Smogon Premier League 4 - Finals [Won by The Wifi Wolfpack]

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Thanks reopening this thread Sol >_>

Long story short, I did not have any intentions of playing in the SPL, but I had no choice but to compete because I got retained by LN and then later drafted by Limitless. This ended up being one of the most important events on smogon for me, because It resulted in me getting better at this game, a boatload of new friends and a tournament win. I certainly could have played better (I basically threw a game against fatty) but I think I did ok, all things considering. I'm just glad I got to be a part of team of awesome people who kicked ass and took names.

DittoCrow: Oh man. DittoCrow was basically the father figure of the team... You were "Alfred" and all of the players on the team were bruce wayne. You were THE REASON why I kept up with my practising and I think that applied to the other Wolfpack players too. I didn't have much confidence in my BW UU play, but you always kept on pushing me to play better. At first, I didn't like practising and I always mentally sabotaged myself before every match, but your words of encouragement and "tough love" kept me going. Not only that, you kept the team from falling apart and did your best to be on IRC nearly 24/7 (and help me practice). I'm thankful for when you picked me up when I was down and getting me stop wasting my time by being emo and practice instead. You were pretty much the foundation of this entire team and i'm really thankful that you ended up being our team manager after Limitless was banned.

gr8astard: I was nervous about meeting you, because you seemed liked the type of person who doesn't post / play in tournaments exclusively (basically my antithesis) but you ended up being an incredibly chill dude and an approachable guy in general. I really enjoyed your presence as an assistant manager, and even when things looked grim, you were upbeat and really helpful. I'm going to say straight up that the hate you get for the OST finals is way, way, WAY overblown and that you're a damn good player, no matter what anyone says.

Kevin Garrett: We always end up crossing paths in some way shape or form, don't we haha. You were one of the big brains behind the team, and even though you weren't on all of the time, I still appreciated you being there. Specifically, I won't forget when you helped me out before my first game with those mental exercises (I still use them).

Limitless: I thought you were crazy when you drafted me, but I grew to love that decision because Wifi Wolfpack ended up being an awesome team. The love and precision you put into building this team and leadership has to be commended. Even when things started going sour, the team you built refused to fall. To be honest, one of the darkest point in our team history was when you got banned because I didn't think we could succeed without you leadership. Even though you got banned from tournaments, you still stuck around which was really cool of you. I personally like watching your videos (they're a big help when teambuilding) and I hope you make more of them.

AkhiMarth: The prince of the wifi wolfpack. Wielding his divine sword Feraligatr, he led a revolt and defeated many of his opponents. Also known as KING MARTH. I really wish you wouldn't talk to the people that rile you up, because you're a great guy and that doesn't really show on forums or IRC, but you are who you are I guess. You're unquestionably one of the best BW OU players on this site, and i'm happy that we got you when we needed you most.

DarkLoic: The clutchmaster himself. I think your performance in week 4 really speaks for itself, and I think your ability to play well in several different tiers is awesome. You literally descended from the heavens when we needed you most.

DracoMalfoy: Draco Malfoy... It's good to be on the winning team together man :]. I still remember our time on the Bigs and sorta talking to you on #bigs, but I don't think we were very close back then. I actually regret not taking the time to really know you back then, but i'm glad I had the opportunity to fix that because you're a cool guy. You definitely saved our asses by pulling double duty and playing ADV and switching to DPP and beasting there.

Fakes: … I can't wrap behind the concept of "not playing" a match and straight up accepting a loss. I know firsthand that the pressure before a big game can be overwhelming, but ditching us when we needed you was not cool. Regardless, you won when we needed you to win and you were a chill guy when I got to interact with you. If you had more confidence, I just know you'd be a top notch player for sure.

Furai: I really ended up liking you because you were pretty passionate about the Ubers metagame and a good player in general. It seems like you also ended up improving as a player, which makes me happy (I think you and I are very similar users with similar situations hehe). Your cheery disposition on IRC and constant team support was basically irreplaceable.

FLCL: F! L! C! L! You know that anime sucks right? Just kidding, it sucks until the very end (the ending is amazing). I've always seen you as a top tier NU player, and you didn't disappoint going into SPL. You're like one of those "cool" battlers that you can always count to win a match, and I think your presence made it easier to take on matches each week (Seeing your name bolded made my day). I should get you to teach me how to NU one of these days :p
PS: I lied FLCL is pretty good the entire way through.

HellPowna: This noob pwner from hell, this guy kicks ass and takes names. I'm really glad you joined our team when we needed you. A fantastic battler (Only a true ace can tame Feraligatr) and a great person to interact with. I've gotta admit, seeing you make a victory post in the SPL thread with your Shikamaru avatar got my pumped.

TaxiDriver: I remember laddering against you on PO, PO2 and PS! Every time I got matched up against you, I always had a hard battle (in fact you kicked my ass most of my time, your teams were so strong). Being good on ladder doesn't usually translate in a tournament environment, but you're definitely the exception to rule! One of my biggest regrets is not getting to interact with you on IRC very often. There's always next year :O

Sammy: I loved how you were a dedicated BW OU Hail player, and it even translated to your trainer avatar and username. Hail isn't an easy weather to use in BW OU, but you definitely pulled it off with style.

SilentVerse: I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that you were on the same team as me. A very good player who also happens to be extremely nice too... i'm very glad to have you as a friend haha. I loved how picked up games and won like it was nothing, I wish I had your skill and determination. I hope you continue playing for many more years, and hopefully we can be on the same team next year too.

Tiba: RBY master. As a player, you basically have 0 flaws and play at your best in pretty much every one of your battles. We could count on you for near guaranteed wins, and I envy your skill in your signature tier. Your avatar (Green) could not be more fitting.

Jorgen: I've always been fond of your posts, so I was pleasantly surprised when we ended up on the same team, and ecstatic that you were a great GSC player. You won a lot of important matches and were a constant and helpful presence IRC. Basically your ideal tournament player, i'm glad we were a part of the same team.

kingofkongs: A lesser man would have broken down after being faced with a constant stream of hax and bs, but you persevered and clutched it out when we needed you most. When you get your 3 trophies, make sure you get your name changed to kingofclutch =P

Sapphire Birch: Who would have thought that the funny/awesome guy from #nuggetbridge would end up playing for us?!? You were a lifesaver in the week you played, and its a shame you didn't get to play in the semis (though you probably would have won anyway!).

ShakeItUp: You'll always be a member of the Wolfpack in me eyes! I was surprised as hell to see you on the IRC channel (I thought you were going to hang out for a day or so), but you really brought a lot to the team during that final week.

Los Tigres: Giving a shout out to the opposing team seems like a very rude thing to do but... whatever, i'm doing this. From the moment you guys started pulling ahead in the standings, I just knew you would be a major threat. When it comes to gauging team strength or predicting matches, i'm generally terrible (hence why I NEVER post predictions lol) but I knew that your team would get in the finals. It was like a gut feeling that would never go away, and when you beat the Alpha Ruiners I thought you myself "This is it. We've reached the final boss stage, its do or die." So yeah, I guess i'm thanking you for being a strong and kickass team and helping us when we were vulnerable in the earlier weeks. Destinyunknown, don't worry about our battle; I still think you're one of the best players on this site and a chill guy and you should put that nonsense behind you.

Extra Shoutouts:

reachzero, for being a bro and lending me some of his teams and teaching me the ways of Cresselia / Togekiss. LonelyNess, for retaining me in the first place and generally being a good friend. McMeghan, for being an AWESOME GUY and encouraging me even when we were on opposing teams. Jumpluff, for her constant stream of support in finals (and basically coming back to smogon, whoo) SevenDeadlySins for constantly cheering me up and being a really good bro in general. Persona 4 for cutting down stress of competing in SPL, Persona 3 for motivating me to work hard in the later weeks (LOL) and Solace for unlocking this thread.


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thank you the sharks for drafting me midseason. makiri, mop, pana, phil--you guys are some of the best managers ever and coolest people on smogon in general. please draft me again next season. i would be happy to just warm benches with my nice butt or be an unbelievable head cheerleader even though my bw uu skillz is second to none. also thank you everyone on the shark team for making this a fun season. we didnt win the trophy due to back luck and constant haxaration, but everyone knows we were the best team this season. all my love <3
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