

Tiba: PORRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. 10-1 what a beast. Chill dude, RBY master, super funny, very friendly. I ain't got nothing else to add on everyone's shoutout for you, just keep it up and stay around :>

Lohgock: Honorary wolf, thanks for all of your support! Maybe we could get you the trophy too ;)

I can't imagine the Wolfpack without any of you guys; each one of you made the team what it is. Every one of you deserves the trophy! #awooooooo

I'd like to thank mostwanted, Donkey, ShakeItUp, Blim, and Fiction. for helping me prepare for many of my games and the support I got from them. Princess Bri deserves a mention too because he was trying to help me, but I inda avoided because I suspected he was spying for Donkey. :toast: Tigres deserve a huge shoutout for having an impressive run and being a top team from the first week. Zracknel for our beautiful logo and the signature ;), and Jackal (and Jimbo too I think) for the AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

(17:27) <ficcion> look at u
(17:27) <ficcion> from littled boy shitting himself at the very thought of playing for a team
(17:27) <ficcion> to champ
(17:27) <ficcion> :')
(17:27) <Furai> ye :')

EDIT: Thanks to Novaray for being adorable and making me a 1d playlist for my final game!!!!!!!
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