Smogon Premier League 4 - Finals [Won by The Wifi Wolfpack]

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Congratz Wolves! Kind of upset the games couldn't have been more clean but thats the game. Enjoy your trophy until next year when tigers steal it.

little_gk - You were a great manager who despite all the hax and raging going on you managed to wish the other team luck and stay possitive. Also dogs are cute.

tennisace - Very cool guy who tried to help us when we needed it. Didn't really get to talk to you much but it was fun when I did and I am happy to have been on your team!

bojangles - Once again we didn't get to talk much but was always helpful and really cool. Hope I get to talk to you some more in the future and hope you stay around for next year!

Solace - <333 Very cool and fun to talk to, worried way too much though and almost passed out about 10 times from holding her breath during our games. Hope to stay friends in the future!

Austinf - Sadly you weren't around much when I was on, or if so were pretty quiet, but you were a good player and happy you were on the team.

Biosci - <3 Very cool guy, very fun to talk to and a great player despite hax making your record look bad. I am still expecting to see you in VGC finals and am very happy to have such a cool guy like yourself on the team!

bro fist - Very cool, very talented. I knew him a little bit before SPL but never really talked to you, turns out you are a really cool guy and helped a lot when it came to team building and calcs, also our star BW2 player. Thanks for pulling it clutch in many situation!

DestinyUnknown - Best UUer around! I don't care what you think others think of you, you are very cool and a great member of the team, don't let what other people think of you get to you.

Donkey - This guy is the best Ubers player I've seen, also is very good at flinching. Very fun being your teammate.

Double01 - Didn't really get to talk to you much but when I did you were very cool and funny, happy to have been your teammate gr8 slayer.

EBeast - Sadly I never actually talked to you, but you were a great player when we sent you out and sorry we couldn't get you that trophy.

Fiction. - Sam <3 I knew you way before SPL and it was fun having you on the team, sadly you weren't there for the rest of our finals matches so I could tell you that you suck. You know I love you though bro!<3

Giga Punch - Based giga, sadly we couldn't get you the win so you could change your name to that. You were a very solid player and definitely a powerhouse of the team.

Huy - Our downer. Always telling us we suck and we were going to lose. Despite that you were very funny and cool, great person to talk to and I will try my best being HuyV2.

Light The Thunder - Not really on at the same time as me, sadly we had some bad time difference. Still a solid player and very happy to have been your teammate!

Maaf - Vet Tiger that I didn't see much, but you definitely lit up the chat when you popped in and it was cool being on your team.

MOET - Thank you for helping me even if I didn't end up getting subbed in. Before SPL Valentine told me you were cool and he was definitely right. Also a solid player and cool guy to talk to!

Poppy - Never actually talked to, but you were supportive and helped out so thanks!

Royal Flush - Called me the team's lucky charm despite us getting haxed out when I was there either way. Actually supported me despite not really knowing me, thank you for that! You were a fanastic gsc player and a cool guy to talk to!

Sir - Sir sucks. I don't care if he 6-0'd McMeghan he is bad. I hope I play in ADV tour or something so I can put you in your place. But in all seriousness you were a huge part of the team destroying ADV players left and right, and were also very funny despite some jokes being a bit cruel, happy to have gotten to know you!

ThatsMyLatios - Cool and funny guy, also a very big help and was fun to talk to. Hope we can stay tour buddies and keep being friends.

TV-Rocka - Star DPPer, a very talented player. Also very fun to talk to and made solid teams, you are the best bro. Hope I was a good test partner for you! Keep on destroying tour!

Veteran In Love - Computer died the day tigers bought you, sadly there isn't much to say but that it would have been great to have you play for us.

Vrille - Sadly never talked, and wasn't too lucky so couldnt show your RU skills. Happy to have been your teammate though!

Zebraiken - One of the nicest members of the team. Despite not knowing me you welcomes me to the xat and were nice and always helping. You are also a NU pro being our clutch first win in finals. Hope to stay friends, very fun talking to you bro!

symphonyx64 - Knew you before SPL, you are very nice and cool, sad you ended up leaving the team to host but hosting this was a very hard thing to do so I think you got what you deserve! <3

TA Xat - Probably the only reason I am playing pokemon, thank you all for being great friends and supporting tigers through out our run. <3

BKC, Malekith, MoP, Blarajan, August, Colchonero - Unofficial tigers who helped out with teams and were very cool to talk to. Thanks for hopping on the chat and being a big help!

Oglemi, ium - Cheer leaders who were very nice and made chatting fun, thanks for supporting us!

Lucs99 - Being supportive and always pushing me to keep playing. Thanks for always being there for me bro!<3

D0nut - Always there for tigers, if you sucked less I would write more. <3

Honus - Made the funniest pictures, love you bro. <3

Lucs99 - <3

AB2 - Lil Mackie 101 phd, ruining the English language everywhere he goes, making sure One Direction is bumped as much as possible. Also a great friend, but stop calling me a chimp..<3

Lizardman - Always being so helpful, gives out any team he thinks is good so he can watch his friends do good, and is always supportive of his friends. Despite your really odd sexual remarks you make about eating your own body fluids, you are a very cool guy! <3

Windsong - Knew you longer than almost anyone on here, you are a great friend and always fun to talk to! Thanks for all your help bro, sorry about letting you down! <3

ThatsJustPeachy - Biggest thanks goes to you for telling me to join SPL and pushed me to talk on the chat, without you I wouldn't have even been a tiger. Thank you for helping me meet so many cool people and supporting me in every tournament I ever joined. You will get your trophy soon, trust me! <3

Very upset this story has to end. Thank you Tigers for actually buying me and being some of the nicest people I've ever met. You guys were all very cool and such a great team, helping each other out and getting a long so well. Its a shame after doing so well the regular season and making a comeback in our tie breaker we couldn't pull out that trophy, but there is always next year! Also chatting with guys was great, everyone stay in IRC please..

To finish off I am very upset with how the pokemon community has been lately. I know you all are better than this and I am hoping we can all go back to the time when no one "cheated", ddosed, counter teamed, or overreacted to hax to the point where they were actually taking blows at the person for something they couldn't control.

well what a hell of a season it's been. got put with the greatest group of people i could've hoped for going into this. you're all amazing players and even better personality-wise and i'm glad i got to interact with the vast majority of you guys throughout these past 11 weeks.

tennisace/GK: despite always gettin #drunkfordunk you guys made sure we had our best lineup each and every week and were supportive as hell even through some of our rough stretches. thank you both for drafting me and trusting me to play week in and week out. tennis is still a (BAN ME PLEASE) according to ium though.

solace: lol ur cool as fuck solace <: i literally knew nothing about you coming into the season but you were one of the most active people on irc, supporting all of us and always trying to make a case for us in the drama we got involved in. you also seem to enjoy bashing fiction almost as much as i do. boss as hell. you need to breathe though thats a good thing.

ibo: great dude with some great taste in music. thanks for inviting me into your music channel at the start of the season too, definitely widened my musical taste from chillin there. nicest user in our channel, as well as one of the most respected. always there to support the team, keeping us focused and with our eyes on the prize. shame we couldn't bring it home though oh well. fuck you for making me aaron carter though that was gay.

austinf: bosstinf the man the legend. despite you having irl troubles throughout the season, you were consistently active in our channel and always there when called upon. funny as hell dude too, your posts were great. i hope everything keeps getting better for you man.

biosci: awesome dude in the channel and a really great vgcer, even if your record says otherwise and you're in the same category as fiction LOL. don't let that put you down though, you are the flyin wifin hawaiian after all.

destinyunknown: #drunkfordunk. i really didn't know much about you aside from the fact that you're spanish, but man you're awesome lol. consistently the best uu player throughout the whole season, while getting to the final of ost9 just proves how strong of a player you are, no matter how much shit you get. como diría malekith: "no pidas perdon que no te van a quitar las medallas" lol.

donkey: a boss. great player and knowledgable as hell in his tier, but man are you unlucky as fuck. professor lavos calculated that your chance to lose to pi face was less than 1%. who the hell gets flinched by non serene grace mon 4 times in a row anyways. fuck that.

double01: despite being known as double0-4 you never let that get you down and always had the tigre pride. a good man in our channel, always willing to test and help out. a good tiger and the true winner of ost9.

ebeast: i didnt get a chance to interact with you much this season, but anyone with a brain can tell that you know your stuff when it comes to your tier. another strong tiger.

fiction: one of my oldest pokemon friends, so naturally i was excited that we were drafted to the same team. i like to fuck with you and give you a lot of shit, but you're a great guy and funny as hell with all your stories that i can relate to. good mons player as well. ur still a wee gobshite though svn1994 lad.

giga punch: based giga is amazing. always coming out with a win out of nowhere, when everyone least expected wtf. excellent old gens player and a good dude in our channel towards the end of the season because of your pc problems early on. btw you should totally become based giga even if we lost.

huy: a veteran tigre. the official tiger motivational speaker. dude is always coming up with the craziest shit to use in his battles (that ash team is beast as hell). thanks for giving it your all despite you really not giving a shit about mons anymore. on wednesdays we wear pink.

light the thunder: even if scheduling your matches seemed like a pain in the ass, you are one of the hardest working tigers. despite being on the sidelines for the start of the season, you always tried to improve and eventually earned a spot in the lineup. a really good ou player, your fights were fun as hell to watch. mucha suerte en todo.

lunar: undefeated season has been achieved. official tigre cub.

maaf: a nice french man. despite you not getting much playing time, you were still on irc often and stuck with us the whole time. best avatar on the team by far too.

moet: king moet leading his people to victory all the time. lol man you have an unorthodox playing style and teams, but they legitimately work for you. a solid player and one of the most active on irc too. a good man to have in the channel the whole season.

poppy: straight up awesome guy. loves to bash furai too which makes him even more amazing. sucks that you quit, but i can't really say i blame you lol. stay strong.

royol flosh: fantastic and super underrated gsc player. the lone brazilian on our team (fuck danilo hes a fake brazilian). always there to support the team and came up clutch on various ocassions, even if you did make us have multiple heart attacks. stay awesome.

sir: god danilo what a beast. i'm not gonna lie, at the beginning of the season i was really on the fence about you, but you've proved all the doubters wrong with some really impressive adv skills and defeating the sweaty tyrant mostwanted in a bw ou game. stop getting banned on #spl like a (BAN ME PLEASE) though.

thatsjustpeachy: animelover restia is heart and soul of our team. sucks how you've gotten so far in so many of these big tournaments and don't have a trophy though ugh. but then again, that's still a testament to how strong of a player you are. don't play ru though fuck that shit.

thatsmylatios: eth my love. another undefeated tiger. no i will not test with you >:(

tv-rocka: lol words can't begin to describe what kind of a player you are. always winning your way, with your gimmicks and unique teams. always enforcing fairplay and never blaming luck for your losses. the strongest of all germans right here. should've drunk more beer though, that seemed to help us a lot.

vrille: a good midseason pickup. you always gave it your best effort in your games but got unlucky a couple of times. another good french man.

zebraiken: the best damn nu player this side of the mississippi. ium's official lover. it was a pleasure spectating your games, showed me that nu can be really fun.

ium: the creator of lavoscalc. ium is the best. zeb's official lover. great artwork, great scripts, great man. honorarable tiger.

oglemi: always supportive and a super nice guy to have in the channel. honorable tiger.

symphonyx64: tiger for a few hours. despite your constant bitching, you're a long time friend. fuck you though.

special thanks to bkc, malekith, colchonero, harsha, mop, ab2 and august for joining the cause in the finals [:

also to d0nut and the rest of the ta chat for supporting us the whole time.

congrats wolfpack.
i'm too lazy for individual shoutouts but you all made it a very enjoyable spl for me, and gave me a chance to talk to people i'm pretty sure i wouldn't have talked to otherwise (:

and of course grats to wolfpack
Congrats Wolfpack. I guess once Marth joined your team you became unbeatable. It was great playing for you Tigers, and its too bad we didn't make it all the way.

Blue Kirby

Never back down.
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Great season, team! Just wanna wrap up with some customary shout-outs.

Blue Kirby: Good guy 9/10

Philip7086: Phenomenal coach and has a great face for radio

Kevin Garrett: Record speaks for itself really. Fuck the haters, you do what you have to do to get the job done

Yoko Rains: Special thanks for making this tournament possible, please respect his work a bit

Okay I'm out PEACE see you next season

Firstly HUGE shout out to gr8astard for actually convincing me to play in the SPL, i had a LOT of fun and i am very glad you convinced me to do this, also thanks for helping me prepare my teams, but you're a fucking piece of shit and i hope you die because you SUCK at this game so go and F**k yourself you cunt.

Shout out to Ditto Crow and Limitless for keeping team morale high even when we were very low in the ranks, we wouldn't have done this without you two.

Shout out to the entire Wolf Pack for the hard work they put in, especially these last 4 weeks we absolutely destroyed shit i am very proud of every one of you and i am very glad i got put with you guys you are some of the nicest guys i have ever met.

Shout out to SoulWind for a free win in the semi finals and getting me motivated after my loss to take it more seriously i love you brother.

Shout out to Ojama for loving me.

Shout out to Donkey for being the best ubers tutor ever, and for knowing what true power is!! i am amazed he went for 3k seriously.

Shout out to Chess Master Yondie for beating me at chess i had a fun match even if i am fucking shit at chess.

Shout out to Problems .. this guy! he is the only guy i didn't want to microwave up week 1, believed in my power and made this season very enjoyable for me, also thanks to his fucking awful luck we made it to the finals, so yeah.. thanks?

Shout out to CTC for motivating me to kick ass after his insufferable shit talking but that is why i love this guy also for helping me test teams and just making this tournament much more enjoyable for me, also just being a very cool guy to hang out with and for giving white queen the D, i am definitely glad i didn't miss that.

Shout out to Tanner for being a good dick rider of Smogon, without you they would have one less fan so pat yourself on the back for that i mean it.

Shout out to the smogon site staff for organising this i appreciate that, and for not banning me i guess.

Shout out to Luck>Skill for helping me prove that laddering is much harder than tournaments.

Shout out to McMeghan for supporting me towards the last 4 weeks or so of the tournament, an extremely nice guy to talk to and i look forward to chilling with him in the future.

Shout out to Blimlax for also giving me some tips in ubers and advising me to not run crazy ass gimmick shit. Also being the nicest guy i have ever met, literally this guy is the coolest guy you will ever meet.

Shout out to Princess Bri for helping me in ubers too and loving me, we all need love and he created the ripple effect, since he loves me, now i love Ojama and Heist and maybe they will love one day too.

Shout out to motherfucking Sadfthadsf for so much shit i can't even write it all down but he knows exactly what i am talking about.

Shout out to KIMMY for schooling my ass on ladder, everybody needs to be put in their place at some point.

Shout out to Chandler for being the stereotypical black friend that everybody needs to have, and for being a delight to talk with.

Shout out for Lavos for not coming last, i am very proud of you, i told you with hard work you could achieve and for predicting my matches wrong 6/7 times gj with that i knew you would get one right i always save a little extra love for my number one fan.

Shout out to ALL OF MY PO BUDDIES for the support and keeping Marth>Smogon alive even when yondie killed my dream. There are too many of you to name individually so i will try and wrap it up here, you guys are the reason i still play this game and i am glad i have had the honor to chill with all of you.

Sorry if i missed anybody i just woke up but i love everybody so don't be mean to me i just want to be loved!!
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