Smogon Premier League 4 - Semifinals (See Post #207)

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we had a good run sharks, the luck wasn't with us this time. I can't explain with words how fun was this season, I didn't know almost anyone in the team before season started, but everyone was very chill and only thing i can say it was a pleasure being a member of this team.

I improved a lot while being a member of the sharks, just can say thanks to everyone in the team; the ones i knew (Malekith, SIU (best 3k spent ever), mostwanted.. etc), and the ones i didn't (the managers, conflict, carl, whitequeen and all of you), and had lots of fun talking in IRC with you.

some day this team will have again the trophy that it deserves.
thanks for everything ♥

oh also predicts:

McMeghan v Sir
Iconic vs TV-Rocka
CTC vs bro fist
i'd like to wish the ruiners some neutral luck in this tie breaker; there's been luck on both sides and hopefully the better team comes out on top n.n
Same to you, wasn't the cleanest series and I yeah I'd be pretty livid if I lost last two way you did. Hope the tie breakers will be great matches.


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CTC vs bro fist

The outcome of the other two games mean nothing. This is the game to watch. Bring it home Bear make your boy proud
The outcome of the other two games obviously does mean something.

ADV OU: McMeghan vs Sir - I think this could go either way actually, just going to say McMeghan because that's the way the last meeting went
DPP OU: Iconic vs TV-Rocka - TV-Rocka is playing very well, and I assume Iconic's a lil rusty
BW OU: CTC vs bro fist - bro fist is garbo, straight from trash can
ADV OU: McMeghan vs Sir
DPP OU: Iconic vs TV-Rocka - Toss up between them, Iconic's a bro but I'm rooting for the Tigres
BW OU: CTC vs bro fist

gl both sides.
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